Elf Chapter 1


Rise of the Great Deceiver

Whilst the palace was of solemn splendor, the investiture ceremony of a single male is being held.

That man’s name is 【Keith Blackhound】. He’s a Wizard.

His approximate age is pushing 30.

Medium build with black eyes and black hair. Compared to the people around him, his face is very mediocre.

However, it can’t be helped as the people around him are basically all elves.

This place is a small country named “Seim Rad” that’s in the Elven territory of the western continent.

It’s a country made for Elves, by the Elves.

Under such circumstances, there is but a single human male.

Moreover, what’s being ordained is the Royal Court Wizard.

To understand Why is he being entrusted with such a grand position, you would have to go back in time about one month.

Walking inside the forest was a lone male.
His figure, which wasn’t used to walking through animal paths was panting “haa haa”
Black hair, black clothes and black leather boots, even his mantle was black.
Wearing clothes that in any world they would have told him to stop wearing by the age of 10.
He is Keith.
He was using a magic assisting staff not for magic, but to assist him in walking as a cane, his body covered in sweat while walking through the forest, which he didn’t even like doing.

「Pathetic nyaa」

A voice came from somewhere.
A boy like voice.
Near Keith’s feet, there was a single cat that was walking as if to snuggle up to him.

「To think the person who was once Magic society『 Dawn of Specters Troupe 』’s Senior Wizard is now selling fake amulets while being chased is truly pathetic nyaa」
Shut……Up, cat.
「No, I will not shut up nya! Moreover, the reason for being kicked out of the troupe is also pathetic nya! For peeing nya!!」

Keith was originally a well respected magician affiliated to the Troupe.
However, that was about a year ago, now he’s just a wandering non-effective amulet, bogus miracle drug selling wizard.

「It can’t be helped…….I thought up a gold making idea, to do so is part of humanities nature 」

The way to make gold Keith thought of was automatic psychic photography, basically speaking, detailed images of a Womans embarassing figure.

It sold.

It truly sold.

After all, it could even see the still faced magic secretaries was wearing daring underwear…………or so.

It could even see the pure and innocent elf daughter was actually comforting herself with her slender finger every night ….or so.

There is no way it wouldn’t sell.

It was a success!! or so he thought until, he easily got discovered and got kicked out of the troupe.

As a troupe, you do not want to do such a stupid incident like this to go public, so some insignificant personal reasons were added to expell him.
As such, going with the flow, now he’s a fraud.

It’s not even a funny story to mention.

This time as well, he lied and sold romantic fulfilment amulets, and barely escaped the death penalty from the chasing Dawn of the Spectres troupe.

Somehow he was able to take refuge in the forest, losing his way, it’s now been four days.

Slowly he was getting seriously close to dying.

「I’m hungry…..my legs hurt……my hips are sore………my heart hurts the most」

「You reap what you sow nya」

The cat that’s looking at him with a composed face is Lou, Keith’s familiar.

It’s a lower ranking fairy cat【Cait Sith】which cannot be used for witchcraft, and it also has a strange way of talking.

But it was able to catch mice, so unlike Keith, it wasn’t hungry.

「……worthless cat」

「for master to be caught, even a cat could not fall this low nya」

In fact the cat was right because of that keith couldn’t say anything.

As the sun rose above Keith reached his limit and sat down.

The last time he drank water was 3 hours ago.

「No good……I’m gonna die」

「nya it was a short acquaintance, Master」

Placing his paw on Keith’s shoulder Ruu pats with a 《panpan》, but keith didn’t have the power to resist. (TL NOTE : AGAIN THE CAT/NEKO’S NAME IS RUU )


Ruu’s ear twitched

「Master,there is a person nya」

as ruu said that, Keith’s face showed hope.

「where ! ?」

「There nya」

As ruu begins to run keith starts following him.

Almost falling many times along the way, Keith found a person in between the trees.

No, to be exact its an elf not a person.

Blond hair and blue eyes.

She was a beautiful woman with white skin.

And her ears are pointed.

She’s an elf without a doubt.

the woman raised a scream and was running around.


Looking behind the girl, there was a huge lizard monster.

「Basilisk……」 (TL NOTE: In European bestiaries and legends, a basilisk is a legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance.)

「nya !?」

A monster designated as dangerous, the Basilisk.

The creature that had magic eyes that can turn you into stone if you look at it.

And, the prey which has now turned into stone is slowly preyed on.

The elf woman was trying to escape being chased by such monster.

Keith backed out and tried to walk away like he had no interest.

「nya ! ? not gonna help nya ?」

「Me? why? I’m already hungry as is, as if I would pointlessly waste anymore energy.」

「pointless you say……..」

「Ah 〜〜That’s it, the moment she encountered the Basilisk in such good natural forest, that elves lifespan was over. I can’t be burdened with other peoples karma」

「……uuu nya」

「this is a will of the great ether, rest in peace」

Trying to fee the moment he said that, ruu said

「but, you may get food if you help nya」

「………《piku》」 (TL NOTE: piku = twitch )

「you’d be her life’s savior nya. You might even get money….probably..」

「………in the name of justice, let’s do the right thing neko」

「I’ll be just supporing you nya」

「just come !!」

Keith took hold of the cat and ran amazingly fast.

「stop nyaー!! I don’t want to turn to stone nyaa ー!!!」

ruu was desperately resisting it.

「Don’t worry! If you turn to stone you can be sold as an magic item that can store gold !!」

「I don’t want that nyaーーーーー!!」

The elf fell down exactly where Keith made his grand entrance..

with ruu as his meat shield.

「Didn’t see nya! I didn’t see nyaa !!」

Trying to protect himself from basilisk.

Keith with one had on ruu while closing his eyes he reached for the palm sized flute with the other hand.

In the meantime , the a dull pain assaults the basilisks eye

Keith took a breath and placed a flute on his mouth.

『kokeeeeーーーーーーーーーeee !!!』 (TL Note: sound of the flute)

The flute reproduces a sound of a rooster.

At that moment, basilisk started to foam from the mouth and it started running away from the scene. (TL NOTE: i miss basilisk already ; w ; )

「Ahhhh,it was effective…….」

Looking at the flute keith whispered.

Ruu was still repeating 「I’m not watching nya」,

「How long are you gonna keep doing that, useless cat」

Ruu released his paw with a word from his master and looked around.

「Master, didn’t become a stone nya」

「Obviously. As if I’d let myself become stone.」

「Magic nya! as expected of master nya !!」

「Idiot, its not magic at all. Just avoid the magic eye……It’s common sense from where I was born.」

「Even so, you dispersed magic nya?」

「You mean this?」

While saying that Keith showed the flute in his hand to ruu.

「I got it from a stall at a festival when I turned 30, All I did was bestow magic onto it……to think it would actually work 」

「……did you try that for the first time nya?」

「Ahh. To think it would work, even I’m surprised. 」

Keith was saying scary things to ruu.
Now thinking back, a cold sweat ran down ruu’s back.
these two people……a voice was heard over keith and ruu’s.


Turning around, there were four elves looking at Keith with tear filled eyes.

「Thank you very much !!」

the girls said that repeatedly to keith.

「……Do you have anything to eat?」

Keith said that with a dry voice


Well then, from here on out it was a funny twist of fate.

One of the four women that keith saved, amazingly turned out to be the daughter of an influencial person from Seim Rad.

Keith didn’t know, but after running around trying to escape from the troupe, he entered into the elves territoy.

Because saving such a daughter from danger, Keith would be receiving hospitality and money as reward from the kingdom.

To him, it would be good enough just to be able to eat

As a result of looking good. The Fathers of the elves looked at Keith and bowed down and asked him to be the court mage that is boasted in the imperial palace.

A human Royal Wizard in an elf country?

after hearing a dreamlike story that he never heard of Keith replied saying 「ahーー if you’re okay with meーー」

all this happened because out of the four elves that he rescued the other three of them were daughters of say, a member of the diet, a soldier, or an influential person.

further more everyone was grateful to Keith, with things moving smoothly he became a fraud Wizard at the palace. The royal Royal Wizard of Seimrad .

Ruu seeing this fact said 「you have to thank me nya」in a proud voice.

as we come back to the current day where the gazes of people looking at Keith accepting the appointment with half expectation and half disgust.

Originally the elf race was bad at socializing…….besides, it’s impossible for other races to meet elves in the first place.

However, the current King Mathur and his wife Mia are ideologists who want to coexist with the humans, hence they were greatly moved by Keith saving a citizen.

Because of these two, the people had no choice but to accept it.

Feeling the pressure of people’s stare and the utter silence Keith muttered 「what am I doing in such a place?」to himself.

It was recognized as a great success at his life.

However, Fairy lineage elves had incomparable amounts of magic power and were proficient at using it.

In such a country what should he do?

Perhaps a jester? Am I a jester?

That’s what he was feeling inside his head.

Still, a humble swindler that’s able to eat, and most importantly, had a place to live….these thoughts made it impossible for him to turn his thoughts around.

Therefore Keith watched Ruu while straightening his back proudly and carefreely.


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