Erocom Chapter 47: Kurusu Mia 21


We went back to the lodge quietly.
In front of the entry way, we close our umbrellas under the roof.
I look at Kurusu.
Kurusu looks back at me slightly taken aback.

There were no signs of people around.
I press my lips against Kurusu’s.


There was no indication of resistance. I drop the umbrella on the ground.
It felt like the sound of the rain started to get further away.

Pure. Kurusu’s lips had such a feeling.
She pushes her lips against mine as if lusting for me.
When I entwine my tongue with hers, an obscene sound immediately resonates from our mouths.
We both wrap our arms around each other’s backs.

Kurusu didn’t have anything on under her T-shirt.
No bra. It’s arousing. My head was boiling.
The only thing cooling my head down is the rain being blown in by the wind.

「Ah, chuu, Okutani-kun, let’s go inside…it’s a bit cold」
「Yeah, okay」

I take out the key from my pocket while continuing to kiss.
And then I put the key in the keyhole and turned it.1
Kurusu continued to kiss me with all her effort.
I turn the knob and open the door.
We entered inside while embracing each other’s bodies.
Kurusu shouts at the same time the door closes.


Kurusu takes her own shirt off and throws it away onto the floor.
Her plump breasts made an appearance. Throwing away her shyness as well, Kurusu rushes forward crashing into me.
I caught her and we happily continued kissing.
I persistently chase Kurusu’s small tongue and we exchange saliva.

Kurusu pushed me up to the wall.
The pair of plump swellings are pushed up against my body.
My hand continues to rub Kurusu’s back up and down endlessly.


While saying her name, I separate myself from her.
For an brief moment, she had a face as if asking why.
However, looking at me taking off my T-shirt, her face immediately returns to one of ecstasy.


Once again, Kurusu tries to cling to me.
Although I accepted her, I pushed her down onto the bed.


Kurusu let out a small scream and fell onto the bed.
At this point she embraces her body seeming embarrassed making her hang her head in shame.
When I get on the bed, I gently stroke her back with the tip of my finger.

「Hey…Ann, that tickles」

Kurusu flaps both her feet around in agony.

「Move your hands」
「No way, it’s embarrassing」
「I want to see」

I bring just my face close to her and look at her.
I give her cheek a light kiss and whisper in her ear.

「Your breasts」

Although she says that, Kurusu shows her body.
Her huge tits firmly enter my field of view.
Her red solid nipples were placed on her perfectly formed pink areolas.

「So what do you think」

Kurusu said with her face the same color as her nipples.
After pretending to think about it for a bit, I replied.

「It’s alright, I guess」
「Ah! Then, you can’t touch them」
「It was a lie, they are the prettiest in the world」

I wrapped both my hands around her breasts.
I lost my calm judgement at those soft masses of flesh.
Kurusu’s chest felt like the embodiment of happiness from the feeling of my hands.
My fingers sank in and it had just the right amount of tension.

「Nah, wait, you’re rubbing too muuch, ahn」
「After all, your tits feel good」
「Yann, ah, wai-, Okutani-kuun」

Kurusu’s chest seep out from both sides and is held up firmly in the middle.
Each time her breasts hit each other, a filthy sound echoed in the room.

「What are you doooing? Ahn, geez, you’re such a peeerv」
「You’re a perv too, right?」
「I won’t deny that buuut…」

Kurusu looks at me with moist eyes.
Looking at those eyes, I drew my mouth closer to her nipples.
And then I opened my mouth wide and encompassed the nipples enshrined on top of her mountains.


Kurusu’s body jumped up as she gasps.
She blinks her eyes as if she was surprised at what was happening to her own body.

「As I thought, I…yaann, when I’m touched by you, nnnnn, ahn, wait」
「What is it? When I touch you…?」
「When yooou touch me, nah, I end up feeling it way too much」

That appearance was way too cute.
While stroking my head as I was sucking on her chest, Kurusu looks at the ceiling.
It seems she had entrusted her whole body to the stimulus I was giving her making my satisfaction boil up from within.

I bring my tongue to a point and poke her nipples in my mouth.
I realized her nipples were gradually getting harder.

「Nn, ahn, amaziing, waiit, aahn, nn, heey, do it more」

I wonder if her body was getting used to the stimulation.
Kurusu ended up asking for it.

「Okutani-kuun, hann, ah, suck them…my nipples, suck theem」

I grab Kurusu’s chest with my hand.
And then I put some power behind it like a baby trying to get milk from its mother.
*Pin*, I desperately nibble at her standing nipples.
And then, suck. I continue to lick with my tongue coated in plenty of saliva while sucking on Kurusu’s nipples.

「Aaaah, gooooood, amaaaziing, it feels goood, it’s tingling」

Gazing at the ceiling with an unfocused gaze, Kurusu started opening her legs on her own.
It was probably an unconscious action but I understand what she instinctively wants.


When I separate my mouth from her nipples, I started to take off her shorts.

「Ah, waiit, nn, I’ll be seen」
「I want you to show me」
「Yaaa…it’s really embarrassing」

She was feeling that this late in the game.
I took off Kurusu’s shorts as politely as possible.
She was going commando. Ever since she entered the bath, I am sure she had the same expectations as me.
Because of that, she didn’t wear any underwear at all.

When I take off her shorts, her secret place was exposed.
I couldn’t see her important place that time in the clubroom.
Her thighs were long and slender yet the area between gave off a perfectly feminine sexual feeling.
There was a thin chestnut-colored thicket, and her tightly shut labia became exposed.
Kurusu shut her eyes and pressed her face in the bed sheets from shame.
Even though I hadn’t touched it yet, I could tell love juices were flowing out.

「It’s wet…」
「…Of course it is」

Kurusu says with a slightly angry tone.

「I wanted to do it」


  1. While kissing?