Erocom Chapter 49: Kurusu Mia 23


My dick was in front of Kurusu, who was on all fours.
I was standing on my knees and pushed my waist out a bit.

「Uu…as I thought…it’s amazing…」

Even though it hadn’t been stimulated yet, my dick was up towards the ceiling.
That rising object had the shape of a menacing nose.

Kurusu took off my pants and boxers.
Kurusu tried to immediately suck on it but she stared at my dick seized with fear.

「Isn’t it bigger than last time?」
「It can’t be helped」

Kurusu looks at me with upturned eyes. As I thought, she is a perfect beauty.
Such a Kurusu is now nude.
She was on all fours in front of me in the nude.
There was no need for her to touch me.
No matter how much practice I’ve done, there’s no way I wouldn’t get a boner in this situation.

「I can lick it but…putting it in my mouth is probably impossible…nn」

Kurusu licked the head of my dick with her slightly stuck out tongue.
*Biri biri*, a feeling like electricity ran through my body.
Power entered my shaft and it jumped with a twitch.

「Aahn, geez…it’s quite energetic…n, chu, nna」

Each time it was licked, it would end up jumping.
Kurusu was licking that dick with a *pero pero*, like she was chasing it.
Kurusu’s tongue crawls along the center of my glans, and a pleasant feeling like pins attacked me from multiple angles.

「Kuh, ah…Kurusu…Kurusu」

It was probably because I didn’t call her by her first name.
She glared at me with her tongue sticking out.


Even though she was glaring at me, she was still satisfying me.
I put my fingers in her rustling long hair and gently stroked it.
Kurusu partially closes her eyes like it felt good, and she started licking my dick even more.
She would lick my glans and then kissed my shaft.
She grabbed my jumping dick with her right hand and continued to kiss it with all her effort.

「Nn, chupu, nn, nnah, nn, chuku, chuu」
「Mia…it feels goood…」
「Chu…you’re cute」
「Mia’s the one who is cute」
「I know…nnaa」

While saying it’s impossible, Kurusu opens her large mouth and held my dick in it.
Kurusu knew that if she didn’t open her mouth to the limit her teeth would end up hitting it.
My cock raised a roar of pleasure inside her sticky mouth.


It felt so good I got weak in the knees.
I saw Kurusu’s slightly pained face from holding my dick in her mouth, and my desire to dominate her was rising.
I put power into the hand that I was stroking her head with and urge her to stroke it.


Although she was glaring at me with teary eyes, Kurusu followed along.
She tries her best to accept my dick while having trouble breathing.
The air was forcibly pushed out of her open mouth and she wraps up my whole dick.

「Gubuh, gunbu…gahah, nngu」

Although she was swinging her head back and forth, she continued to crawl her tongue along my son.
Just the imagination of what is going on in Kurusu’s mouth is enough to make the urge to cum boil up.
Lightly grabbing the base of my dick, Kurusu starts stroking it with her hand.
Towards these irregular movements, my body was swallowed by waves of chaos.

Something is coming up.
It is no exaggeration that Kurusu is a peerless beauty.
Her perfect style and cute personality.
She is someone any guy would yearn for but she is a flower that blooms in a place too high to be reached.
So many guys to this point have approached her only to get shot down.
I wonder how many guys built up the courage to try and just confess to her.

「Gupuh, nnguh, guu, agu, nnah」

She seemed to have realized I was lost in thought.
Kurusu puffs up her cheeks like she is mad.
She sped up her strokes.
She desperately gave me pleasure that tries to steal away my consciousness even though it was probably painful for her.

「Aah, Miaaa, amaaazing, it’s good」

It was bad to look at Kurusu’s face.
The urge to cum raised instantly and a lump of magma accumulates in the center of my hips.
Although I was about to pass out, the magma frantically amassed.
And then not being able to hold out any more than this, I pulled my dick out from Kurusu’s mouth.


Kurusu blinks seeming confused.

「Mia, stroke it」
「Eh? Ah okay」

Kurusu started moving her hand that she unintentionally stopped.
Gripping my enormous shaft, she moves it back and forth.

「On your face…your face…」

It seems she could guess my aim.
Kurusu slightly raised her chin while stroking my dick.

「It’s fine, let it out…on my face…here」
「Can you open your mouth just a bit」

Separating both her wet lips, Kurusu opened her mouth only a little bit.


Cum rises to my tip.
While pressing through my thin tube, my semen jumped out all at once.
When it fired from the tip, my consciousness was fading.

「Aahn, amaazing」

Drawing a parabola, the cloudy liquid attacks Kurusu’s face.
My semen polluted such a beautiful canvas.
Semen was also slightly hanging from her open mouth.

「It’s hot…and thick…」

*Chirori*, Kurusu licks the white paint sticking to her lips.

「Also…slightly bitter?」
「…Mia…I can’t…」
「Want to put it in?」
「Yeah…is it fine?」

Even though I let out quite a bit, my son continued to be energetic.
We used the tissues next to the bed and wiped off the leftover semen on Kurusu’s face.
And then when I threw the tissues in the garbage can, we lay down one more time on the bed.

「Come…I also want you to put it in…」

Extending both her hands, Kurusu poses ready to accept me.
Her face had a mixture of expectation and anxiety.
It was just us two in this lodge with minimal lighting.
The person laying on the bed is one I thought I would have no shot with.

「I can’t hold on any longer」

Kurusu looks at me next to her on the bed and muttered.