Chapter 40: The Princess Does Her Best On The Mat

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The soapy lather swelled and expanded between them.

Keith could feel the faint texture of Naia’s small erect nipples on his chest.

Naia’s nipples rubbed against his chest and she wanted to scream out in pleasure, but her priority was to wash Keith’s body, so she held back and kept moving.

She opened her legs and mounted Keith with her thighs as she washed his body.

And the feeling of her soft and supple loli body soothed Keith’s heart.

“…… Loli body wash is the best.”

“Huh? Did you say something to me?”

“No, no, nothing.”

Keith said and grabbed Naia’s peachy little ass.


He squeezed and kneaded Naia’s butt cheeks.

“I’m doing it for you too, Princess.”

“I, I, don’t need it!! Keith-sama’s body, ohhh!”

Naia’s ass development had progressed to the point where she could feel pleasure from having her ass massaged.

“Tea, teasing is no!! Not allow!! Kishusama!”

“The princess is too cute.”

“I have to mend Kishu-sama’s burns! That’s why I’m washing you!”

If it was just the brushing of her nipples, she could tolerate it, but when it was combined with the feeling of her ass, Naia felt like she was going to lose her mind.

But she had to endure it for Keith’s sake. So, she desperately appealed.

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

It was a shame, but Keith obediently stopped rubbing her ass.

Naia resumed washing his body, breathing hard.

She moved her small body hard and washed what she thought was Keith’s burns.

The “nssh, nssh” sounded like something a real child would do, which increased his excitement.

Keith wanted to enjoy this a little more.

“I think it’s time, Princess. Please turn on the hot water.”


Naia did as she was told, raised herself up, scooped up a bucket of hot water from the tub, and poured it over Keith’s sternum. Then.


Keith screamed a little too loudly.


Thinking that the hot water must have soaked into the skin, Naia hurriedly put down her pail and wiped the area with a towel.

But when she saw Keith’s pained face, she didn’t know what to do and felt like crying.

Keith said to Naia.

“Pri, Princess, …… lick me …….”


“Lick me clean, ……, quickly!”

“Yes, yes!”

Naia could no longer afford to be confused or hesitant about what he was saying.

She hurriedly put her body back on top of Keith’s and began to lick his chest with her tiny tongue.


The ticklish feeling and the fact that he was making Naia lick his chest made Keith moan with arousal.

But Naia, who was doing it, didn’t have time to notice.

She just kept on licking and licking and licking the 30-year-old man’s chest, trying to take away Keith’s pain.

“Hifuhyam, Rero Rero, Dosh fit har, is it gohne? Pero pero.”

Naia looks up at him and asks.

“Oh, oh, a little more, um, towards the nipple, ……”

“What? Hfere? Lick, lick, lick.”

“Ooh! Nipple licking! Mmm!”

The fact that I was letting a Royal Noble Elf lick my nipples was powerful enough to make me want to discharge.

But I’d really like Naia to drink the extra-thick, first-squeezed semen that I’ve been reproducing for the past ten days!

With that thought in mind, I desperately suppressed the feeling of ejaculation.

Without knowing about it, Naia was licking Keith’s nipples and trying to soothe his pain.

“The milk is really thick today,” he said to himself.

It was time to move on.

“Thank you, Princess ……. Thank you, Princess. The pain is gone.”

“Mm-hmm, is that true?”

She took her mouth off Keith’s nipples and raised her upper body, smiling as she asked him.

“Fue, I’m so glad.”

Naia repeated the words “I’m glad” with a tearful smile on her face.

I patted her head.

“I’m going to apply some medicine to the burn. …… Would you mind applying it?”

“Yes! Leave it to me!”

To Naia, who was delighted with the pat on the head and gazing at him, Keith said.

“If it weren’t for you, Princess, I’d be …….”

“Oh, no! This is my responsibility! Don’t worry about it!”

“How kind of you, …….”

Keith moistened his eyes and gazed at Naia (pinching the flesh on his side), and Naia’s heart fluttered when he looked at her like that.

“Oh, um, uh, uh, medicine! For burns! You need to apply it!”

“Yes, of course.”

Keith took the small bottle near the mat and making sure not to put it on the area Naia thought was burned, poured hot water on himself to remove the soapy foam.

He then poured the sticky liquid from the vial onto his cleaned chest.

It is a natural lotion made from the secretions that protect the skin of the merman fish tribe and is safe to eat and safe to put in the asshole or vagina.

Of course, it is used in special bathing establishments for men only.

It is sometimes used to protect burn scars, so the fact that it is a burn remedy is not a complete lie.

When the colorless, transparent liquid formed a puddle on his sternum.

“Now, Princess, please apply it on my body in the same way as before.”

Naia said, “Yes,” and proceeded to smear the lotion on Keith’s body as he had asked.

“Ahh, …….”

He couldn’t help but moan at the non-sexual feeling, the physical warmth.

(This is what …… I’ve been looking for, this healing. ……)

Keith murmured to himself.

Looking at Naia’s face, he saw that it was red and flushed.

Her nipples and crotch area are rubbing against his, and she’s probably enduring the feeling.

Naia serviced me, tolerating her own pleasure.

It was a different kind of pleasure than Aisha’s milking me dry, a kind of healing experience.

As my mind was being fulfilled, my body was begging me to satisfy it as well.

My cock has been bouncing and twitching for a while now.

Keith spoke to it in his mind, “I know, I know.”

“Pri, Princess, …….”

In a serious voice, he called out to Nia.

“Fuaah? Huh, what hafened?”

Naia, who had been absorbed in the nipple rubbing and crotch rubbing for a moment, looked up, drooling.

Trying not to laugh at her face.

“That …… my, my penis is ………”


Then she looked down at her own ass area, and to her surprise, Naia, “Wow!” She let out a yelp.

His cock, which had grown redder and darker than usual due to being teased, was twitching as if it was pleading to be allowed to fight. “Pikun” it moved.

“Keith-sama! Your dick!! It’s bulging so much!”

“Yes. It seems it’s because I haven’t received any magical power for ten days.”

“Oh, my God! Well then.”

“No, you don’t have enough magic power in you yet, Princess. I’ll give you ten days’ worth of medicine, and then I’ll help you build up your magic, and then we’ll supply the magic.”

“Um, the burn on your chest is …….”

“The burn on my chest is better now thanks to this medicine. After it dries, I can wash it off with hot water and it will be perfect. More importantly, my dick is …… killing me right now!”

“Yes, yes!”

Naia somehow managed to raise her slippery body up and moved to Keith’s feet, where she tried to stuff his cock into her mouth as usual, but…

“Princess, actually, this lotion, no …… the burn potion, might work on the cock too. I’d like to try it out, so could you please apply the potion to my cock with your breast as you did before?”

“Like the time I applied the medicine to Keith’s burn at ……?”

“Yes, can you do that?”

“Well, maybe I can ……. Yes, I can!”

With faltering movements, Naia applied the lotion from her breasts to his cock.

Naia’s tiny tits squirm and change shape as they stimulate his erect cock. When the little erect nipples hit the neck of my penis, I couldn’t help but shout, “Oooh!” I moaned out.

When Naia heard that.

“Oh! I’m sorry! I forgot to call out to your cock!”

And then, looking at his dick, she said

“How’s the medication, Mr. Penis? Is it working? Are you feeling better?”

His cock was throbbing and pulsating on Naia’s chest, the tip overflowing with pre-cum and the red glans screaming to be unleashed.

“Pri, Princess ……, Princess, crap! Put my cock between your breasts, ohhh! Insert, Hoold, and move your body up and down like that.”

“What? Oh? Like this?”

There was no cleavage or anything to speak of between her breasts, and the feel of her breastbone rubbing against my cock.

“Ahaaa! Small tiddy boob job! Oh, my God!”

The hard feeling, different from the big tittie pies he had Aisha do, matched the softness of her loli body to give him an exquisite and delicious experience.

Keith was intoxicated by the tiny tits paizuri made possible by the lotion play on the mat.

“Oh!! Oh my god, holy shit! It feels so good! Oh, Princess, ahh!”

“Mr. Penis, the medicine feels good, doesn’t it! You’re getting harder than usual! Unshho, unsho!”

There was no way I could withstand the Elf Princess shouting out and then giving me a boob job.

The feeling of ejaculation, which had already come a long way, was already halfway up the road.

“Ooooh! Oh, no! Shit! Oh, no, Princess! I’ll spill my medicine! Mouth! Suck me! Please blow me!”

“Huh? Mmmph!”

Keith roughly plucked his own cock and shoved it into Naia’s mouth.

And then.

“Oh, …… tsukuoooh! Cum, cumming, cumming!”


The cum that was reproduced for ten days erupted into Naia’s mouth like a flood of hot semen from his balls.

“Oho! Oho!! Wow …… awesome, it comes out like pee …….”

As he says, the matured and concentrated semen is sprayed into her mouth! Or rather, it flowed out endlessly, just like urine.

While Keith was in the middle of floating his hips in debauchery due to how good it felt, Naia was in the middle of,

“Fu byu!!! Mmmmmmph! Nnngh, hmmm… Mmmm…!!!! FUBEE!!!”

She was stunned by the never-ending torrent of cum, and with tears streaming down her face and flapping her hands, she was tasting the musty flavored juice on her tongue as it entered and filled up her mouth to the brim.

When Keith eventually finished cumming and pulled his cock out of Naia’s slender mouth, it was filled with almost twice the usual amount of thick, yellow jelly-like semen.

“Ohhfua! Fuaahhhh, hanre? Sho muhh medishin nuhh? Ahhhh fua ……”

I thought it would be a pity to make her drink this when she was in tears.

“N……. Mmmmm!! Tsugh!! Gghh! Gehogehogh! It also tastes worse than usual. …… Whew!”

Seeing her swallow the concentrated cum, Keith was a little impressed.

“A~….It’s 10 days’ worth after all. It’s great that you were able to drink that! Good girl!”

Keith hugged her deceptively and patted her head.

Then, in her ear.

“You’re very good at praising my cock, and you’re very good at applying the medicine. Why are you such a hard worker?”

Naia was embarrassed to be naked and hugging Keith, but in a voice so quiet that he couldn’t hear her.

“It’s for Keith-sama …….”


“What? – Nothing, nothing, nothing! We’ve got to transfer the magic power to the cock!”

“Yes, of course! Well then, …….”

Saying that, Keith taught Naia the unique way of accumulating magic power on the mat.

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“Here, like this?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Aah! You’re so good! That’s the way to do it, Princess!”

Following Keith’s instructions, Naia straddled his crotch.

And then she sat down to smother his cock, which had already been discharged once but was still semi-erect.

“Um, doesn’t it hurt your dick to do this?”

Naia looked worried that her weight was crushing his cock.

“It’s okay. The Princess’s warm and velvety soft crotch is making it very happy.”

When Keith said that, she let out a “Huh” and stared at the cock under her crotch in wonder.

Keith dribbled the rest of the lotion between their crotches.

“Well, let’s try it then, shall we?”

“What? Oh, yes!”

At Keith’s urging, Naia began to move as instructed.

Grinding back and forth. She smeared the lotion across it.

“Oh, wow, ……”

She moves so that her clit is rubbing against his cock.

“Ohh, plump pussy intercrural sex…. so nice.”

While being crushed, the soft flesh of her pussy pressed down on his cock, which gradually regained its hardness.

But Naia’s skin is slippery and the pleasure is limited.

Keith sensed this and said,

“Let’s hold hands. I think that will work better.”

“O, okay …….”

Holding hands with Naia, Keith became her support.

She shifted her weight on him and rocked her hips, and this time it seemed to work.

“Woo, yeah, Awoooo! Hee, hmm, hmm! Aaah, aaah!”

Her clitoris was stimulated by the meat stick, and she squealed with pleasure.

The pleasure of their corpus cavernosum rubbing against each other made Naia cry out.

“Tdis! Fills goodd! Kiiissesama! Your cock is rubbing against my crotch! Ugh! Unh! Mmm! Heh! My crotch feels so good!”

Whilst looking up at the elf princess addicted to intercrural sex from below, Keith said.

“If my cock feels good, please speak to it while you do it. You can move in any way that makes you feel even better!”

Naia responded to Keith’s words by changing the position of her waist, until she found the perfect spot, where she began to grind and wiggle her hips wildly.

“Nhyo! Mmmhhh! Dick!! Hard cock! My crotch feels so good! It feels good!!! Oohie! Mishta penis, you are so hard and so good!”

Naia continues her shameless, sloppy intercrural sex, grinding her clit against the restored rock-hard cock.

The lotion’s lubrication enhances the feeling. And for Keith, the pressure and softness of the cunt fit him just right.

Cumming from her intercrural sex was fine too, but for the second injection, he wanted to cum in her vagina.


“Nhya! …… Mmm! Yeah?”

“May I have some of your magic power?”

Naia remembered she was moving involuntarily in pleasure and she,

“Hawa…… awa…… that, wara-kushi…….”

He smiled as he supported Naia, who had stopped moving her hips.

“I’m happy when it makes you feel good, Princess. So, let’s feel even better.”

When he said this, goosebumps sprang up on Naia’s back.

“Keith-sama ……”

To the delightfully happy face of Naia.

“Didn’t I teach you how to insert the cock in yourself before? Can you please do that for me?”

Keith requested.

At those words, Naia lifted her hips, laid her hands on his cock, which was soaked with lotion and her own love juices, and then lowered her hips.

“Nmaaaa…… mmm, mmm, nnnnngh!”

The slimy cock plunged into Naia’s depths with unbelievable ease.

“Oh, that’s so damn warm …….”

Naia’s vaginal passage had become excessively wet and warm from the intercrural sex.

The penetration was uneventful, but once inside, the tight folds and pleats of her flesh twisted around Keith’s cock in a tight coil determined not to let it escape.

“A tight ass pussy: …… Happiness.”

His face broke into a smile as he experienced the constricting squeeze that buried his cock to the hilt with no room left to breathe.

“You can move if you want, Princess.”

“Ha, hiya.”

Naia replied and tried to move, but the lotion made it slippery and she couldn’t do it again.

It was inevitable that she would have to get used to operating using lotion.

So, Keith said.

“Can I give you a hug, princess?”

He held out his arms and coaxed her.

“Fluahh! …… Oh, um, …….”

“Here, Princess.”

I could hear Naia’s swallowing sound.

She had just buried her face in his chest and was licking his nipples, but she considered that to be merely therapeutic.

So, when he asked her to embrace him again, she was flattered but burst out in embarrassment.


She dives in boldly.

Keith lifts his waist up, careful not to dislodge the connection, and catches Naia.

“Princess, my sweet princess, my precious princess.”

For now, I’ll just say whatever seems to make her happy.

The effect was instantaneous, and the narrow vagina seized up with a guttural choking noise and a tight clamping around it.

Keith thought it would feel so good to move at this point.

“Thank you, Princess, for always helping me. You’re so sweet, I’m so happy to be serving you.”

He hugged Naia’s slender body and thrust his hips upward from below vigorously.

“Aah! Hee-hee! No, you caaan’t, shaying sumthing like that, and then pumping your cock in and out, Okyaaaa!!!”

He doesn’t use him full strength as his hips are still in recovery mode, instead, he uses his words to arouse Naia.

“If it weren’t for the princess, I’d be …… Princess!!!”

He puts some strength into the hands behind her back.

“Nyeee! Ohhh! Penis…… Deep in my belly, it’s amazing…… Keith-sama, Keith-sama!”

The position of his glans was hitting just the right spot in her hollow.

Riding cowgirl in a cuddle, Keith’s words, and the grueling pounding on her vitals, she lost herself in pleasure with a face that looked on the verge of tears.

“Fu-oh! Fu-ahhhh! Hug!! Kiss-sama! Please hug me harder!! Aughiaaa!”

“Like this? Is that better?”

“Aheee! Aaahhhgh! Kyussama!! Your penis is amaaazinggg! Penis!!! It feels so good! Your dick is incredible!”

Keith’s balls were aching from hearing Naia’s rapid barrage of lustful dirty comments.

“Here? Is it here? Do you like my dick in here?”

He jerked his hips. Qui-que! He moved his hips to strike a single point deep inside Naia’s vagina where his cock…

“Unh! Hmmm! Nghee! That’s it! Penis-san!! Right there!! UGHeeeee!!!”

Keith’s satisfaction swelled as Naia let out a cry that no little girl would ever be allowed to make, and her face was drenched with drool and snot as she screamed.

And that was also the signal for his cum shot.

“Ugh! Princess!! Call out to my cock! Talk to it! Please talk to it! Ohhhhh!”

“Penis!! Ahhhhhhhhh!! Mmmnnn! I love you, cock! I love how you feel! Penis!! Keith-sama!!!!!!!!!”

While clinging to Keith like a child, Naia sought her own pleasure with the movements of a full-fledged whore, and her mind completely melted with pleasure.

“Hogyu! Hogyu! It’s coming!! It’s coming!!! I’m going to cum!!! Ahhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! It’s so good!!!!!!”

At her words, Keith also relaxed the power in his toes and concentrated on the sensation of her meat hole.

“Princess……… Erohime…… Oh my God, your cunt is too erotic! This cum dumpster is too fucking sexy!!! Fuck!!”

“Keith-shama!!! Your dick is expandinggggg!!! Ooooohhhyooooo! Kissyuhama!”

Keith used the rebound from the mat to drive his hips as hard as he could, grabbing Naia’s little ass cheeks with his hands and banging and pounding his cock into her immature cunt hole.

With that last violent ravishing, Naia felt an orgasm as she gritted her teeth.

“Hooyah! There it is! Come!!! I’m cumming!!! Kira! Kyussama!!! Aaahhiaaah!!! I…….kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ……ーーhoo!”

Her eyes widened at the moment of her orgasm, and she howled that, before deflating and collapsing on top of Keith.

Keith felt the agonizing vaginal pressure of Naia’s tight pussy hole all over his cock as she came.

“Oof! Oofhhhh!!!! It’s coming! Creampie ejaculation! OhHH! Fuck. …… Ohhhh. …… Can’t get enough. ……”

It was not as much as the first time, but even so, he shivered with pleasure as he drained his balls and flooded Naia’s vagina with a rich white slime.

After letting it all out, I breathed out and my hips felt a little sluggish, but the repulsive force of the mat and the fact that Naia moved significantly made it much easier than normal sex.

“Mats are truly gentle. Both for the mind and the body.”

He said with a smile as he pulled his cock out of Naia and stood up.

Naia was still gasping for air as her pussy hole squirted out his baby juice.

Then, without Naia hearing him.

“Next time, I’m going to enjoy the bountiful brown body of that whore as my bubble maid.”

As he took a step forward, he slipped on the lotion and fell heavily.

He hit his head on the bathroom floor and squirmed in agony.

Finally, he must have been punished by the heavens.

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