Chapter 38: Female Knight, At Your Service

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A man was sitting on a canopied king-size bed.

He was clad in a nightgown; his hair combed all back.

The figure reclining on the headrest was a poor man’s idea of a low-class aristocrat.

Of course, it’s Keith.

This was the correct image of an aristocrat who has a maid in his service per Keith’s belief.

Next to Keith, Aisha, wearing an erotic maid’s uniform with glasses, is standing next to him with a red face.

The reason why her face is red is that Keith’s right hand is constantly touching her ass.

While touching Aisha’s ample, chiseled hips through her panties, Keith has her hold a glass of wine and bring it to his lips.

The idea of sexually harassing a maid and having her serve you alcohol.

It’s a rather shallow scheme.

But the person who was making her do it was apparently very happy.

Keith drinks from the glass with a smug look on his face and changes the way he touches her buttocks while looking at Aisha’s reaction.

As he traced, squeezed, and fondled her ass from different angles.

“No, stop. ……”

Aisha shuddered a little at the frustrating, non-pleasurable sensation.

I want you to touch me more properly. But if she had to say it in this state…

“Master, please touch Aisha’s ass harder.”

That’s what Aisha would have to say.

I mean, Keith would never do it until I said it.

That was the one thing she was not willing to do even if it killed her.

So, she endured it, and the words that came out were, “Stop.”

“Stop? Are you ordering your master to do something? You are such a bad maid~”

Keith said with a scowl and began to pry at the vaginal area of Aisha’s pure white panties with his middle finger.


Aisha’s body reacted hypersensitively to the attack after being teased.

Her body jerked backward with such force that she tipped the wine glass in her hand.


They both shouted at the same time.

The wine had splashed on Keith’s gown.

Aisha saw this and tried to apologize.

However, her deep-seated insincerity showed itself.

“It’s Keith’s fault! It’s your fault, Keith! Making people feed you stuff and then playing tricks on them! It’s, It’s not my fault!”

Aisha was a little embarrassed, but she was also a little unhappy with herself for not being able to apologize honestly after she said it.

But Keith had been waiting for this, and his mouth twisted into a grin.

“Smh…… a maid who can’t even serve properly, and no matter how many times you teach her, she still calls the master by his name…. that’s no good.”

Hearing his voice, Aisha had a bad feeling and tried to pull away from him.

But then he grabbed her arm and pulled her down, and she was lying on her stomach on Keith’s lap.

“What the hell are you doing!”

When Aisha turned around, Keith was laughing.

“Useless maids have to be pun-i-sh-ed….. right?”

Then he pulled up her mini-skirt and pulled down her panties, revealing her full, brown, peachy bottom.


With a nice clapping sound, he smacked her plump tanned bare rump.


Aisha screamed out in shock rather than pain.

While listening to this, Keith keeps beating his palm against her butt cheeks over and over again.

Of course, he didn’t use his full strength.

That said, he did hit it with a deliberately loud sound and with enough force to make her butt go numb.

“Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!!”

Feeling the impact that came with each steady sound, Aisha,

“No, no, no, no, no! Stop it! I’ll get angry! I’ll get angry! Aaah, Gya!”

She tries to scream and flail, but every time his hand hits her ass, her whole body loses its strength.

To such an Aisha, Keith said.

“The one who is angry is me! Your language and attitude are atrocious as if you never been a maid at all. This much is necessary for a bad maid like you!”

There was a very loud “SPANK!” sound.


Aisha’s face was soaked with the numbness and shock of her ass being spanked as she arched her neck.

Her buttocks were already bright red and covered with Keith’s handprints.

She felt as if she was losing the skin sensation on her buttocks as he continued to swing his hand down and spank her further.

“Keith! Stop it! Stop! My butt hurts! Ow! Aaah!”

“All right! Then! You have to apologize!”

Apologize? If I apologize, will he really stop?

Aisha wanted to get out of this embarrassing and painful situation as soon as possible.

“I’m sorry! I spilled the wine! Huh! Ughhh!”

“What’s with that apology? Isn’t there a proper way to apologize like a maid?”

She knew what Keith wanted from her.

But her pride would not allow her to say that.

But the endless pounding on her ass finally made Aisha cry out.

“Ugh ……, master …… hgh! I apologize for my actions, ahhh!”

As soon as she said that, Keith’s hand stopped.

And then his hand began to gently caress her buttocks.

“Well said, good girl. Excellent indeed. I didn’t really want to do this, even if it was for discipline.”

In spite of that, he seemed to be in high spirits.

Aisha kept her face down.

“Uwu. ……. I’ll remember this ……, When this is over, there’ll be hell for you!”

Keith sensed this, so around now, he said.

“But, since the maid was able to say it correctly, she will be rewarded.”

He picked up a small bottle that had been left on the side table and poured its contents on his hand, then blended them together with his hands.

A nice citrus scent radiated from it.

Keith began to stroke and rub Aisha’s reddened backside with his liquid-soaked hands.


A sudden cool sensation chilled the spanked and inflamed butt cheeks.

A different kind of soft touching from earlier soothes the buttocks.

“Kisu…… it.”

“It’s a magic potion. It feels good, doesn’t it? It’s a reward for saying it properly.”

While saying this, Keith stroked her ass and gradually drifted his fingers inwards.

His hands, wet from the potion’s not too sticky consistency, moved in a slippery motion, and soon he was gently playing with her anus.


He carefully traced the creases of her asshole, then moved down her perineum to her cunt.

Aisha’s legs were gradually spread open by his fingering.

While massaging Aisha’s pussy lips with his fingers, he teasingly stroked her clitoris.

“Ooook! Oh my god! This, ugyu! Huh……!”

When he felt the clitoris become erect, he moved on to the vaginal opening without playing with it.

Without inserting his fingers, he gently pries away at the vaginal opening with his fingertips.

When he did, her love juices began to squirt from her lower mouth.

“Aisha, do you feel good?”

Aisha released the bed sheet she was biting on.

“It feels so good…… Hmmhh!”

“It feels good. Doesn’t it? Maid.”

With Keith’s impassioned fingering, Aisha’s cunt’s tingling took precedence over her embarrassment.

“It feels good……. sir.”

“Yes. Well said.”

Keith laughs and slips his fingers inside Aisha.

Slowly and gently.

With his middle and ring fingers, he probed and traced the inside of Aisha’s vagina, which was well moistened with love juices.

“Good maids get lots of rewards, you know. Will you be a good maid, Aisha?”

“Ahhhhhhh!! Uahhhh!! ……Will ……be”

“I can’t hear you, can I?”

When he stopped moving his fingers, Aisha’s vagina undulated as if demanding it.

“I’m going to be …… a good…… a good maid.”

“I see.”

But Keith pulled his fingers out of Aisha.

Even though she said it, her reward was stolen and she looked at Keith with a look of sorrow and betrayal.

Licking his fingers wet with love juice, Keith told Aisha

“Well then, good maid. Please give me some evidence of this.”


“Yes. Maids are supposed to serve, you know.”

Keith said and laid Aisha down flat on the bed.

He then unbuttoned the bosom button of her maid uniform and let her voluptuous tits pop out.

He took off the bra covering her bouncing tits and sucked on her nipples while lightly biting them as if inspecting them.


After moistening her nipples with saliva, he poured the rest of the potion into her cleavage.

The chilliness made Aisha squeal.

“What the hel-…. What are you doing ……?”

She looked up curiously at him.

“The fundamentals of a busty housemaid lie in tit service.”

Speaking this, he flicks open the front of his nightgown and pulls out his still shriveled cock.

“Aisha, please rub it with your hand to make it bigger.”

Keith took Aisha’s hand and made her hold his cock.

The limp, coreless lump gradually swelled in Aisha’s hand.

As she cosseted it.

“Tits? Service? What’s that ……?”

“What? You’ve never heard of paizuri?”

Aisha nodded at the word she had never heard before.

“For someone with such wonderful tits…… this is what’s called a waste of treasure!”

Keith pulled Aisha’s hand away from his cock, handled it with his own hand to make sure it was hard enough, then straddled her chest and plunged his cock into her cleavage.


When Aisha was confused by the suddenness of the situation, Keith said

“Aisha, bring your tits together and sandwich my cock between them.”

Aisha was confused, but she complied.

His hot throbbing meat begins to slither between Aisha’s breasts.

“Fuck! Aisha, this is it! It’s a paizuri! This is boob service!”

Watching Keith’s face as he moved his hips in a pleasurable manner.

“Tit-fucking? Does it feel good? This.”

“Aisha’s titties are soooo soft and yummy. …… They wrap around my cock and cover it with a …… wow!”

His slack-jawed face showed the degree of his pleasure.

“Here, ugh! Aisha, can you handle this yourself?”


“Please do it.”

Keith pulled his precum-stained dick out of Aisha’s cleavage and laid down on the bed.

Aisha got up and approached his erect cock with some hesitation and tried to squeeze it between her breasts as she was told.

When Aisha didn’t move, Keith said

“Aisha, you’re going to make me feel good. Move your tits so that I can feel good.”

Aisha was a little nervous as she began her boob job.

She uses her fat and lush bosom to trap the cock between her breasts and moves her breasts while scrubbing and rubbing the cock up and down.

Her tits were soaked wet from the magical salve, and the tip of his cock was poking out of her cleavage, creating a visually erotic effect.

The reddish-black glans of his cock was repeatedly wrapped and revealed from between her enormous brown tits.

It looked as if Aisha was squeezing her own breasts, but in fact, she was caressing a man.

Keith’s cock begins to twitch with excitement at the sight.

“Aisha…… is amazing…… ohhh! So hot and sexy ……. My ero maid Aisha is too cute!”

Keith was regretting that he hadn’t taught her about boob jobs sooner.

Aisha was working incredibly hard on her boob service.

She knew that if she performed it properly, she would receive a reward, but she was also happy that Keith was so happy.

She wondered how she could make him feel even better. What would arouse him?

She thought desperately about it and came up with something that was a little …… no, a lot more embarrassing.

“Oh, Aisha’s tits …… do they feel good? My master.”

Aisha looks embarrassed as her face turns red.

Keith felt a shiver run down his spine at the destructive power of the embarrassed maid.

His cock swelled up as he wanted to shoot his load all over Aisha’s pretty face.

“Ah, Aisha! That feels so good! You’re so erotic and cute!!! It’s amazing! Oof!”


The glans peeked out from between her cleavage and blasted cum all over Aisha’s embarrassed face.

Sprew Sprew! Aisha’s beautiful brown face and breasts were stained white by the cum that sprayed onto her skin.

Aisha scowled at the chalky stench, but she accepted it all.

Keith’s heart fluttered a little at the sight of the devoted 53-year-old.

He pushes down Aisha, who was wiping the cum off her face with a towel nearby and kisses her lips, which reek of his own slime.

He twirled his tongue thoroughly, sending saliva into her mouth.

“I’ll give you lots of rewards for being a very good maid.”

Then he resumed the pussy caressing he had stopped halfway through.

He took off all her panties, spread her legs wide open, and put his face inside her skirt.

He kissed Aisha’s pussy, inhaling the fragrance of her sweet honey.

“Juju! Chuu-chuu! Let’s go!”

“Mmmph! Unh! Ah!”

“Aisha, nchu, even though it’s out of the blue, perorero, it’s very sensitive…… njuuu!!”

While sucking hard on her private parts, he flicked her clit with his tongue at certain points. Then he licked and drank the love juice that came out.

“Aah!! Naakku…… that’s because, you know, Keith …… gave up halfway, ahhh aghu!”

Keith lightly bit Aisha’s clit with his front teeth.

“Hey! It’s not “Keith”, is it? Njyujuju!”

“Fhuaa! Oh, God, oh, God!! Excuse me! I am so sorry! Master! I’ll apologize! Don’t bite me!”

Aisha’s plea prompted Keith to raise his upper body.

“If you’ re not careful, you’ll end up with this…… Watch your language! Got it?”

“Ha …… yes …….”

Aisha nodded.

“Good. Then, for Aisha who has successfully performed the titty service, ……”

Keith began to finger-bang her.

He used his right hand’s middle and ring fingers to caress the inside of her vagina.

He gently stroked his fingertips over the tender spots while scratching and stirring at a slow pace.

“Mwah! Aaah! Aaahhhh, ……! Mmmmmm!!!”

His left hand gently caressed her clitoris at the same time, moving his fingers in a way that was not monotonous.

At that gentle fingering, Aisha drooled and swooned over the melting sensation.

“Feels so goooood….. that’s, sho guuuuud……Kishyuuu……uuuu!!”

“Hmm? You said Keith again, didn’t you?”


Not even the euphoric unconsciousness was allowed.

Keith suddenly intensified his fingering and also his clit teasing.

“Fugghhhh! Hoo-hoo-hoo! Hoooooooo!”

Aisha’s hips jerked up. Gakun!

The fingers inside her ravaged her sensitive areas, and her clitoris was pinched with excessive force.

Aisha’s body could not keep up with the sudden change and became a disoriented mess.

“Hoeee! Huh! What! What? Too mush! Kyuushu! Chuu-shoonn!!!!”

“Like I said! It’s Master, right? What happened to the no-good maid?”

Zoucho Zoucho! As he continued to stir the folds of her vagina and torment her erect clitoris, Aisha finally responded to Keith’s words.

“I’m sorry!!! Mashterr! Master!! I’ll never make that mistake again! Haggihuu!”

Instantly, the movement of his fingers subsided.

“That’s fine. …… I knew Aisha could do it if she tried.”

The fingers became gentle again.

It was like disciplining an animal, but Aisha was already beginning to lose track of what was going on.

If she did as she was told, he would give her the gentle caresses she loved. But if she makes a mistake, it becomes brutish.

If so, there was no choice but to do as she was told.

That was all she could understand with her dazed mind.

When the stimulator, Keith, felt that Aisha’s interior was sufficiently moist and full of desire.

“I’m sticking it in, okay?”

He asked as he smeared some of the love juice on his hand onto his newly erected cock.

Aisha nodded, but Keith shook his head.

“When a good maid wants something, she says it like this.”

The words whispered in her ear were not something she would normally say, but today she was a maid.

Keith……… If I do as my master says, he will be kind to me.

This was the only thing that Aisha could understand in her reeling thoughts.

Aisha lifted her own legs and spread her cunt apart.

“Master, please let me …… Aisha …… service you…. with my pussy.”

When Aisha exposed her steamy, almost sizzling moist vaginal hole to him,

“Yes. You’re becoming a good maid!!”

Keith raised his hips to align the tip of his cock with Aisha’s service hole and plunged inside.

The penis buries itself snugly in her meat hole.

As if the finger-fucked vagina had been waiting for an erect penis to be caught in the wet folds, it wrapped tightly around it.

He wanted to pound his hips against it and tear up the inside of her hole, but he kept his hips gentle as he rewarded the maid for a job well done.

Once he was fully acquainted with her pussy, he proceeded to gently penetrate and scrape her sensitive areas with a steady stroke.

“Aaaaaaaaaah! Ohhhh! Ohhh!”

Aisha’s expression collapsed in ecstasy.

She was truly enjoying herself. That’s what her face said.

“Look! A good maid has a! There will be good rewards for good maids, see?”

“Kyuuk! Reward? Soooo gooood! So sweet! My reward is so wonderful!”

“Serve me, and if you do it right, you get a reward. Do you understand?”

Aisha nodded her head several times.

“Yes, I understand! I understand! Ahh yow! Gentle grinding! I love this! I love it!”

Keith was satisfied as he thrust his cock in and out of the erotic maid Aisha, who had a sweet, flirtatious, begging voice that was different from her usual tone.

Aisha’s wet pussy and the way her creases moved showed that she was also into it.

On top of her erotic maid’s outfit, her big bouncing tits jiggled and shook with every pumping stroke.

Her face is not the snappy expression she usually shows, but rather the face of a slut who is happy with the way she is getting fucked, and the glasses she was given to wear are slipping down from sweat.

That lewd, vulgar, flirtatious expression on her face makes his cock go numb just by looking at it.

That combined with the brown elf maid’s cunt service made Keith’s cock shiver with warmth and pleasure.

“Damn! Erotic maid! Say it! Ask me how I like your pussy service! Say it, Aisha!!!”

“Ahhhhhh! Agh! Cunt! How’s my cunt? Aisha’s cunt!!”

“So good! Amazing! My own personal cum hole! The best!”

Keith was enjoying the sight of Aisha’s lustful and seductive smile.

“Aisha is my personal maid now! Isn’t that right? Isn’t that right?”

“Nkyuu!! Unkyuuu! Yes! Right now! Right now, Aisha iz Mashtar’s Aisha!”

The moment she said “Keith’s Aisha”, he felt Aisha’s vagina close up tightly.

Her hips also rose quickly, trying to guide his cock deeper into the innermost chamber of Aisha’s vagina.

“More! Tell me more! That you’re my own erotic maid!!! Just my Aisha!”

Keith increases the speed of his hips while still being gentle.

Aisha’s mouth was slack from the warmth and pleasure of the lovemaking pistons as they pounded deep into her stomach.

“I’m Mashter’s maaaidee! Only you, Goshujin-sama’s Aisha! Ngwaaahhhh! My Lord! I am in love with you! I love you!”

Her vaginal flesh began to quiver and tremble.

From that sensation, Keith is also led to his limits.

“Nuuguu!!! Aisha!!”

Keith yelled and pressed down into Aisha, taking her lips violently.

Aisha’s arms wrapped around Keith’s neck.

They embraced and interlinked, climaxing at the same time without a single cry.

“tsuuoooooooooo ~~~~~~~………!!!!”

Both of them shut their eyes, their tongues intertwined, Aisha raised her hips several times and tightly embraced Keith. And Keith experienced goosebumps from the sheer pleasure of ejaculation and drove his hips deeper and deeper with each small thrust on his cumming and discharging session.

After his very last drop of cum is extracted, Keith pulls away when Aisha’s strength slackens.

He watches the cum spilling out of her vagina while she is still wearing her maid’s uniform, and when he reaches for the wine he left lying around to moisten his throat,


Keith let out a scream.

He felt something touch his freshly squeezed and sensitive cock.

He looked over and saw that it was Aisha’s hand.

Aisha, her face moist and puffy, grabbed Keith’s cock and popped it in her pretty mouth.

“What?! Whoaaaa! Oh, Aisha!!?”

Keith called out as his hips felt like they were about to run away.

“Nhuaamm…… It’s my mouth service sir…… ufu, reward me rots, apu, nchun chu!”

I had forgotten how easy it was to get her hooked when given the chance.

As a result, Aisha has now become the perfect Keith’s exclusive erotic and devoted maid.

Because Keith told her so over and over again, …….

“Aaah, ooohhhh! Waai, fuah!”

She swallowed it whole as if inhaling and sucked it off with her lips and licked it clean with her tongue along the way. Aisha’s soft and slippery tongue circled and licked the glans of his cock coaxing it deeper into her mouth and causing it to regain its hardness.

I had planned to take my time and spend all day enjoying it but,

“Ohhhh! Damn it!”

Thinking it was a good thing he’d taken some over-the-counter performance-enhancing drugs, Keith snatched his cock from Aisha and tossed her face down on her back.

“You erotic maid …… prepare yourself!”

Her ass was now raised high in the air, and he launched his assault on her fully visible, bloodshot vagina hole.

“Naaaaa!!! Goshujin-sama!!!”

With a happy and disheveled face, the elf maid screamed higher still.

Early morning after the holiday.

Aisha is standing in front of Naia’s room with a big smile on her shiny, glossy face.

“You seem to be very satisfied.”

“Hmm? Really? I’m perfectly normal!!”

“…… Something about your day off?”

“Day off? Nothing! I spent the whole day with my mast…….”


“Mast…. I was just mastering my…… my drinking weakness, that’s all!”

“Booze? …… That must have been really good booze.”

“Not really!”

Such conversation echoed in the hallway.

Meanwhile, in Keith’s room.

“My hips are sluggish…… my back hurts…… my dick…… my dick……”

Ruu was feeding himself while watching his master slumped over on the bed.

“…… How many times did you end up fucking her?”

“……. ……8 times throughout the day.”

“Your fault for pushing so hard at 30.”

“At the end, it was like a bunch of punishment games for me……. Guha.”

The crafty schemer drowns in his own schemes, as the saying goes.

That’s what Ruu thought as he savored his feed.

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