Erocom Chapter 48: Kurusu Mia 22



It was just a light touch.
Even so, Kurusu arched her back.

「Ah…amashing, I caaaame, haa」
「It’s fine if I keep going, right?」
「Aahn, wait, since I just came, now is, really, no gooooood」

I crawl my finger along her privates.
My index finger advances inwards to her labia minora.
Kurusu grabs my hand trying to resist. However, she barely put any power into it.
It seems she was putting all of her effort into reacting to the stimulus.

「Aahn, nah, nnnnn…ah」

While moving her long legs, Kurusu desperately tries to bear the stimulation.
She was biting her lower lip and shaking her head left and right.
Each time, her huge breasts would sway and churn my brain.

My index finger completely enters her labia.
*Tsupun*, I could hear the sound of it going in.
Kurusu’s privates were tightly shut.
And then when I touched her labia minora, love juices started to overflow even more.

「Haaaaaaah, Nnn」

Kurusu grits her teeth and looked off in the distance with tears in her eyes.
She crosses her arms in front of her chest like she was embracing herself.
Her breasts squeezed together in the middle further emphasizing her size.

「Kurusu…is it fine if I go deeper?」
「Haa…nnn, nn, ah…stop asking me each time…」

That must mean it’s fine to go deeper.
When I slightly lose my way, Kurusu grabs my hand.
And then invites my hand in in order to go deeper.

「Kuhaaaaann, nnnnn, I’m alright…I’m alright soo, nnnn」

My finger gradually enters inside.
It was a softness pushing me out that I had never felt before.
I only put my index finger in.
Even so, it felt like my whole body was inside her.

「It feels good inside you, Kurusu」
「You wanted to become a good man, right? Aaaann, th-then…make me, nnn, feeeel gooood」

I was no match for Kurusu.
I push my finger forward on my own.
I went deeper than her labia minora as my finger entered her vagina.
*Nururi*, the feeling of the mystery of life attacks the first knuckle of my index finger.
A part of me was entering a woman’s body but I couldn’t think about how excited this feeling was making me.
Until now, I didn’t think about it deeply. I just instinctively thought about wanting sex.
However, now, I feel like I completely understood the reason my instincts want a woman.

「Ah, nnnah, t-try moving…Since I’ve gotten used to it, aaaaahn…ah! Wait, gentlyy」

When I bent my finger, Kurusu glared at me seeming mad.
Tears were flowing and she was gritting her teeth.

「I-it’s…my first time too, okay?」
「S-sorry…I-I don’t know what I should do」

Although I was feeling regret, I took my finger out of her vagina.

「Ahn…n, why’d you take it out?」

Her body ends up reacting as if she was stimulated.
However, what’s done is done1, Kurusu looked sad.

「You’ve done it yourself before, right?」
「How do you normally do it?」
「Eh? What? What do you mean?」

Closing her legs, Kurusu shows a perplexed expression.
I told her what I said seriously.

「Show me how you do it when you do it yourself」
「…Since I don’t know how I should do it…it’d be an example?」
「What’s with that…Okutani-kun, you are seriously not manly right now」
「I know」

Even though I turned my face downwards, I asked her.

「I get it but I want to make you feel good…」
「Geez…eh, what is this? You want me to do it myself? Now?」
「Yes, now」

While her face was getting red to the point of boiling, Kurusu frowns seeming troubled.
And then while looking at me cursing me, she muttered.

「Is it perhaps, that sort of play?」
「If that’s the case, I thought it is a bit early but…」
「I have no idea what you’re talking about」
「If it’s unconscious, then you have some talent」

What do you mean talent?
Kurusu spread her legs with a timid feeling.
I was so giddy I almost lost consciousness at this situation.

「Don’t look at me so much」
「I won’t understand if I don’t look, right?」
「Uu…Well, that’s true…」

Kurusu’s hands draw towards the area at the center of her open legs.
And then, slowly begins rubbing her labia majora with her thin finger.

「Nnnn, ah…this is way too perverted…nnnnnaah」

She gently rubbed her labia majora, and then she gradually got used to the stimulation.

「Aaaaah, as I thought…Nnnnah, I’m feeling it, fuahn, more than usual」

*Kuchun kuchun*, Kurusu’s genitals start to produce a noise.
Even more love juices were flowing out and was soaking in the sheets.
Using her middle finger, Kurusu rubs her slit left and right.

「Okutani-kun…Aaaahn, Okutani-kun, do you see? Nnnn, haaahn」
「Does it feel good there?」

My throat dried up from arousal.
Even though I wasn’t getting touched, my son raised its head in my underwear.

「Yaaaahn, really, whyyyyyyyy」

Kurusu was touching her clitoris.
Kurusu showed me with shame as if something broke in her.
She looks at me strongly biting her lip with a bright red face and tears in her eyes.

「Whyy, aaaahn, even though Okutani-kun is here, why do I have to do it myself, aaaaaahn, nee, here, it feels good here so! So touch iit」
「Aaaah, Kurusuu」

I brought my finger close to her pussy.
When I did, Kurusu grabs my hand and guides it to where she wants me to touch.
It felt stiff. I touched the hard part with my finger.

「Yes, there…aaahn, yees, rub it, feels goood…naaaahn, feels gooood」

It was her clitoris.
I touched her puffy and swelled up clitoris that no one had touched before with my finger.
Somehow I ended up just getting a sense of satisfaction.
While receiving Kurusu’s help, I continue desperately rubbing her clitoris.

「Haaaaahn, nnah, hoaahn, amazing, amazing, this, is so gooood, I’m turning weird」
「Kurusu Kurusu」
「Nooo, my first name, call me by my first name」

Kurusu continues to pleasure her clitoris as if she’s gone mad using my hand.
I asked her while making eye contact.

「This is how you make yourself feel good?」
「Eeeh!? Aaaaahn, don’t stooop…nnah, th-that’s right」
「Why, such a thing? Aaahn, nnaah, no, I won’t answer it」
「Does it bother you, doing it by yourself everyday?」

My finger was already soaked.
Getting used to the stimulus, Kurusu presses my finger on her clitoris even stronger.
And, she also rubbed it faster.

「Ah, ha, ha, nnnn, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum again」
「Mia, tell me, do you do this everyday?」
「Yaaah, cummingcummingcumiiiiiing, I doo, I doo, geeeeez, I do it everydaaaaay」

Kurusu’s body leapt up again.

「Ha, ha, aaaaa…」

And then she sank into the bed crestfallen.
Kurusu looks at me with a face like a fallen demon.

「Ah…haa…haa…Okutani-kun, you are that…」
「You’re too perverted」
「Do you hate it?」
「Like I said, don’t ask me every time」

While continuing to breathe roughly over and over, Kurusu slowly raised her body.
And then, puffed up her cheek seeming frustrated.

「Well, since you’re a virgin it can’t be helped, huh」
「It’s because of Kurusu」
「Like I said, call me by my first name」

Kurusu glares at me with upturned eyes.

「Sorry. As for you, aren’t you a virgin?」
「Even so, I’ve got a bit more guts than you」
「Guts…then, won’t you lick my dick? I already reached my limit a while ago…」
「That’s not what I meant thooo…」

Although she said that, Kurusu got on all fours and takes off my pants.


  1. No idea, no context given at all