Chapter 39: Princess Spills the Tea

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Keith thumped his hip as he made his way down the hallway toward Naia’s room.

It had been ten days since he had enjoyed role-playing maid with Aisha.

In fact, Keith had missed two of Naia’s classes after that.

The reason for this, as you probably guess, was that he had pushed himself too hard.

His hips were so stiff that it was difficult for him to go to the bathroom, and more importantly, his dick was too overused to do anything but pee.

It was the first time in Keith’s life that he had not had a morning wood.

So for ten days he took energy pills and put on a poultice for back pain that Mr. Worland had made for him and kept to himself.

Ruu smugly said, ” Have you heard of the phrase, “You reap what you sow? Nya.” But as a person who had been receiving the cat’s paw acupressure once a day, all he could say was,  “Sorry.

So, on the day when his back finally felt better and he proudly stood erect in the morning, Keith notified Naia that he could resume his classes.

Naia immediately replied that she would reschedule and asked him to come today, so he was on his way to her room.

Incidentally, Keith hadn’t even seen Aisha for the past ten days.

Aisha was too embarrassed to come to see him.

Personally, he wanted to have her nurse him and at least enjoy the verbal abuse, “You’re like a slutty succubus sucking up a man’s essence like that,” but I guess Aisha knew he would do that.

Keith walked down the corridor and took another bottle of energizer, just in case, and slowly straightened his hips and back to regain his composure and reached the front of Naia’s room.

He knocked on the door and waited for an answer, then entered and was suddenly struck by something and almost fell over.

What the hell? he thought and found Naia clinging to his chest.


“Pri, Princess?”


Keith called out, and a shivering Naia said.


“Thank God …… you’re feeling better. …… Unh!”


She hugged him and whispered that without showing her face.


“I’m fine. I told you, didn’t I? I told you I just caught a cold.”

“But ……, but ………”

“Thank you for your concern. I’m fine now. …… It’s been a long time, let me see your smile, Princess.”


At Keith’s words, Naia raised her tear-streaked and snotty face and smiled despite feeling tense.

If it were just the two of us, I would have definitely kissed her, she was so cute.

When I thought about it, I wondered why Aisha didn’t react to Naia’s hug.

He looked around the room and saw that Berna had just bowed and was leaving the room.


“Princess, where is Aisha-sama?”


Keith asked as he wiped Naia’s tears and snot with a handkerchief he was carrying.


“Sniff… Aisha left the room just before Keith-sama was about to come, saying that she needed to go to the bathroom. It’s weird, she could have just used this one.”


She ran away, …….

Keith was determined that the next time he went to attack her in the middle of the night, he would torment her with this story.

Naia sat Keith down in a chair and sat down in front of him and asked him how he was doing for the past 10 days. How have you been? etc.

While answering all of these questions politely, he asked, “How were your ten days, Princess?. and changed the subject.

Even though it’s only been ten days, we’re having a conversation like we’re in a long-distance relationship.


“Um, Keith-sama?”


“I …… made some herbal tea for you to drink, Keith-sama. Will you …… drink it?”


Naia said with a faltering voice.


“You’ve made it for me?”


He was not sure why she was embarrassed when she nodded her head.


“Thank you very much. Of course, I’m happy to accept it.”


He replied.

Naia’s face lit up with a sparkling smile as he answered.


“I’ll get it for you right away!”


She brought out a tea set.


“What? The Princess is going to serve the tea?”



Naia begins to prepare the tea with her eyes burning with enthusiasm.

Her hands were so unsteady that it was a little scary for me to watch.

In the first place, it was impossible to expect a royal princess to make tea by herself.

This is why he thought he was going to have to call Berna back to make the tea for him.


“Ah, Princess? If you don’t mind, I could brew it.”

“No! Keith-sama, please sit down!”



With sweat beading on her forehead, Naia prepared the tea with a serious expression.

Keith was aware of this, but in Seimrad, giving a man a cup of herbal tea that you have blended yourself is a kind of courtship act.

Nowadays, it’s not so serious, and young people give them to each other lightly, but it was still a big deal for Naia.

When she heard that Keith had caught a cold, she wanted to go and visit him, but Aisha told her, “Absolutely not!” and she was stopped.

No matter how many times she told her, Aisha wouldn’t listen to her.

Not knowing what was going on behind the scenes, Naia cried and begged and even tried to sulk, but it was no use.

So, she asked Berna for help.


“Herbal tea is good for colds. Why don’t you try giving it to him?”


She followed her advice and learned how to blend and brew her own herbal tea.

But it took her a long time to learn how to do it, and by the time she did, she received the news that Keith was fully recovered.

Even so, she wanted to make her own herbal tea for Keith to drink, so she resisted her embarrassment and told him about it.

Keith, who naturally didn’t know about this, watched her with trepidation as her hands fumbled dangerously.

It was almost as if he was a parent watching his child cook for the first time.

Eventually, the tea was brewed somehow.




Keith couldn’t help but clap his hands.

Naia blushed in embarrassment and as she was about to offer the tea to Keith, she spilled it in a huge spattering.

By the time he said, “Oh,” the tea had stained Keith’s clothes from his chest out.

It was a relief that the temperature had dropped and was not as hot as it could have been because Naia had taken so long to brew it.


“Oh, my God, Keith-sama! I’m sorry! I ……!!!”


Naia apologized repeatedly to Keith, with a face that looked like she was about to say, ” I should die to make up for it.

To such a Naia, Keith smiled and spoke.


“No, don’t worry about it. It’s just my clothes that got wet.”

“But! Oh, it’s ……, and I’m …….”


Naia was about to enter a spiral of self-loathing.


“Princess. Thank you for making the tea for me. I couldn’t drink it today; can you please make it again for next time?”


Next time.

Keith said that he would drink Naia’s tea again next time.

Naia realized this and wept tears of joy at his kind words.


“Keith-sama ……, why? …… Why are you being so nice to me?”


It’s because I’m going to eat you! (sexually)

I would die before I said that.


“It’s because I care about you, princess.”


Keith’s words, delivered with a pseudo-smile that would make any man want to vomit, struck Naia in the chest with the power of a crossbow.




Keith hurriedly stopped Naia who was about to embrace him.


“Ah! No! No! You can’t! You’ll get tea on you!”


At these words, Naia gave up on the hug with great regret.

Keith was relieved.


“I’m going to go back to my room to change my clothes and wash up then…”

“Ah, …….”


This time is the leisure time that Naia, who really wanted to see Keith, forcibly created for a little while.

The time Keith would spend going back to his room to change his clothes and coming back, she would lose that time with him.

Naia frantically gathered her wits to solve this problem. And then.


“Keith-sama! Please take your bath in my room!”


“Well, um, ……”


I want to stay with him as long as possible.

She said it with that feeling alone, but when she thought about it, there was no point in washing his body since there were no spare clothes.

She knew that, but she still wanted Keith to stay with her a little longer.

Naia realized that even in this situation, she prioritized her own feelings, which made her want to run away immediately.


“Is …… the Princess coming with me?”


“The bath…… Do you want to take a bath with me?”


Keith asked.


“Yes! Yes!!”


She nodded vigorously.

She was so embarrassed to ask him to drink her tea yet she didn’t mind taking a bath with him.

Keith smiled wickedly in his mind as he saw the princess’ sense of ethics steadily going awry.


  • §§

There are two naked people standing in the bathroom.

It was Keith and Naia.

A thirty-year-old man and a beautiful young girl in her early teens, a very incriminating description no matter how many times you see it.

Blood has already started to gather in Keith’s penis, and you can see that it is getting bigger and bigger little by little.

There was no way he was going to show any sign of warfare at this point, so he did his best to keep it under control and filled the tub with hot water. Naturally, Naia’s bathroom was much larger than Keith’s and Aisha’s rooms.

When he entered, he slapped his chest with his palm without letting Naia notice.

When they entered the bathroom, Naia let out a scream.

She screamed because Keith’s chest area was bright red.

Of course, it was because he had hit his chest, but Naia, who didn’t know that, could only think it was because she had spilled tea on him.


“Keith-sama! Your chest! Aah!”

“Yeah, I know it was a little hot, but …… it’s fine, this much.”

“But, you know, ……”


Naia turns completely pale at what she’s done.


“It’s okay. I’ve got a good potion for this.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, it’s ……, but if possible, I’d like you to apply it for me, Princess. ……”

“Of course! I’ll do it!!”

“Is that so! Thank you, Princess.”


Keith patted her head, and Naia decided that she would do whatever it took.

Then Keith said.


“Let me get it ready for you, one moment.”


Then he put his fingers on his temples and closed his eyes.

Naia looked at him in wonder, and when he opened his eyes, Keith took out his magic wand, gathered the magic power, and cast the magic language on it.

Then something appeared on the floor of the bathroom.

To Naia’s surprise.


“It’s transference magic.”


That’s how he explains it.

Transmigration magic is something that transports a set object to a set location, and it can’t be used indefinitely.

However, the object that was brought to the floor was in Keith’s room, and Keith had set it up so that anything in his room could be transported to him at will.

However, he would have to think of the exact place where the object was placed.

Anyway, having done so, Naia brought the object to him.


“What’s this?”


Keith said to Naia, who was squatting down to lift the floppy-looking thing.


“Here’s how it works.”


When Keith took it from Naia, he poured magic power into the small, round magic circle at the bottom.

In an instant, air built up inside of it, causing it to expand.

It was an air mat.

So, when he was told to take a bath, “Today is a great day for mat play!” Keith decided.

The body that had been squeezed dry by Aisha needed the gentleness of mat play.

A mat made from the skin of an aquatic horse (sea horse) was originally developed for nursing care, but since the establishment of a special bathing service for men in the commercial city of Teiren, it has been widely used for that purpose.

The reason why Keith has it is because he made it himself with the intention of having Aisha use it someday.

He never thought he’d be able to try it out on Naia, which makes him believe he’s been blessed by the erotic gods.

Keith sat down on the mat.


“This is a magical tool designed to help you lie down on the floor of the bath.”


He explained this and encouraged Naia to sit on it.

Naia sat on it fearfully and giggled happily at the funny feeling.

The princess bitch who is delighted with the naughty mat …… is just too good.

My cock is about to reach its limit.


“I’m going to wash first, Princess. Please wait a moment.”


And then he touched his chest with the lathered soap.




I whimpered deliberately.




Naia called out in surprise.


“I’m sorry …… about that. It really burns…. ugh!!!”


There’s no way that was true because he only hit it, but Naia was already crying because she believed him.


“I’m sorry…. Kishu-sama…. Awa, auuu!”


To Naia.


“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can wash myself very well. …… Princess, I’m sorry, but can you wash me?”


When she heard the suggestion.


“Ugu! Me wash your body Keith-sama?”

“Yes, …… such a rude request, …… if it really is.”

“No, I’ll do it! Please let me do it!”


Taking advantage of a young and innocent princess’ guilt.

It’s the behavior of a scumbag adult.

But pure-hearted Naia believed Keith and immediately put soap on her hands to wash his (what she thought was) wound.


“Oh, Princess, it’s not your hands, …….”

“What? Well, where?”


He smeared the soap lather all over Naia’s naked body while she was confused.




The sudden ticklishness made Naia scream.


“Ki, Keith-sama?”

“It’s best to wash a body with a body, it’s the least irritating.”


While teaching her a ridiculous lie, I applied soap to Naia’s beautiful lolita figure.

While tracing her slender waist with both hands in a squeezing manner, the hand that went to her chest teased her tiny sunken nipples with the index finger.


“Ukyuu! Hee-ah! Aaah!”


The nipple popped out of her breast with a pout. The other hand went to her thighs.

While playing with her clit, his other hand rubbed her breasts equally on both sides.

When the clitoris became erect, he peeled off the foreskin and tweaked the little pink nub with his finger.


“Heehee! Ukyuu! Ukyuu!!!”


She put her hands on Keith’s shoulders, her hips trembling, and he stopped caressing her just short of the edge.


“Well then, please…”


He lay back down on the mat.

Naia cried out, “Huh? What? What?”, confused. And Keith said.

“You lie down on top of me and scrub your body against me.”



Naia exclaimed in surprise.


“Can’t you ……?”


She hears Keith’s voice. And thinks.

This is to heal Keith’s body.

I spilled the tea on him. It’s for Keith’s sake, who is suffering because of it.


“No, I can do it!”


She said with determination and straddled Keith.


“Excuse me.”


When her squishy and smooth legs and crotch mounted his abdomen, Keith became completely erect.


(You’ve finally regained your vigor. My beloved tool……)


He said in his heart.

And then he laid down the frozen Naia stretched out on top of him, hugging her gently.


“Aaa ……, it doesn’t hurt, Princess.”


And when he said that, which didn’t hurt or itch, to begin with, Naia looked delighted.


“Oh, thank God…….”


Keith heard a relieved voice in his ear.

So, Keith whispered softly into Naia’s ear.


“Princess, …… please.”


At these words, Naia slowly began to grind her body against his in a scrubbing motion.


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