Elf Chapter 26: Neglecting the Princess


It’s been a few days since my lovey-dovey sex with Aisha.
Within that time, Keith has done a yobai1 to Aisha’s room 4 times.
It was still the same lovey-dovey, sticky tormenting Aisha loved and she gradually became more assertive.
Since Keith has cleared away all the boundaries, if you look she still has a ways to go before she is skillful but last night she gave fellatio.
She would frown but Aisha eagerly would ask things like「Does this feel good?」or「Is here good?」
It had a different arousal compared to the time she would lewdly lick it with her inexperienced mouth.
Keith thought Aisha had really put in the time.
He thought she fell with that one time placebo sex but she would cry with all her heart and panic.
When Keith did something wrong, the right move was immediately giving up and starting to be lovey-dovey.
But that…also had it’s stress.
It’s not like he really hated flirting. When he was tired he liked it.
But, the problem was during that whole time he had to pretend as some「strange ikemen character」.
When he went to Aisha’s room, he found a perverted novel for women and thought 「Aa, so she like things like this」 and it would be fine to create a character that was similar but that has haunted him ever since.
It would be fine if he eventually changed back but now was still too early.
Thinking that, he did perverted things with that character but it was a huge stress.
At any rate, he couldn’t say anything vulgar and couldn’t do any extreme play either.
He had to be affectionate and gentlemanly to the end.
That’s why he wanted a place nearby where he could go explode for one time but Aisha was still fast…


「Excuse me」he called out and after waiting for a reply, he enters the room.
There was the usual Naia who would rush up to him and Aisha who would recently blush shyly.
Although Naia laughed at this lowest man sticking out his hand, Aisha didn’t forget to do a follow up.
When Naia lightly waved her hand seeming like she didn’t understand, Aisha became so embarrassed that steam came off her face with great force.
And then,「I-I-I will be leaving now!」says that and leaves the room.
Checking that Aisha left the room, he set up a barrier in the room in the off chance something bad happened.
And just like that he starts having fun.

「What will you be teaching me today?」

Keith got nervous and his heartbeat quickened. Naia asked with shining eyes and had a face that fits those words.
Recently, the pleasant feelings from anal training have been advancing.
Naia started to become addicted to the pleasant feelings that was different from cumming with her pussy.
Towards her,

「Today, we are learning a new spell」
「A new spell!! Wahaa!!」

Naia jumped up in joy.
The magic she can use now are wind magic’s「Float」, fire magic’s「Ignition」, and in spirit magic where she has the most affinity, she can only call out a「Sylph」.
There was still some way to go but even so when she first called out a Sylph she cried tears of joy.
Keith more or less properly taught her.
However, today he was already half erect in anticipation.
While hiding that,

「Now then, for now shall we take a seat?」

Urging Naia, she sat on the chair and after he also took a seat,

「This is the basics of magic but since it’s effective in the application and it is easy to use, many learn it at the start in every association」
「I’ll try doing it first. After you watch then you can try it next and I can correct any places where you made an error」

Laughing at Naia who clenched her fist in front of her chest fully motivated, Keith took out a magic wand and gathered refined magic power and placed it in the magic language.
When he did so, Keith’s surroundings turned misty.


Naia was surprised looking at that but her eyes finally started to fall drowsily and then she turned limp. She ended up sleeping on top of the chair.

「Princess…this is the so-called【Sleeping Mist】」

The magic Keith used was【Sleeping Mist】.
True to its name, it’s a magic that puts the enemy to sleep.
While being an elementary spell, it’s versatility makes it convenient.
The effect can be extended based on the amount of magic power used but since it was only used on one person he didn’t use that much magic power.
Checking to see that Naia is sleeping, Keith looked at the back of her hand.
A character floated on the back of her small white hand. It’s a number.

「Oo, as expected of the a noble elf…her magic resistance is high」

That number expresses the duration of【Sleeping mist】.
When it becomes zero, the effect will end and the other person will wake up.
And that number changes based on the other person. With a high magic resistance, the duration is short.
Naia’s number is excessively small compared to humans but it’s still plenty to enjoy himself.
That’s right, Keith planed on enjoying the sleeping Naia today.
If that’s the case, he won’t have to act strange or mind his words.
It would be fine to do it with Aisha but when she sleeps by herself, if she notices she would surely get suspicious so he is doing it with Naia now.
While Keith was laughing,

「Princess~, I am changing your clothes, okay?」

When he said so, he took off sleeping Naia’s clothes and put on the outfit he brought.
It was a full open bra and crotchless panties.
There wasn’t any cloth covering her nipples or her crotch.
It’s perverted underwear that has no other purpose than being erotic and inevitably causing erections.
When he put that on the elf princess Naia, he couldn’t get enough of the feeling of corruption.

「Princess, you’re erotically cute」

Grinning, Keith laid Naia down on the usual sheet. Since she was light, she was easy to carry.
He put her head on a pillow and tried looking at her from above.
「Suu suu」, the cute sleeping noble elf raised a sleeper’s breath.
It was like she was from a world in a fairy tale but her outfit completely destroyed that.
But for Keith, that was fine.
Then he licks her lips. It wasn’t a kiss. He was licking.
If it was like usual, he absolutely couldn’t lick so obscenely and so he licked Naia’s small red lips with a *bero bero*.

「Pwinceth…Beroo, Rerochu! Rerorero, Pwinceth, you’re cute」

Naia’s face became sticky with Keith’s saliva.
He makes her face sticky by licking when she is a girl who gets shy with a kiss on the cheek.


She opened her mouth possibly because it was hard to breath. In that instant, Keith pierces his tongue inside.
He was inside her mouth. He ran his tongue along her teeth and gums sending in saliva.

「Nju, Churecho! Chuchu!! Chubo」

The inside of Naia’s mouth became full with saliva and Keith took off his pants and took out his dick.

「Look, Princess. It’s the penis you love…Won’t you kiss it?」

Keith slowly bring it to Naia’s lips.
His dick’s head touched Naia’s lips. Her lips kiss his glans. While looking at that, he gently put it inside her mouth.
Inside her mouth that was overflowing with saliva was slimy and warm.

「Kuha! Princess…that’s good, even though you’re sleeping your teeth don’t hit! Wonderful…Nhaa!」

Thrusting his erect dick in, when he moves Naia’s head with his right hand, tantalizing pleasure is transmitted to his dick.
「Nfue」, sometimes she lets out a breath like she’s in pain, but at that time, her tongue would hit his dick and the situation would be fine.

「Aa, the Princess’s cheek is sooo soooft…」

As I forcefully put my dick in, Naia’s cheeks expand greatly.
He was enjoying Naia’s mouth like an onahole but he wouldn’t cum with so little stimulation.
Since that’s the case, even though he was having a bit of fun, he took it out of her mouth.
The strings of cowper’s fluid and saliva covered on his dick being pulled from Naia’s mouth was erotic.
When the foreign substance was taken out of her mouth,「Fuhaa, haa, haa」Naia took heavy breaths.
Of course she was still asleep.
This time, Keith will enjoy the cute Naia’s body.
He will lick the place where usually he absolutely couldn’t.
Raising her arm, her armpit was exposed.
He slurps and licks that place that has a hint of sweat.


Naia raised a voice like it was ticklish but he continued licking without minding it.
Elf’s delicious sweat, the taste is dense. It was very tasty.

「Peropero, perororo, chuchu, perorerochuchu!!」

Occasionally he would kiss her armpit like he was sucking it while licking it all over.
When he finished on the right side, he switched to the left. And then, when both of her armpits were plenty sticky from being tasted, he moved towards the bottom part of her body.
When he got to Naia’s pussy, he took out the butt plug from the bag he brought.
After smearing plenty of lube on, first he started licking Naia’s anus.
Today he was doing it to Naia who resists any kind of licking.
While thoroughly linking her wrinkles, he caressed her anus that was his own personal ejaculation tool.

「Like alwaysh, churechure…it feels good, reroro, it’s the best~~~」

While praising her, he moistened her anus with the last bit of saliva he collected in his mouth and buried the butt plug in there.

「N, Fuaa…Nn」

Naia raised a painful sounding voice.
The plug entered surprisingly easy.
Pinching the handle, after adjusting to the movements, he let go of it.
After staring in satisfaction at the anus with a plug buried in it, Keith started licking her pussy.
Licking her immature pussy like he was sucking her labia, he moves his tongue with eyes more daring than usual.
「Chupa!」He would suck on and pull her labia to the left and right and would let it go after extending it out.
After doing that many times over, finally he moved towards her clit.
After sucking and soaking her clit that finally had its tip come out, he sucked it under his tongue stronger to peel back the skin.

「Na…N, Fua, Aa…」

Naia gasps at the strength of the stimulus.
But, since she was sleeping from the magic, she didn’t wake up.
Keith continues teasing the bare clit.
He licks, sucks, and pecks at it with the tip of his tongue. When it got hard, he did it stronger.

「Na…Fu, Fuhee…」

Naia had mucus start dribbling from her nose. Keith raised his other hand that wasn’t peeling her clit to wipe it off and then pinched her stiff nipples.
While doing that, he moved his tongue in her vagina. While teasing her vaginal opening with small licks, he savored her love juices that came out.
How long has he done cunnilingus?
Keith enjoyed the taste of Naia’s pussy more than usual.
He did it more and more to the point her pussy starts to swell up.
And then Keith’s dick reached its limits too.
When he slowly takes out the buried butt plug, he could see her exposed colon through her gaping asshole.
The twisting of her meat hole asserts that it would feel good.

「Her pussy is really good but…since I promised Aisha-sama…」

Saying that while laughing, Keith holds Naia’s legs and presses the tip of his dick on her asshole.
*Guuu!*, putting his back into it, his dick penetrates her anus.
*Zubu zubu, Nyurun*, his dick was buried in Naia’s tight ass that had completely changed to a pleasure organ.

「Ohoo!! The princess’s ass pussy is still the best!! The anal princess!! The anal elf!!」

While saying incomprehensible things, Keith enjoyed Naia’s ass as he looked at her.
Her cheeks were flushing a bit,「Su-Su」, but Naia was still raising a sleeper’s breath.

「Princess, I will violate your ass pussy plenty」

When Keith placed his hands on Naia’s hips, he starts pistoning more violent than usual.

「Aaaa!! Feels good!! Your ass pussy feels good!! Anal with the princess is the best!!」

Spreading both of Naia’s legs, Keith did nothing but piston into her rectum.
When he spread her legs, her pussy that was wet with love juice and saliva was completely visible.
He looks at her twitching pussy while he violates her ass pussy.
When he thrusts inside once and slowly pulls it out, the flesh from her ass gets pulled with it. It was really erotic.

「The princess’s anus is erotic, huh」

Letting his hand go that was holding her legs, he laid Naia’s body down horizontally.
And then while powerfully inserting into her ass, he shook his hips wholeheartedly.
While it was making an uncouth noise, he fucks her ass to feel good on his own.

「The princess is erotic, isn’t she?! Even though she is an elf noble!! Your ass has completely turned into a sexual organ!! You super erotic princess!! Kuaaa!!」

While drooling from the pleasure of her anus, Keith stared at Naia.
While he was poking inside her ass,


He uttered that while grimacing, but it made him very aroused.
It was the pleasant feeling of violating an elf sleeping beauty, but chills ran up his spine. At that time,


He thought his heart would stop.
He thought Naia woke up. But,

「She’s sleeping…so she was sleep talking?」

While wiping off his cold sweat, he caught his breath and,

「Princess. It’s Keith…」

When he calls out,

「That’s right…」

Naia’s face broke out in a pleasant grin.
Of course there was still some time before she would wake up.
Keith starts moving his waist again,

「Keith is here. Near the princess」
「Fua…Keith-sama…I love you…Keith-sama…Fueaa…」

Even though she was sleeping, the girl was thinking pure thoughts while being violated.
While being aroused with just that form,

「Princess, Princesss! It feels good!! Your ass pussy is good!! Sleeping Beauty anal is the best!!」

Itchiness attacks his whole leg. It was a feeling like he couldn’t help but to cum.
The corrupt feeling of attacking the girl, who he stole everything from and made her fall asleep, raised Keith’s spirits.
Tightly curling his toes to bear it, but his balls were given a tight feeling of oppression.

「Oa!! I’m at my limit!! I’m at myy limiit!!!」

After enduring to the last minute, when he pulls out his dick in one go, Keith stroked his intestinal fluid covered dick on top of her stomach.
*Dobyuuuu!!*, cloudy semen flies out and pollutes Naia’s body.

「Aa, Oaah!!…Aa…Haa」

After everything was squeezed out, he let out a rough breath and looked at the sleeping Naia bath in semen soup.
With an innocent face like a child, her form was painted with cloudiness that didn’t know her ass was violated.
It was a beautifully obscene form.
And while being satisfied, he checked the time left to study and the time left on the magic effect on Naia.

「…I can probably do it one more time」

When Keith says that, after wiping the semen off of Naia’s body, he laid her down face down and pushed up only her ass.
When her outer garment was taken off completely, he observes Naia’s ass.
With her hole gaping open from the rough butt sex, her red intestines were exposed and when he poured the remaining amount of lube that he brought inside her,

「I will now do the princess’s favorite doggy-style」

Saying that, Keith rubbed his withered dick on her slimy butt crack.
Grabbing Naia’s ass, Keith squeezed her cheeks together and strokes his dick.
His dick that got erect before long due to the slippery feeling was inserted in her anus with power. The second round of sleeping butt fucking began.



Naia woke up on top of the sofa.
She checks her surroundings. It was her own room.

「Aree? I was…」
「Oya? Have you woken up?」

Sitting on a chair reading a book, Keith realizes her voice and raised his face.

「Eh? Keith-sama?…Umm, I was」
「You completely fell asleep immediately after we started studying. You were quite tired, huh」

Naia quickly sat up.
Even though it was the important study time with Keith!
Even though Keith finally came!!
Tears float in Naia’s eyes.

「I’m sorry…Keith-samaa…I…」

Keith set the book down and rose from the seat. When he approaches Naia,

「It’s fine. It can’t be helped when you’re tired」
「Also, I was very lucky」
「Heh?…What do you mean?」

While caressing Naia’s head,

「I got to look at the princess’s cute sleeping face. I was super lucky」

「Hawawawa」, Naia’s face turned bright red from those words.
He saw!? My sleeping face!?? My slovenly sleeping face!???
Was I drooling? Did I say anything weird in my sleep?

「Looking at something like my sleeping face is no good!!! Keith-sama, you idiiiot!!」

To the shouting Naia who had tears float in her eyes, Keith laughs while,

「Eh~~, but you were cute, though?」
「I don’t know!! I don’t knooooooow!!!!」

Saying that, the two messed around.
But, Naia was a little curious as to why her ass felt itchy.


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