Erocom Chapter 50: Kurusu Mia 24


I took the condom out of my wallet.
I tore the seal and took out the green item from inside.

「Do you know how to put it on?」

Kurusu looks at me teasingly.
I nodded.

「I practiced…」
「Hee…you wanted to do it with me that bad?」
「I did」

Surprised by my honest response, Kurusu’s lips rise just a bit.
And then, smiled seeming embarrassed.


Even though I practiced, it’s not like I was used to it.
I ended up making Kurusu wait a bit but I somehow got the condom on.

「Did you do it?」

After nodding, I draw towards Kurusu waiting on the bed.
Kurusu stares at my dick with a nervous expression.

「I wonder if it will go in…」
「It is painful…since it’ll be painful, is it alright if I raise my hand to stop?」

It seems she was attacked by nerves at this point.
Kurusu asks hanging her brow.

「Since I’m not a dentist…if you say so, I will stop」
「G-got it」

I got on the bed.
Starting at her feet, I drew closer to Kurusu.
And then, when I grabbed Kurusu’s thin ankles, I slightly spread them.

「Haa…Okutani-kun is stealing my virginity」
「I’m also losing mine」
「Even though I thought it would be with someone cooler and manlier…」
「I thought I would stay a virgin my whole life」

If I don’t say it even if it’s a joke, she probably couldn’t bear it.
I knew from touching Kurusu’s feet but they were shaking.
I advance my body towards the place in between her legs.

Kurusu’s privates were wet.
Her labia was tightly closed.
However, there was a transparent liquid endlessly flooding out from there.
I grasp my son and apply the head to her privates.

「Did it hurt?」
「It’s fine…rather, it feels good」

Well, same here.
I was still just touching the surface.
I was telling myself to keep from getting flustered and push my hips forward.
The head of my huge rod presses against Kurusu’s labia.


Kurusu opens her eyes wide and bites her lip.
My head was still just one centimeter in.
Even so, her body stiffens at the invasion of a foreign object.

「Ah…wait, I’m scared…」
「Should I stop?」
「Wait…I’m fine so…if I think about the one entering me being Okutani-kun, I’m fine…」
「It is me. There is no mistake, I am the one inside you, Mia」
「Th-that’s right…」

Kurusu nods.
And then staring at me, she repeatedly let out large breaths.


Kurusu let out a voice from her throat.
She looks at me trying to stop and shakes her head.

「I’m fine so…continue…inside…nnnnh」

My head was touching her labia minora.
Around this area, I was assailed by a bizarre pleasant feeling.
I just had the tip in her.
However, it still felt so good.
Kurusu’s important place was hot.
I could feel her mucous membrane over the condom and my instincts let out a piercing shout.

「Slowly…Okutani-kun, slowly…put it in」

I put my dick in further.
*Gu gu gu gu*, the resistance against the invasion was smooth.
When I made it to her vagina, I had the urge to push it all in in one go.
Kurusu was grasping the bed sheets with both hands, desperately trying to accept my huge cock.
I couldn’t bear violating her as she was.


Forcibly opening her vagina, my dick penetrates her.
While somehow preserving my reason, I slowly entered with the best of my ability.
Tears flowed from Kurusu’s eyes.

「Hey…it’s in right?」
「Yeah, just a bit」
「Eh, this, is just a bit?」

Raising her gaze seeming troubled, Kurusu closes her eyes.
Creasing her eyebrows, her facial expression showed her trying to battle her fear.

「It’s fine so, continue…」

Although I was perplexed, I inserted my rod just a little more inside.

「It hurts, right?」
「Just a bit…so」

Kurusu muttered in a whisper.
And then when she looks at me, she smiled enduring the pain.

「Okutani-kun’s dick is too big…idiot」

Too cute.
While barely holding onto my reasoning, I push my dick forward.


Kurusu shouts.
She opens her big mouth and yells towards the ceiling.
Shutting her eyes trying to bear the pain of being pierced, she threw a pillow nearby at me.
Although the pillow hit me directly in the face, I continued pushing my dick in.

「Nnnnnaaaaaah, what is thiiis…it huurts…」
「As I thought」
「Don’t wooorry, put it in! It’s fine to put it in!」
「I’ll endure so, it’s fine!」

Kurusu tightly holds the pillow that falls towards her with both hands.
And then looks at me with her face wet with tears.

「I yelled because it hurt but…it’s no good if you stop」
「Why, such a thing…」
「Like I said, don’t ask for every little thing, aaaahn, do-do you want me to say everything!?」

My dick still has barely entered Kurusu.
At best, it is about a fifth of the way in. And that isn’t exclusive to her vagina, it is including what is right inside her labia as well.

「But…If it hurts that bad, today…」

While saying that, when I try to withdraw my son, Kurusu stopped it with a loud voice.

「Put it iin, I want you to put it iiiiin」

I stopped my movements.

「But, you reached your limits…」
「Even if I do, I want you to put it in, th-that’s how much I like you…what is it, geez…unless I tell you everything you won’t get it」

I wonder if it was because of the pain, Kurusu was madder than I have ever seen her.

「You’re not manly and your huge dick makes my first time painful…it’s the worst」
「Don’t apologize. I, who came to like you, am also at fault…I want you to put it in…it can’t be helped, I thought I wanted to feel the whole thing…your thing」

Stopping there, Kurusu said in a whisper with an angry facial expression.

「I thought I wanted to feel it…Koumei’s thing」

This is the first time Kurusu called me by my first name.
Whatever was holding me back until now snapped inside me.
I met eyes with Kurusu. It seems Kurusu also noticed my resolve.
Nodding, she put power in her hand that was holding the pillow.

「Mia…I’m putting it in okay?」
「Yeah, come」

Resolving myself, I push my son inside Mia.