Erocom Chapter 43: Kurusu Mia 17


We ran to the station.
Since it was close to the roundabout, we got there without getting too wet.
However, Kurusu’s yellow shirt was sligthly transparent.
Her white camisole she was wearing underneath was visible.

「The taxi driver told us the trains might stop」
「Let’s hurry!」

Ebara took the lead and everyone ran after him.
Just the thought of being left behind in this station in the rain was horrifying.
We heard from the station attendant before going through the ticket gate.

「Right now we are only stopping arrivals. Since it is still a bit before we stop departures, you are fine」

We were relieved and slowed our pace towards the platform.
We couldn’t go camping.
However, I had a sense of accomplishment from that last session of running.

Whether it was because of sweat or rain, moisture stuck to my whole body.
When I get home, the first thing I’m doing is showering.

When we were riding the train, there were people there.
Everyone came to camp and climb mountains but they had to give up because of the rain.
Their faces were colored with disappointment and fatigue.
There was air conditioning in the train and it was a bit cold.
The sound of rain was not stopping and sometimes it would get even stronger.

「I’m glad we made it…」
「Seriously, if we couldn’t get on this train then we would have had to stay」

Ebara and Karata were talking.

「It would have been better if we properly paid attention to the weather」
「That’s right」

Kawauchi also joined the conversation.
The odd one out, Ooki, was staring off into space outside the window.

「Kurusu-san, sorry」

Ebara said to Kurusu with a bitter smile.
Kurusu shook her head.

「Why are you apologizing?…Besides I had fun」
「Th-that’s right!? I-I wonder…when we finally get to Ichikura Station, let’s all go eat something」

Towards Ebara’s suggestion, Kawauchi, Karata, and Ooki become excited.
Since they are together with Kurusu during a holiday, they don’t want to return home yet.
The train still hadn’t left.

「That’s fine but…are you coming too, Okutani-kun?」
「Eh? Me?」

Kurusu suddenly turns to me and pressed me for an answer.

「He’ll come he’ll come, he’ll come too so」

Ebara desperately signaled with his eyes.
Kurusu inclines her head.

「That’s right…no, I’m fine」
「Oi oi, why!?」

Why, indeed?
Ebara’s question is reasonable.
Even though everyone has met up on a Saturday.
We went to the museum but since it rained it would be a bit dull to go home.
Kurusu is here too so it’s not like everyone would hate it.
Even so, why do I not want to do anything together anymore.

「Are you alright?」

I smile at Kurusu who looks at me with serious worry in her eyes.

「I’m fine」
「Then, why?」

Everyone was looking at me.
We had an agreement. I won’t steal a march on her.
There is no rule that I have to stay together with them.

「It’s fine! This guy! It’s probably something selfish」

Ebara emits a cheerful voice in order to smooth things out.

「Let’s just go without him! Where would be good? There is a Domizu near the station」
「Domizu is fine. But I don’t really have any money」
「It can’t be helped! Since he’s your senpai, Kawauchi can pay for you」
「Why me…」

The four got excited.
They were desperate to get the time back from the camp they lost due to the rain.

「Is Domizu fine with you too Kurusu-san?」
「Eh? Ah, yeah…it’s fine」

It seems she was a bit worried about me but Kurusu joins the four’s conversation with a kindhearted smile.
I was thinking like the loner of the group.
It’s not like I was particularly being left out.
Rather Ebara and them would consider me a comrade.

It’s no good to steal a march on Kurusu.
That’s why I will try to get along with everyone.
This is an important time to be together with Kurusu.1

「What’s with that」

I let out a voice.
Everyone turned towards me.
Kurusu looks at me too.
I wonder what facial expression I have.
The bell of the train rang informing we could finally depart.

I met with Kurusu’s eyes.

Kurusu’s mask of kind heartedness showed no cracks.
That was not the type of face I wanted to see from her.
It was more and more vague and unclear.
She was holding anxiety in her heart like an ordinary high school girl with a perfect appearance.
It seems like if she was touched the atmosphere would be broken while having a curiosity appropriate for a normal girl her age.2

「What is it? Okutani-kun…」

Kurusu asks me with a slight smile.
She shows me a glimpse of her true self she normally doesn’t show to anyone.
The person herself probably did it unconsciously but it gave me a big shock.

There was an announcement.
It seems the train is departing.
Due to the river, this will probably be the final departure of the day.
That’s what the announcement stated.

A pair of climbers were the last people who barely made it on.
The sound of the doors closing echoed.

I grabbed Kurusu’s arm.
And then pulling that arm, I go to leave the train.
I lead Kurusu off the train almost rolling out.

The doors closed.
The 4 guys from the Human Culture Research club gather around the door.
They stared dumbfounded at us who had jumped out of the train.
It seems they didn’t know how to react as they just slightly opened their mouth in surprise.
When the train started to depart, I tightly held her arm and deeply hung my head.
And then muttered in a quiet voice.

「I’m sorry for stealing a march on her…」

The rain was showing no signs of stopping.


  1. I apologize this the best I can TL this section
  2. The author just stopped making sense this chapter