Chapter 36: Female Knight, A Bet

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The sound of water chopping and splashing echoed in the air.
Steam flowed out through the slightly opened window, letting in the fresh air instead. It was pleasant.
The sound of insects and the smell of the night are also soothing to the spirit.
In the bathroom, Aisha and Keith were kissing each other as they soaked in the hot water-filled tub.
Aisha is reclining on Keith, as if in a chair, and Keith is lightly pinching Aisha’s nipples from behind.

“Phew…… chuuu…… chup…… mmmhn…….”

Aisha only turned her head and put her lips on his again and again so as not to make it strained.
They had already had a battle in bed.
Today, Keith was holding Aisha very gently.
It was very comforting to Aisha. Both physically and mentally.
She didn’t mind the rough treatment so much anymore, but it was still something special that filled her heart.
Recently, Aisha’s favorite thing to do is to have her body lightly caressed after the love affair is over.
In fact, when Aisha was being kissed while her nipples, which were still slightly hard, were being gently pinched, she felt like she was going to melt into ecstasy.
She didn’t want Keith to notice that she was about to burst out laughing with joy, so she parted her lips from his and turned her head forward.
However, she leaned her back more deeply against him and put her hands on his legs.
The only person who didn’t notice that she was completely in love with him was herself.


Keith called out to such an Aisha.

“What is it?”

Aisha was worried that her gesture had been a little too spoiled. However.

“The video we shot the other day was really good.”
“What? ………?”

For a moment, she didn’t know what he was talking about, but when she realized he was referring to the personal sex tape, Aisha’s face contorted in shame.

“What are you suddenly saying?”
“No~~~ Aisha’s figure is so sexy and erotic that I’ve been masturbating a little too much. …… I thought I was going to dry up.”
“You idiot! That’s not something you need to talk about.”
“Well~, I just wanted to let you know that you’re the best, Aisha.”
“Like I said, I don’t want to hear that a picture of me looking like that is the best thing ever…….”
“It was amazing! It’s the best! It was so erotic! I get an erection even remembering it. Look.”

Keith’s crotch swelled up under Aisha’s ass as he said this.

“Idiot! Perverted idiot! …… Yeah, and if you’re going to …… be horny anyway, I’m going to …… it directly……”
“It’s nothing! A solitary lover like you should just drop dead!”

The truth is, she’d rather he give herself more attention than masturbating alone.
There was a 53-year-old maiden here who couldn’t say that.
But when Keith heard that, he said.
“If you say so, but Aisha likes to masturbate too, don’t you? Aren’t you a masturbator too?”

At those words, Aisha pulled away from Keith.

“Don’t lump me in with you!”
“You’re the same. You’ve been playing with yourself two times a week for 40 years, that’s pretty impressive.”
“No, I’m not! I’m not doing …… that!”
“What? You confessed. ……”
“Oh, that’s because Keith asked me, and I thought it would be better if you thought I was a woman! I would never be such a slut!”

She was telling a perfectly obvious lie.
He had already seen the shape of her cunt and had repeatedly examined it for sexual sensitivity.
It was more than obvious that she was a true masturbator.
So, Keith looked at her as if to say, “What are you talking about, girl?
“What’s with that look? I’m telling the truth! I’m not lying!”
“Yes, yes, I know.”
“You don’t understand! You don’t know anything! I would never do that!”

Aisha said too desperately, and at this moment, Keith had an idea.
He smirks at the thought. When Aisha saw his face, she said

“What! What’s with that wicked face?”
“Well, if you insist, why don’t we make a bet?”
“A …… bet?”
“Yes. Let’s both stop masturbating for the next two weeks.”

Aisha was speechless at Keith’s suggestion.

With no regard to that, Keith continued.

“What’s that? Don’t you understand what I mean?”

“I know, but what about ……?”
“Like I said, it’s a bet that the two of us won’t masturbate for the next two weeks. The first one to do it loses. If neither one of us does it, well, then you can call it a loss for me.”
“What a vulgar bet! That, what about ……?”
“Oh. about the magic supply? I’m not going to do that for two weeks. The maximum number of days I can stay without it is about that, so how about ……? Would you like to do it?”
Keith asked, laughing at the boldfaced lie with an indifferent expression on his face.
It seemed to be an example of how a lie should be told.
Aisha turned her face away from Keith and spoke,

“Hmph! That’s bullshit!”
“You want to play ……?”

The answer was so predictable that Keith had to fight off the urge to burst into laughter.

“…… So, you’re saying that Aisha can’t live without sex for two weeks?”

“What? No! No, no, no!”

“Aaaah~~….I see, Aisha is very sexually active, two weeks is too much for you. ……”

As he said this, he hugged Aisha.

“I’m sorry I didn’t notice. Forget about the bet we just talked about. I’m going to love you more than ever from now on, my sex-loving Aisha.”

Aisha shoved him away, trembling with rage.

“You idiot! Who loves sex? Who’s a …… masturbation addict? You think you can just go around calling people that? You moron! Baka!!”

“But you can’t resist, can you? You want to fuck so badly you can’t afford to bet?”

“Don’t be ridiculous! You think I can’t hold out for two weeks? I am not that obscene!”

“You want to bet?”

“Hell, yeah!”

Instantly, Aisha thought, “Oh no!”

She had just been taken for a ride. But by the time she realized it, it was too late.

Keith grinned at her after getting her word.

“It’s settled then. It’s a bet, so there has to be a penalty for the loser. …… What would you prefer?”

“Oh, ……, e…….”

“I know! How about the loser listens to whatever the winner says for one day?”


Keith said it as if it had just occurred to him, but Aisha, realizing that this was a trap, hastily tried to argue, “No, you can’t! “

But Keith suddenly took Aisha’s lips and silenced her.

“I’m sure you’ll agree that two weeks is a long time to wait. …… We should have a full-on fuck-fest now to keep us going.”

When he whispered that, Aisha,

“Yah ……, hey ……, listen to me ……, phuwoo!”

Aisha tried to speak to Keith, but she just couldn’t continue.

He was tweaking Aisha’s nipples while sucking on her earlobes.

Both of them weren’t very strong, but the body, still under fire, amplified the stimulation on its own. But still.

“Kisu…… Listen, you idiot…… aha! Ugh! Stop teasing my …… nipples!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Here, too!”

Keith brought one hand to Aisha’s regularly shaved, hairless pussy.

He gently touches the large, plump clit of the young babe’s pussy.

“Mmm! Nrenreo! Chuuuchuuuu!”

He uses his tongue richly to torture her oral cavity.

To his storm-like tonguing, Aisha struggled to move her tongue, but she responded accordingly.

Her breasts and clitoris are played with gently, but only her tongue is aggressively tortured.

Aisha felt a strange sensation rising in her stomach caused by the furious motions.

Then, Keith stopped moving his fingers, removed his tongue, and stood up from the hot water.

A fully erect cock appeared in front of Aisha, dripping hot water.

A reddish-black, slut-burning weapon that moved in time with his pounding heartbeat.

Keith brings it to Aisha’s face.

Without saying a word.

Aisha looks up at Keith, hesitates for a moment, then pulls it into her mouth and moans as she sucks.

“Mmm, mmm, nngh! Nju-choo, pecho, chubbo-chubbo.”

She tucks it softly using her oral mucosa and entangles it with her saliva and then licks it off with her tongue.

And then she sucks on it in, while allowing air to enter her mouth as she inhales and swallows.

“Sip! Jubo! Jubo! Ju-ju-ju-ju! Srluurp!”

Satisfied with her newfound oral skills Keith said,

“Aisha, you’re so good. …… Your blowjob face is so cute. …… Ooh! Sucked off …… so good…It feels so great.”

Keith’s face, furrowed with pleasure, made Aisha happy.

Aisha couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe how happy that made her.

She repeatedly swallowed the overflowing cowper mixed with her saliva and continued blowing him with her perky little face like a vacuum cleaner.

“Njip! Jpuku! Jippee! Mmmpppp! Chujuppunh!”

There was a bitch of a servant elf there who had completely forgotten about the bet.

“Ah! Tsukuo! Aisha! I want to put it inside you. …… I need to get inside you. …… I want to cum inside you.”

Seeing Keith pleading with a longing look on his face, she thought it was cute.

Aisha pulled his cock out of her mouth with a “puh-re” and stood up, and Keith put her hands on the edge of the tub. Aisha stands with her hips bent and her ass sticking out.

In the middle of her crack, her labia had opened, exposing the fleshy cave inside.

Keith’s semen from the first session was pouring out, mixed with her love juices.

“Aisha’s erotic pussy is so cute.”

Keith’s words were met by Aisha’s.

“Stop it, you little hentai idiot.”

Even as she said this, her hips were involuntarily swaying back and forth.

Her mind and body were in complete demand of Keith.

Keith grinned at this and poked the tip of his cock with his finger at Aisha’s vulva.

Then, he aligned his hips with hers and slammed it all the way in.

“Nhaaah! Tsuuukuu!!!”

Her body, which had just regained its luster was shaken at once.

Aisha’s face scrunched up as she wriggled her hips at the sensation of his cock penetrating her vaginal flesh.

As Keith monotonously humped his hips back and forth, Aisha’s ass wiggled as if to find a more pleasurable zone.

Aisha’s full breasts jiggled with each movement.

“Aisha, your sizzling flesh inside your pussy ……! I’m melting!! And it’s so wet and moist and juicy!”

The previous cum juice helps lubricate and facilitate the movement of his cock in place of the less than abundant love juice.

The cock proceeds to split the pussy walls with the slippery slime. This makes their bodily fluids from inside Aisha drip into the bathtub.

“Mmm! Mmm! Ahn!  Ki-su! Nnnn! Oh, my God! Your dick! It’s amazing! That’s a good spot! Higuuku!”

“Right here, right? This is it, right? Aisha’s favorite part!!”

Keith grabs Aisha’s waist and slams his hips against her butt cheeks as he works on the weak spot deep inside her vagina for a long stretch.

“There!!! That’s it! Keith, Keith, Keith! Ahhh!”

Keith continued to slide his cock in and out of her while she twisted his cock around in her tight luscious vaginal folds so that it became more and more difficult for him to stop.

When he felt that Aisha was on the edge of a good orgasm, he grabbed her hips and increased the speed and power of his pistoning with a bang.

“Hagyu! Hagyu! Kishu! Hagyah! Huh? Huh? What? Ugghhh! Hard! My hip! Penis!”

Aisha’s hips and knees were trembling from the force of the penetrating thrusts into her sensitive area.

“No! Kishu! No, no, no, no, no! My pussy! Too strong! You’re killing me! Hahhh!”

Without answering, Keith continued his devilish pounding.

White, frothy fluid gushed out of Aisha and stained both of their crotches.

“Fugi! Fugiiiiiich!!!! Kishu quit! I’m going crazy! I’m going to become an idiot! Twoo Stongu!”

“Come on, Aisha! Become a dumb bitch only in front of me! Be my stupid bitch!”

“No more… Bitch, no! Huh? Hagiahoo!”

As she screamed, Aisha knew that she was gradually climaxing, unable to think of anything else.

“Ahe! Aheuuu!!! KITA! Kishu no Baka! I can’t believe it! Yara no niiiiii!”

Aisha’s fleshy buttocks jiggled and quivered as the folds of her cunt increased their pleasurable actions to encourage ejaculation.

“Aisha’s! Your pussy! She wants cum! She wants my seed! Ohhhh fuck!”

“Fluhf! Fluah! Fuuuugh! No more, baby! Aaahhh! “Cu…..uummm”!”

She tightened the constriction inside her pussy as if she was wringing it out.

He realized that Aisha was about to cum.

Keith scrunched up his face and hugged Aisha’s hips, shutting his eyes as he poured his filthy cum into her innermost region at the same time.

“Ohhh ……! Aaah …… Keith’s, it’s coming in again, …… even though it’s the second time, …… it’s so powerful, ……. Amazing…!”

As soon as Keith’s hand left her, she collapsed into the bathtub, breathing raggedly as she felt the sensations.

With white fuzzy thoughts, she cast her eyes into the void and watched as Keith pulled his dirty cock out of her and brought it to her mouth.

“Can you …… clean it for me?”

Aisha looks at Keith with glazed eyes, and forces herself to glare at him before saying,

“Perverted man, you think I’m a …… cock cleaner or something?”

“I think you’re cute, and I think you’re my only Aisha.”

Looking at Keith’s tired smile, Aisha said, “Hmph,” and licked his cock clean, which was slick and soaked with her and his cum and fluids.

As she felt that lusty, almost vomit-inducing, fishy, tongue-stinging taste.

“The stakes are fine, aren’t they?”

“Mm-hmm. Phua ……bet?”


“? …… Okay? …… nchu, perero.”

Aisha, who had completely forgotten what he was talking about, nodded and went back to work licking and sucking his cock dry.

Keith stroked the adorable Aisha’s head.

  • §§

“I’ve done it now. ……”

Aisha’s face was dark and somber, with an expression that was well suited to the sound effect of “zun”.

After that, they had been caressing each other without sex, and before long, Aisha had fallen asleep.

When she woke up, it was already morning and, unusually, Keith was back in his own room.

There was a note on left on the desk that said, “Don’t forget about the bet.

It was at this point that she realized that she had agreed to a terrible thing in her debauched state of mind, but it was too late now.

I was being manipulated by Keith again.

The thought of it infuriated her, but it also tickled her for some reason.

Aisha was a little confused, not knowing what this feeling was.

But the biggest problem for her now was the bet.

If she lost, Keith would certainly give her some ridiculous orders.

Aisha can’t even imagine the vulgar, lewd, and slutty things he’ll force her to do.

“…… So why am I a little thrilled, I wonder!”

Aisha is not sure of herself these days.

She shook her head and shifted her thoughts.

In any case, it’s all good as long as I don’t lose.

No masturbation or that act for two weeks.

What the hell is the problem with that?

Does he think I’m an elf who can’t rationalize to that extent?

Is he underestimating me?

She laughed out loud at how ridiculous that was.

I used to masturbate just to relieve my languid mood.

If I was told not to do it, I wouldn’t do it unless I died.

Besides, when I was fucking Keith, I was only doing it for Naia-sama and because Keith begged me to so I was “forced” to.

Of course, there are times when I feel like doing it, but there’s no reason why I can’t do without it!

In the first place, Aisha couldn’t believe that Keith, that perverted mage, could go two weeks without sleeping with her.

He would surely come to her room in the middle of the night saying, “My magic supply.”

At that time, Aisha decided to laugh at Keith and say, “That’s why you’re such a pervert!” She decided to sneer at him.

And if I get the right to order him to do anything for a day, I’ll ……….

Aisha shook her head again, almost laughing at her imagination.

“Well, it’s not like I want the right to do whatever I want with him for a day or anything!”

She muttered to herself and left the room to have breakfast.

It was three days later that Aisha met Keith in person.

When Keith came to Naia’s room for her class, He was smiling at her, and she glared at him with a look that said, “This is too easy for me.

The look on his face made her think that he might …… come tonight, so she waited, but he didn’t come to her room that night.

The next time was four days later, again in Naia’s room.

At that point, she looked at the cool-faced Keith and smirked, “Isn’t it about time you got some?”, But he just laughed.

Another four days later, she glared at him with a devilish stare.

But he didn’t show any reaction, and this time she left the room with a tearful look on her face.

In the antechamber, Berna said

“You’ve been in a bad mood lately, haven’t you?”

When she heard that,

“Bad mood?! I’m not in a bad mood! I’m in a perfectly wonderful mood!!!”

Aisha replied in a rather sulky tone.

Keith’s face broke into a smile as he realized that Aisha must be suffering right now.

When Naia saw his face, she said,

“Chubo? Kifu-hama? Dif sumfin aa…. mmhahen?”

She asked curiously as she stuffed Keith’s cock deep into her mouth.

“No, no, I was just laughing at how good my cock feels today.”

When Naia heard those words, she took the saliva-covered cock out of her mouth and said with a fond smile,

“Thank you, Mr. Penis, for not hurting Keith-sama again today! Mwah! Slurp, slurp, slurp! Oohhhh penis! I love you so much!”

“Oh, my Gawd, the best bitch ever …… auuh!!!”

Keith was complying with the terms of the bet. That was for sure.

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When Aisha returned to her room after her mission that day, she stripped off her clothes and went into the bathroom.

These days, she couldn’t get rid of her frustrations at all.

She would get angry at the slightest thing, and she would try to reason with herself, but it would just stress her out.

Even Naia asked her, “Are you okay? She had to deal with that.

I know I shouldn’t be like this.

I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t help but feel agitated.

It was all Keith’s fault that she was like this, and it made her angrier and angrier.

She understood that Keith was going to be stubborn and not come for two weeks.

However, the thought of it made her lonely, and she couldn’t help but want to play with herself.

There are only two days left until the promised date.

I have to be patient.

I know that.


Muttering with loneliness was a bad idea.

The next thing she knew, Aisha was rubbing her breasts in the hot tub.

In the same bathtub with Keith about ten days ago, as Keith had done to her.

“Mmm …… ah, ah …… ah ahh …….”

Aisha’s fingers gradually increase in strength as the water surges and splashes.

Her large, soft breasts changed shape as her fingers squeezed them.

“I can’t …… stop. Mm-hmm! Even though I can’t…… fuaa!! I can’t help it. I have to …….”

But her mind was searching for excuses.

Keith must be doing it, too.

He’s watching that video of us doing it and masturbating to it.

Disgusting man! Coward! Scumbag!

That’s why it’s okay for me to do it too.

Even if I do, he’ll never find out.

I can just lie about it.

Keith is going to lie anyway.


When her fingers touched her stiffly puckered nipples, Aisha shrieked.

She hadn’t done it in over ten days.

In the meantime, the lingering haze had made her more sensitive.

If she tortured her clit in such a state, it would be …….

Aisha’s desire drove her to gently run her fingers over her hairless cunt.


It feels so good!

It has been a long time since she had played with herself.

Aisha hadn’t masturbated since she had started her relationship with Keith.

It was because she was satisfied.

So, for the first time in a long time, Aisha felt a sense of immorality and guilt mixed in with the pleasure of masturbation.

“It’s not like this, fuku!! I don’t have to do this, I’m fine. …… Aya! But that pervert ah! Nhhh mmm! He brought it up. That’s whyyyy!!”

I’m sure I wouldn’t have to masturbate if I really wanted to, but the fact that he brought up the bet makes me want to.

It’s all Keith’s fault.

It’s not my fault. I’m not an indecent elf.

Aisha continued to touch her clit frantically telling herself that.

“Keith no baka! That stupid idiot! Ahnnmnm! Ki-su!! Ki-su!!”

Then, for the first time in her life, Aisha put her finger inside her vagina.

She was confused by the fact that she was touching her own insides for the first time, but still mimicked Keith’s movements with her fingers.

I am being touched by Keith. I was being caressed by Keith.

She let her fantasy blossom.

She wasn’t imagining the innocent scene of a man and woman bonding as she had before. Instead, she imagined a raunchier and wilder scene of a man and a woman engaged in sexual intercourse, and she squirted her fingers in and out.

“Kyusu, hah! Huh! It’s your fault …… for making me like this! Nngh! Keith!!”

So please do me harder! I don’t care if you’re only in my imagination.

With her left hand on her nipple and her right hand on her vagina, Aisha intertwined with the Keith of her fantasy as she played with the places that felt best to her.

“Huh! Ugh! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum……. a little more…… ahhh! Hmmm omg! Uuahaa!! Ki…. Keith! Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

Calling out a man’s name until the end, Aisha came on her own for the first time in a long time.

After the feeling of pleasure came a feeling of emptiness and self-loathing that made her chest flutter.

“Huh hah …… Keith you idiot ……”

Aisha mumbled to herself as she drained the water stained with her love juices to shake off the lingering emotions.

  • §§

Two days later, the appointed date. Keith arrived at five in the morning.

Keith arrived beaming with glee.

Aisha greeted him with a grumpy look.

“……, what’s up so early in the morning?”

“No, I was really curious about the result of the bet.”

Aisha, who had assumed it was about that anyway, acted unsurprised.

“I kept my promise……”

She lied. She averted her gaze. It was so obvious that she was lying.

But Keith…


“…… yeah.”

“I see. …… I see.”

“Well, what about you, then!! You probably did it didn’t you!!”

To cover up her guilt, Aisha snapped at Keith.

“No, I didn’t do it!”

Aisha choked on her words when he said this with a deadpan expression on his face.  But soon after,

“You’re lying!”

“I’m not lying.”

“You’re definitely lying!!”

“I knew you would say that.”

Keith took out a magic wand from his pocket and mixed his magic power to carry out the magic formula.

A light green magic circle floated in front of Aisha and Keith.

“Wha-? What the hell is this?”

“It’s magic used in the imperial capital to interrogate criminals. It’s a great way to discover if someone is lying or not, by reading their pulse, sweating, pupillary reflexes, and brain waves.”


“Of course, you can’t use it in a court of law because it won’t react at all if you use the most powerful self-imposed suggestion, hypnotic magic, or physical manipulation.”

It was truly the magic that Keith had performed.

He had taken the trouble to unravel the grimoire and learn it for this day.

He spares no effort for the sake of eroticism. Truly a specimen of a Man.

But when Aisha saw it, she started to panic.

I didn’t know there was such a thing!!

That means I’ll be exposed!

Ignoring the fact that Aisha was thinking that she should do something about it, Keith said,

“I’ll go first.”

Keith said to the magic circle.

“I haven’t masturbated in two weeks!”

As he said this, the words appeared on the magic circle.


Keith showed it to Aisha in satisfaction.

“Then, it is your turn, Aisha.”


Aisha backs away from the magic circle.

It’s obvious from her actions that she’s gone and done it, but Keith enjoys teasing her, so…

“What’s wrong with you? Say it, I didn’t masturbate. Come on, come on, come on!”

“Ah, ahh, ahhh!”

Aisha, cornered, had tears in her eyes.

“I didn’t …… …… masturbate …….for…… two weeks”

The magic circle will make a mistake. Betting on that sliver of hope, she said to the magic circle in a whispered little squeak, hoping to fool it as much as possible.

As soon as she did, the magic circle showed the words.


Keith saw this and smiled.

“I’ve won, haven’t I? My erotic and horny lover, Aisha-san.”

Aisha collapsed at Keith’s words.

It was a shame Aisha couldn’t wait to masturbate for two more days and then not even realize she was being set up.

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