Erocom Chapter 117: Shirota Yotsuba 28


By the time we arrived at Shirota’s house, the sun had already sunk behind the horizon.
When I got off the bike, Shirota grabbed it.

「Ah, as I thought they already left」

It’s probably because the car wasn’t there.
Shirota concluded that her family had left.
We both smile.

「Hurry up Shirota!」
「Stop, we don’t have to hurry」

Shirota went to put the bike away while smiling.
I went towards the entryway and waited for her to catch up.
After the uniform-clad tanned girl locked the bike up, she came running over.
Taking the key out of her bag, she opened the door after taking a glance at me.
And at the same time I lightly push Shirota into her house.


Shirota squints and glares at me as if to chide me.
I jump at her without holding back.
Having turned her face around, I press my lips against hers.

「Nh…chuu, wait」

Escaping from my kiss, Shirota took off her shoes.

「At least let me wash my hands」

And then she escaped running down the hall.
I also took off my shoes and chased her.
She opens up the bathroom and goes inside.
I also quickly go in after her.
I embraced Shirota from behind who was washing her hands.

「Nh…geeez, what?」

Shirota asked while smiling.

「After all if we don’t hurry…」
「That’s true but…」

When she finished washing her hands, I wrapped my hands around her and washed mine too.
She passed a towel over to me and I dried my hands.

「Is my room fine?」

When I nodded, Shirota squatted down to put the towel away.
She escaped from my arms and ran away. It was like a game of tag.
I chase after her and head up to the second floor. Shirota opens the door to her room and goes inside.

「Ahahahah, why are you in such a panic」
「I don’t know」

I entered the room and closed the door.
*Batan*, the sound of the door closing echoes.
Shirota turns around and charges me.


I hugged Shirota who was charging at me.
And then I headed to the bed while hugging her.


She falls on to the bed.
Her skirt flipped up revealing her white panties.
I could see the wet spot on her crotch.

Even though I’ve seen what’s under there a while ago, it gave a wildly obscene feeling.
Taking the bag off her shoulder, Shirota lays face up on the bed and looks at me.

「Let’s do it…」

Shirota muttered in a daze.
Her face dyed bright red and her short hair spread out on the bed.
I took off my pants while standing and then my boxers too.
My dick was it’s normal size but it still had a bit of hardness to it.
Shirota also threw away her panties.

「It should be fine to put it in already…」

*Kuchuri*, a sound is made as Shirota spreads open her thighs.
Her wet and shiny love juices almost looked like it was waiting for me to penetrate her.
We were both sweaty. We didn’t turn on the air conditioner after entering the room either.
However, we couldn’t worry about that as we both were going crazy.


I was holding my dick.
While standing, I pressed my dick against Shirota’s crotch as she was lying down on the bed.
Shirota scrunches up her eyebrows and turns her head while waiting.

「I’m putting it in」

*Gugugu*, the head of my dick forces Shirota’s labia open.

「Nnnnh, ah」

The large quantity of love juices acted as lube.
However, she was still a virgin.
Her pussy was not prepared to take in my big dick.

「I’m going to get it fully erect so…」
「Eh? Yeah, ahhhhn」

I rub my dick against her.
Gradually the blood starts gathering in my dick and it swells up.
It instantly got harder. It turned into a spear hard enough to force its way through.

「Ah, the condom…」
「That’s right. Do you have one?」

After asking that, Shirota smiled.

「Yeah I have one」

Recently, I usually have at least 3 condoms on me.
There wasn’t a need to use all 3 at the same time but I needed them for peace of mind.
I quickly take it out of my bag and put it on.

「Ah…I saw it」

Shirota looks away.
It seems she looked straight at my dick.

「Are you scared?」
「Rather than being scared…I wonder what it is…I don’t know」

With her head turned to the side, Shirota muttered quietly.
I pressed my dick against her again.
*Bururi*, I could feel her body shiver.

「Are you okay?」

Although I say that, I was pressing the head of my dick against her privates.
*Guchun guchun*, an obscene noise could be coming from her pussy.
More love juices flowed out and made the bed wet.
She basically looked the same as she would any other day she went to school.
The only difference is she isn’t wearing any panties.
However, it’s amazing how much her pervertedness has increased.

「Ah, nh…nh, aaahn」

Gradually, the voice Shirota let out grew more and more seductive.
As I thought, we might be rushing it a bit too much, even so, there was no sign of my penis going in at all.

「Shirota…it won’t go in」
「It’s impossible, this size」

Shirota said with a slightly nasally voice.
After nodding, I pulled my dick away.
And then squatting down, I use my fingertip to rub her vagina.


Shirota opened her eyes wide.
She looked at me and licked her lips.


I rubbed it even more with my fingertip.
*Bikun*, the sporty girl’s body jumped.

「Aaaahn, more…do it more…」

For now, it seems like I need to loosen her up before I put it in.
Shirota looked at her own crotch with eyes filled with anticipation.


Just moving a little, I raised my girlfriend’s voice.