Erocom Chapter 110: Ooki Rino 8


A slightly strong wind blew.
It was noisy from all the trees in the park.

「…I am」

Rino-chan opens her eyes wide as if shocked by my reply.
The pupils in her big round eyes shined with a momentary flash.

「Ah yeah…Is that so…」

Looking down, Rino-chan separated her legs from mine.
And then she starts to move her feet as if stirring the water.

「Is it Kurusu Mia?…」
「Are you dating?」

Rino-chan stopped her feet and looked at me.

「You said you weren’t dating when we went to the mountain but…since then…」

We probably talked about that on the train.
At that time, I was definitely not going out with Mia.

「Th-that’s right…After that…she became my girlfriend」
「As I thought」

Rino-chan smiles.
However, those eyes were somewhat sad.

「Fuun, is that so?…With that person…It’d be better not to tell Onii-chan」
「Ah, well…yeah」

Certainly, it’d probably be better not to tell Ooki.
No matter how much image training he did, if he knew that Mia and I were dating, he’d probably feel the need to go back to the mountain.

Silence filled the air between us.
Because of the gentle flow of the river, a gentle breeze brushed against my skin.
Time slowly passed as if it had stood still.

「I’m no match for her…」

I stare at Rino-chan towards her mutter.
Smiling slightly in self deprecation, Rino-chan said.

「Kurusu Mia-san…I’m no match for that person」
「I thought about a lot of encouraging things but…is that so…that person with Okutani-san…」

Rino-chan looks up at the sky as she says in a voice almost like she was talking to herself.
I look at my female junior sitting next to me without saying anything.
I rethink Rino-chan’s assertiveness throughout the day.
That was her way to approach me.

Rino-chan’s actions were those in favor of her male senpai.
She originally had an assertive personality. It didn’t feel unnatural.
However, there was a power behind her.
That power is being drawn out now.
No, it’s already come out.

「I understand」

Rino-chan said in a loud voice as if she was somewhat renewed.
And then, just like that she jumped into the river.


I unintentionally raised my voice.
*Bashan*, Rino-chan fully enters the river.
She was submerged up to her knees in the water.
A splash of water flew up getting her shirt and skirt wet.
When she looked up at me, her whole face floated a smile.

「I’m no match! With that person!」
「But I like you! I like you, Okutani-san!」

Rino-chan wiped off the water stuck to her face.
No, she was probably wiping off her tears.
I looked at her while sitting on the rock.

「Why…do you like me?」
「Because you’re my type!」

Rino-chan smiled while saying it as if she was desperate.
She conveyed her thoughts to me with a red face submerged in the river.

「It was love at first sight! That day…when I came to you worried about my brother, I had already fallen for you! Then as we went to the mountain I liked you more…and then today…」

And then stopping there, Rino-chan finally ended up crying.
However, she smiled and says without worrying about it.

「And then today…I liked you more. Than ever!」

Finishing her thought, Rino-chan used her hand to spray water on me.
I couldn’t move from the water heading towards my face.
Looking straight at Rino-chan, I had water sprayed on me.

「Say something…」

*Futo*, Rino-chan stopped her hand and looked at me sullenly.
I stared at her in silence.

「You’re looking too much Okutani-san」

Rino-chan looks away.
At that opportunity, I entered the river.


Rino-chan raised her voice.
I purposefully made a splash of water big enough to hit her.
Her white T-shirt became transparent and I could see her white underwear and skin.

「Even if I did it back, wouldn’t you also get soaked?」

That’s exactly right.
Rather, Rino-chan would end up wetter than me.
That is unrelated.
I look at Rino-chan and put both my hands on her shoulders.


She looked surprised.
Her body stiffened just for a moment.
And then, she looks up at me seeming timid.


At that moment, I pushed my lips against hers.


It was incredibly soft.
And her lips were slightly wet.
We only touched for a second but I definitely think the feeling was properly communicated.

She probably didn’t know what would be good.
When our lips separated, her eyes swam around seeming troubled and muttered.

「E-to…I may be troubled…when you do something like this…」
「After all, it makes my heart race…」

Rino-chan looked away from me and licked her lips.

「I’d feel bad for your girlfriend…」
「Do you dislike it?」
「Such a thing! There’s no way but…」

After shaking her head, she puffed up her cheeks and looked at me.

「Okutani-san, you’re a bad person…even though you have such an amazing girlfriend…nh…noo」

When I kissed her more, she rejected it as expected.
She turns her face sideways and pushes my body with both her hands.
She scowls at me as if reproaching me.
Even though she was glaring, her face was bright red.
And then a desire boiled up from her pupils as if she was somehow demanding me.


The emotion that formed within me quickly flowed out.

「Will you become my girlfriend?」