Erocom Chapter 116: Shirota Yotsuba 27


I heard a voice.
It was a kid’s voice.

I quickly take my face out of her skirt.
And then I stand up and peek out from behind the pillar.
The door we used between the stands and the staircase had three grade schoolers come out from it.

「Did someone come?」

I could hear Shirota’s bewildered voice behind me.
When I turned around, she was putting on her panties.

「This place is no good」

The grade schoolers quickly sat down close to us and started playing mobile games.
I guess since the stands are free to use, they probably come here to play.
I walled off Shirota’s body so the grade schoolers couldn’t see.
After 3 minutes, she called out.

「It’s fine now…」
「Then, let’s go」

We head out at the same time.
The grade schoolers still didn’t notice us.
It was only until we passed behind them that they noticed us.
However, they quickly focused back on their game without giving us much attention.

「That scared me…」

Shirota calms down as we head down the stairs.
After agreeing as well, I replied.

「That’s right…you did let out your voice, after all」
「Eh? It’s my fault?」

Shirota opened her eyes wide.
However, after a bit of hesitation, she pouts.

「They came to play their game! My voice didn’t make a difference」
「But it was loud, ya know?」
「That’s why I said embarrassing things are banned!」

We both get outside.
The sun was slightly above the horizon and a breeze was blowing.
A bit of time has passed since we first got here.

「What should we do…」
「I think it’s about time to head to my place」
「Eh? Isn’t it tomorrow?」
「Friday, we eat dinner at my grandpa’s」

I remember when I went to Shirota’s place last time.

「Everyone comes back at night…」
「Then, I’ll need to leave before everyone comes back」
「Th-that’s right…afterwards we’ll need to kill some time till everyone goes to sleep」
「What about hiding in your room?」

After saying that, I realized how risky that is.
It seems she thought that as well, as she seemed a bit worried.

「I think it’s better if we split up for a bit and then meet up again at night」
「Eh…I don’t like that either」

I gave a bitter smile at Shirota’s selfish words.
Somehow or another, we walk towards the bus station.

「I was surprised earlier when you stopped halfway」

Shirota pouts.
Certainly, whether it be in the empty classroom or behind the pillar it still didn’t lead to sex.
We both knew we would be having sex today.
However, the timing and place were bad.

If we had money it would’ve been fine to go to a hotel.
However, my wallet is sadly lacking.
When I think about it, the amount of places to do lewd things is limited.

「Hey…I want to do it」

Shirota muttered in a fluster while walking.
I can’t wait. I want to hurry up and have sex.
Shirota conveyed that feeling to me.
Even though it wasn’t being stimulated, I could feel my dick starting to swell up.

「G-got it…then let’s go to your house」
「But Okutani…then when it turns night you’ll have to go somewhere」
「That’s fine」

After that, the conversation got a bit awkward.
Silence stood out even when we rode the bus and the train.

After this, I’ll be having sex with Shirota.
Don’t be mistaken. Knowing that, it’d be difficult to converse like normal.
I wonder if Shirota is the same as her vigor from earlier disappeared.
Thus, becoming conscious of it made her start to feel shy.

We arrived at Okunashi Station.
I tried to clear my mind.

「A-around what time does your family come home?」
「Eh? Ah, um…they typically get home around 9」

Right now, it was a little before 6:30.
In other words, when we reach Shirota’s house, we’ll have about 2 hours.
This’ll be the first time I have sex with Shirota. We’ll probably do it all the way till time’s up.

「I wonder if it’s impossible…」

Shirota muttered.
I ended up smiling by myself and gave a reply.

「It’s fine if we hurry」
「You say hurry but…」

Shirota spouts out.

「What are you hurrying?」
「Geez, you’re so perverted」

Saying that, Shirota got off the train and headed towards the bicycles.
Waiting for me at the roundabout, she passes a bike over to me.

「Then, let’s hurry!」

We both got on the same bike.
However, there was a police box nearby and it’s not like the place was empty either.
Shirota seems to understand that as well as she gave a broad grin.

「I’ll run there」

She grabs her bag and puts it in the basket of the bike.
And then she suddenly starts running.
I straddled the bicycle in a fluster and chased after her back.
As I thought Shirota was fast, but this time I was on a bike.
Shirota looked over to me and smiled.

「We’re kinda weird, huh」
「Eh? why?」
「We are hurrying so much because we want to do perverted things」
「Ah, well…yeah」

After we got through the shopping district there were very few people on the paddy road.
Since Shirota stopped I also put on the brakes for the bike.

「Hop on the back」

Straddling the luggage carrier in the back, Shirota wraps her hands around my hips.
I wonder if it was because she just ran. The sporty girl’s body was hot.
And her breathing was ragged as she covered my back with her perky chest.


I started pedaling the bike.
It was hot out but since the wind was blowing by it felt good.
After this, I’ll be having sex with Shirota.
Whether I like it or not, that thought alone raised my expectations.