Erocom Chapter 118: Shirota Yotsuba 29


Shirota’s pussy was puffier than Mia’s and Mikoto’s.
It was like both her labia was completely hiding it as if to protect her virginity.
It was wet but we both agreed it was too hard to put in.

「Ah, nh…good, gooood」

Shirota let out a gasping voice.
Using the middle of my index finger I rubbed her clitoris.
*Toro toro*, love juices flowed out from her hidden entrance.
Gripping the hem of her skirt with both hands, Shirota grit her teeth while drowning in pleasure.

My index finger was covered with transparent, sticky fluid.
Digging out the overflowing love juices, I used it to tease her clitoris.

「Nnnh, nooooohn, ah feels soo good」
「Is this how you do it when your alone?」
「Yaaaahnnnnh…eh? ahn」
「I’m talking about masturbation」

I asked while rubbing her clitoris.

「Like when you’re alone at night, do you think about lewd things while touching yourself?」
「It’s gooooooooood, aaahn I do it…aaahn I do it but…」

Shirota shook her head back and forth like a child constantly disagreeing.
Her neck, shining with sweat, was pretty, and her eyes were shut tight to bear the shame.
She had her legs open for me to squat down and violate her special place.
That figure set my dick on the verge of exploding.

I want to hurry up and put it in.
Pinning down those desires, I calmly torment her clitoris.
Biting her lower lip, Shirota let out obscene heavy breathing even though she was holding back.

「Fuhaahngood, ihaahnhnnnnhn」
「How do you do it?」
「Eh? Aahn, nh」
「How do you masturbate?」
「I use my fiiiiiiiiinger, aaaahn feels goood」

Shirota replied with a hot breath with her legs twitching.

「Here? Do you touch here?」
「It’s gooooooooood ahn, nnh. There, and…aahn, insideee」

It seems somehow Shirota would masturbate without touching her clitoris and only stimulating her vagina.
There’s a belief that girls who do sports are more erotic and it definitely applied to Shirota.


I pushed through her labia.
I fit my index finger into her vagina.
Shirota let out a voice she never has before.
I look up and nod my head looking at the teasing I was doing to her nether region.

「There, theeeeere」

It seems I was right.
I could only put it in up to the first knuckle on my finger.
Even so, her vagina tightened up with so much force it was like it was going to cut it off.

「How many? How many fingers do you put in?」

Shirota replied with a small voice.
Those words had a bit of a wish for me to use two fingers.
I stuck my middle finger in with my index finger as well.

「It’s goooooood aahn theretherethereee…amazing, it’s way different than when I do it myself nnnnnh」

I had two fingers buried in the entrance of her vagina.
*Guri guri*, I almost forcibly push in and out.
I’d put it in for a second time and quickly pull it out.
When I pulled them out, there was enough pressure that her vaginal walls stuck to them.

「Aaahn, gooood, ahnfeels good, moremoremoremore」

Shirota demanded me with such force she was losing reason.
She lifted up her own hips showing her pleasure.

As I thought, I want to put it in.

It seems she also wants it to be put in her.
She looked at my dick with a fleeting glance.

「Aaaaahn, gooooood, nhnhnnh, deeper」
「Like this?」
「Yes…aaahn, hardeeeeeer aahn gooood, theretherethereeee」

There was such a difference in attitude from when she usually is when sending messages.
It was also different from Shirota’s typical horny attitude as well.
When it comes to her greediness, she’s about the same as Mia and Mikoto.
However, it was a different greediness than those two.

For Mia, the thing she desired the most of the five big desires was pleasure.
Mikoto wants to feel loved by me with her whole body.
And Shirota wants to lose herself like when she is wildly enthusiastic about sports.

「Aaaaaaahngooooooood, nnhaaahn, goo-, amazing, thiiiiick」
「Shirota…amazing. It’s gradually getting easier to move」
「Nnnnh, really? Can you put it in? Heeey, can you put your thing in? Aaahn」

I vigorously pull out my fingers from her vagina.
Shirota stretches her body, raises her voice, and looks at me.

「That’s good! Put it in」

Shirota sat up.
Opening her legs up like an M raised up her wet private parts.
When I grab her tensed up hips with both hands, I press my dick up against her entrance.

「Aaaaahn Okutani Okutaniiii」
「Shirota…I’m putting it in」

*Zuh*, the head is pushed inside her.


Shirota turned toward the ceiling and fell back onto the bed.
She moved as if she had been shot in the head.

「Uuu, it’s biiiig…ah」
「Does it hurt?」
「It seems fine…like this…nnnnnnnnh」

Shirota’s voice leaked out through her clenched teeth.
Her cheeks burned red and tears gathered in her eyes.

My dick was already a third of the way in.
The considerable pressure in her vagina gripped my shaft, and I thought it would cut off the circulation.

「Ah, good…nha, nh…slowlyy」
「Ah, yeah」

I had an impulse to immediately slam my hips in.
Holding back that impulse, I advance my dick in slowly.
Suddenly the walls of her vagina wind around it when I try to take it out.
That made it even more pleasurable and stole my reasoning away just like that.

「Aaah, Shirota…I want to move already」
「Wait…wait wait, it’s no gooooood, aahn, goooooood nnnh, ahn, don-, nnh move, pleeeease, aah」

Even though my dick was only halfway in, I ended up starting to stroke it.
Shirota pulls on the bed with both hands as if to escape.
However, I had a tight grip on the sporty girl’s hips so she couldn’t escape.

「Aaahngoooooodaahn, ah feels, too muuuch, OoooOoh」
「Shirota, Shirota, Shirota」

I piston in her while calling her name.
Gradually her vagina accepted my dick letting me go further deep inside.
Shirota gathers power in her body and tilts her head back.

The string of the bag tightens in between her breasts.
Her skirt and dress shirt became all wrinkled.
Her short black hair was disheveled and sweat riddled her tan skin.
My excitement rose from everything being shown to me.

「Aaaaahn, goooood, feels goooooood」

Shirota let out a yell.
That was a sign that the pride in us both barely remained.
We are waiting for later to completely lose ourselves between a man and a woman.