Elf Chapter 24: The Female Knight Being Treated Kindly Part 1


Their lips touched.
Piling up their soft mucous membranes on top of each other,「Chu」a sound was made.
With their eyes closed, that sensation was all they felt.
A tongue was never inserted. She wasn’t touched anywhere, not even her breasts.
All they did was kiss.
It was a gentle kiss.
Aisha separates her face.
When she opened up her eyes, Keith opened his almost at the same time.
Keith smiled sweetly.
That somehow made Aisha very embarrassed and she turned her face away.

「It’s fine already, isn’t it?…the thanks is over」

Even though she says this no matter what, after this, he will probably attack suddenly.
Aisha had that sort of premonition.
After all, that’s how it always goes.
Even if he says sweet things, even if he pretends to make a sweet atmosphere, in the end it’s a trick. He will pull out the lewd part of himself.
It is unbearably annoying.
And yet, today,

「Aisha…is it fine to hold you?」

He asked.
He asked for permission.
If it was just like always, Keith would wear a lewd face and would treat Aisha’s body like a plaything.
He asked with a gentle face.
Furthermore, I don’t know what would be a good answer.
If I say no, it’s fine.
If I shout “stop joking with me”, it’s fine.
Even though I was thinking that, my body did not react in any sort of way.

「Is it fine?」

As Keith smiled, he stretched his hands around Aisha’s waist and back.


When Aisha raised her voice, she was embraced with those arms on top of Keith.
If I don’t resist…
But, do lovers resist each other when they are embraced to this degree?
Also he did get permission.
Then, it should be a mistake to resist.
That’s right. I’m doing this because I need to play pretend as skillfully as possible. Resistance is a mistake.
Aisha reasoned up to here and accepted Keith’s embrace.
Keith’s left hand went towards Aisha’s head and rubbed it.
His right hand approached her hips but it didn’t do any obviously lewd movements.
Inside that sweet embrace, Keith was smelling her own scent but Aisha noticed.

「Y-…you promised not to sniff me」
「I promised not to sniff the bed. I never promised to not smell Aisha herself」
「You coward」
「…Do you dislike it? Then I will stop」

Once again he asked me. Aisha, who was asked, ends up not wanting to resist.

「…Do what you like」

In accordance with those words, Keith smells her hair from her nape.
The smell of sweat that was different than humans did not stink, it smelled like the nectar of a sweet flower. It filled his nasal cavity.
The ticklish feeling from having her own scent smelled, 「Fuuh」Aisha leaked out a voice.

「Aisha, you are cute」

Saying such a thing in this situation, she thought it was unfair.

「That…you said that already」
「…that I am cute…or whatever…」
「After all, you are cute」
「Even if that is said by a junior, it doesn’t make me happy at all」

Now that she mentions that, that’s right. Aisha is 20 years Keith’s senior.

「But, since you’re cute is there any way I could help it?」
「Th-that’s why…Kyaa」

Saying up to there, Aisha raised her voice.
Keith shifted the position of his body.
Aisha was placed under him but the shock was almost nonexistent. Since it was done suddenly, she only ended up raising her voice.
Keith locked up Aisha’s limbs under him while looking down on this beautiful dark brown elf.
Her bewildered face gave the impression that she was much younger than her actual age.
Towards such an Aisha,

「If lovers get into such a position on the bed, won’t they obviously end up doing it?」

It came. As expected.
From here, Keith will tell me to start doing annoying things.
Aisha glared at Keith.
While desperately trying to bear her tears that were about to come out,

「It’s fine to do whatever you like, isn’t it!」

Keith smiled bitterly at such words.

「The invitation from a lover at night shouldn’t be “do as you like”, right?」
「Is that so? Then if the lover refuses, the other person would just give up!?」
「…That is, unfair isn’t it?」
「Fun! Then I don’t have any right to veto!! “Do as you like” is the closest thing I have, isn’t it!」

Towards Aisha, who turned her face away and said so as if she was spitting it out, Keith’s mouth came near her ear while saying「Yare yare」.

「Well then, let’s go with such a setting. Demanding my passion and Aisha’s cuteness, even though we are really tired from our work with the words『Do as you like』, the sweet girlfriend accepts me」
「What is that! Are you an idiot!!」
「Playing pretend like this, acting like a moron is interesting.」

When Keith said so, he kissed Aisha.
It was a gentle kiss.
Separating their lips after one round, they kissed again. The time that piled up was long. Their tongues still hadn’t entwined.
Not knowing how much time passed, when their lips separated,

「Your clothes, can you take them off? Shall I strip you?」
「I’ll take it off myself…That’s why, move」
「Yes yes」

Getting up, Keith looked on happily at the dress being taken off.
Even if it was just to change clothes, when she was stripped, Aisha was embraced with male instincts that she wouldn’t understand.
She stripped her dress and when she tried to take off her bra,

「That! I want to take that off」

It was the appeal of a hentai with an expression like a thrown away puppy.
While being looked at with those staring eyes, she separates her hands from her bra and Keith was delighted with a smile on his whole face.
While she was sitting on the bed, he kissed her.
Aisha grew accustomed to Keith doing stuff to her recently.
At first, she didn’t understand a breather and it was painful but recently her manner of speech has gotten better and she has become more self-aware.
However, that wasn’t determined to be happiness but,

「Fuu…! Nfuh…」

A tongue entered inside her mouth.
Accepting it, when she slightly floats her tongue, Keith licked it.
*Pecho pecho* sounded.
Before long, Keith’s hand started to feel the bra that stretched across her breasts.
Aisha was bewildered at that sense of being touched.
It’s different. His touch was different.
His touch up till now was completely different.
She couldn’t explain how it was different. But if she put it simply, it was gentle.
It was a touch like she was cherished, like she was loved.
It was not a touch trying to enjoy rubbing her breasts. Wanting Aisha to feel good, it was that sort of touch.
Before long, Keith’s hand unfastened the front hook and Aisha’s tits jumped out.
Her overflowing, voluptuous bust was rubbed directly.

「Chu…Puhua!…Nah, aA…」

Her voice came out.
While slowly rubbing her breasts like he was trying to knead them, his fingers crawled along her areola gently.
The ticklishness changed into a good feeling before long.
After touching her areola many times over, her nipples started to get hard. Keith felt that with his fingertips,

「Is it fine if I lick them?」

He whispers close to her ears. The muscles along Aisha’s spine got goosebumps.

「No…it’s no good…」

When she said so reflexively,

「Is that so? Then I won’t do it」

Keith muttered quietly and her nipples that were held between his fingers hardened.


Crushing it with the perfect amount of power, heat flowed gradually from the tips of her nipples to her stomach.

「Fuih!! Ah, Kuu…!」

When a tingling sensation came to her nipples, Keith let go.
Keith laid down on top of the bed, leaned his back on the head rest, and placed his body upright with his limbs spread.
After Aisha was a bit bewildered, she calmed down the restlessness in her chest and crawled on top of the bed, leaning on Keith.
With an appearance close to a human chair, Keith completely took off her bra from behind and kissed Aisha’s nape.
And then he rubs her chest again. First he rubbed it softly then he moved to her nipples.

「Kuhuuh!! AAh, N!! Fuwaa…」

His right hand descended below.
He traced her clitoris over her panties.


Aisha let out a voice like it was squeezed out of her throat.

「Sorry, was it too strong?」

She couldn’t possibly believe these words coming from the man who teased her clit with a massage magic tool when he took her virginity.
And the way he uses his hands too.
While gently stroking her clitoris, he rubs the top portion with large circular motions.


Stroking it over and over again, when love juice comes out, he traces her crotch portion in order to extend the love juice stain.
While Aisha withstood her panting, Keith,

「N? What is it?」
「Hi!…A, a…the way you use your hands, is so gentle…Nkuh! It’s different from nooormal…」

While Keith was smiling,

「That’s obvious. After all, it’s because Aisha is my most important person」
「Im-, portant?」
「Yeah, you are my cute girlfriend after all」

The instant he called her that, electricity ran along her spine.
It was from being touched. She desperately made such an excuse in her heart.
It wasn’t because Keith called her important.
There’s no way it could be.
After all, this was just a game. A child’s game.
When the game is over…when it’s over, she will kill this guy.
While persuading her own heart, she was enduring the sensation along her spine.
On the contrary, the fact that Keith wasn’t telling her to do anything made her nervous.
He didn’t tell her to let out her voice or be more disorderly.
He just touched her gently. That felt good. For her heart and her body.

「Your underwear is getting dirty. Shall I take it off?…Can you take them off?」

Aisha who was breathing roughly couldn’t reply.
Keith seeing that,

「Your waist, please lift it a bit」

He skillfully took off her panties.
When she was thinking whether he would smell them again, he properly laid them on the bed.
Somehow or another the Keith right now gave Aisha a vague feeling that he absolutely wouldn’t do anything she didn’t like.
Keith once again began caressing the completely nude Aisha.
When her pussy was touched directly, Aisha’s body twitched at the strength of that stimulus.

「Uaa!! Unnn…Hhaa!! N, A, Aa」

While rubbing her labia, he stroked her clitoris, and traced her labia just with his middle finger reaching her hole. Slowly he inserted into her and churned it up with small grinding movements.
And then he moved his finger inside like he was trying to tickle it while pulling it out.
There wasn’t any intention to forcibly make her cum, it was a teasing to make her pussy get wet and feel good.

「So ge-ntle…your finger! Kuaaa!! Nnkyaa!!」

It seemed Aisha was about to say it felt good and she bit her lips.
But it feels good.
It wasn’t the type of good feeling that would make her fall in self-hatred later. It wasn’t a violently pleasant comfort.
It was like she read in her books, it was the good feeling she imagined alone. It was a good feeling that one would give to their beloved.
She understood on her own that her vagina was aching wanting to usher in this man.

「Is it fine for me to insert it?」

Keith, who felt his finger was plenty wet with love juice, asked Aisha.
After Aisha looked at Keith for a bit,

「Do as…you like」

She muttered.
While Keith was laughing, he laid Aisha down on the bed softly.