Erocom Chapter 46: Kurusu Mia 20


Room 940 was immediately reachable by foot from the management office.
It was a small wooden lodge without a kitchen.
There were two single beds lined up in the center of the room and it had a small veranda attached.
Since there isn’t a kitchen there also wasn’t a T.V.
The bathroom was prefabricated but there was a shower instead of a bath.

「In the meantime should we go to the bath? I’m soaked from the rain」
「That’s right…But, we’ll probably get wet from the rain on the way back」

When I put the luggage away, we talked about what to do.

「Then won’t it be fine to take another shower again? Since this place has a shower」
「Yeah…my stomach is empty too」
「That reminds me, we haven’t had lunch. If it’s that hot springs building then it probably has something to eat.」

The time was already 4:30 at night.
It’s too early for dinner but since we haven’t eaten lunch I want to eat something.
The umbrella was just put away but we opened it and went outside.
The small river took on a new form and streams down the road.
Although we were being cautious in order to not fall down, we walked with a quick pace.

The hot springs building was closer to the lodge than I thought.
Also, since there was a road there, the way back doesn’t seem like a problem.
They say it’s a hot springs building but it seems like a deluxe bath house.
When we enter through the automatic door, there was a locker for shoes immediately to the right.
I pulled out the wooden tag and locked the locker.

I gave the wooden tag to the reception desk.
I pay the fee and receive the key to the dressing room.
In order to show I was a guest at the lodge, I showed the key to my room and the price became half off.
I could also borrow a bath towel and face towel.

「We also have a dining hall」

There was a large dining hall.
Even though it was raining so badly, there surprisingly was people here.
Without deciding on a specific meeting time, Kurusu and I went under separate banners.

I quickly take off my clothes in the dressing room and hide my crotch with a face towel.
This skill was the result of repeated practice piling up.
If there was someone I knew here and I were to show them, I couldn’t imagine the result.1
For that reason, I wouldn’t come to places like this with friends or acquaintances.
If I went with anyone it would just be family.

I think back on the current situation calmly.
It is just me and Kurusu. And we decided to stay together.
I enter the bath. After we get dinner we will go back to the room.
After passing through the falling rain, we would pass the time in that small room.
If there isn’t a T.V., then there probably isn’t any playing cards.
We are too young to drink, and we can’t talk about human culture like that.
Since I have gotten tired, there is also a possibility that I would end up falling asleep right away.
But, I did ero things with Kurusu once at the shrine and in the clubroom.2

Reflecting on the failure at the clubroom, I bought a condom and put it in my wallet.
I knew I couldn’t use the normal sized ones sold at the pharmacy.
For that reason, I bought it on the internet.
Going so far, if I weren’t to do anything, how could I be a man.

It got misty while I was washing my hair and body.
Although I was worrying about other people’s gaze, I made sure to wash my crotch.
My dick almost got larger from just that stimulation alone but it can’t be helped because of the expectation of what’s to come.

There was also an open air bath. We couldn’t go in because the rain was too bad.
Even so, if I could use such a huge bath, I could relax deep down to my core.
Originally I liked things like baths. However, because of my complex, I didn’t do it frequently.

I got out of the bath, making sure to not stay in too long.
I’m glad I also took into consideration the possibility of entering the bath.
I put on new underwear and wear the same sweaty shirt from before.
I had to wear the same pants from earlier and it didn’t feel that good.

When I get out from under the banner, Kurusu had yet to get out of the bath.
I sit down in the corner of the dining hall.
Kurusu immediately got out.
Lightly waving her hand, she came over at a jog.

「That felt good」

Kurusu had her chestnut hair lowered and had her bath towel hanging on her neck.
Her long hair was hid by the towel and it looked like she had short hair.
My heart constricted to a painful degree at such a fresh sight.
Since she didn’t regularly wear makeup, her face didn’t have much change.
Rather it felt like she had taken the veneer off spurring on her beauty.
Since she entered the bath, naturally her cheeks were red.
She changed from a yellow T-shirt to a black T-shirt and changed from long jeans to shorts.

「Ah, this?」

I wonder if she noticed my gaze. She let out an innocent gaze.

「I thought I could possibly enjoy myself in the river」

Kurusu’s exposed legs were long and slender.
I feel like if I were to just touch it, I would end up dirtying it.
They were so smooth I ended up thinking that. They were perfectly smooth.
Under the cheap lighting, that perfection was dazzling.
Because of that one time I touched them, my crotch throbs remembering the feel at that time.

「What do you wanna eat? It seems they have meal tickets」

Leaving our luggage behind, we both went to buy a meal ticket.
Choosing our favorite things, we wait for our orders.
We had to wait a bit but we were satisfied with the taste and quantity.

「Since we ate at a weird time, we will get hungry again later…」

We finished eating and now we were drinking some warm tea.
The time reached 5:30.

「You’re quite a glutton」
「Eh!? What do you mean by that? I’m normal, normal…probably」

Kurusu scowled and started thinking about it seriously.
And then she looked at me with serious eyes and asks me.

「Eh? I’m not getting fat, right?」
「You’re not, you’re not. Sorry, that’s not what I meant, I meant you just like eating」
「That I do! As for me, I am greedy for the three big human desires」
「The three big desires?」
「Yeah…the three big desires…appetite, sleep…ah」

Our eyes met.
Speaking of the three big desires, there is appetite, sleep, and sex.
Kurusu ended up willingly admitting she was greedy.
I thought she would try to give some excuse but she unexpectedly admitted honestly.

「That greed…I like eating…and I like sleep…」

And then she waited a bit.
And then she looked me in the eyes and said something in a soundless voice.
However, I clearly understood what she was saying from her lip movements.

「and I like ecchi things…」


  1. Actually a complete guess for this sentence
  2. Actually fuck the author right now, this chapter has been so confusing it is angering me immensely.