Erocom Chapter 51: Kurusu Mia 25



My dick was halfway in Mia.
Her privates were almost forcefully opened.
And then, my fat rod invaded inside.


Mia pushes the pillow against her face and raised a scream.
With her knees up and legs spread apart, she desperately tries to receive my overly huge dick.

「Is…it all in?」
「It’s still halfway…」
「Aaaaah…nnnnnnnh…what’ll happen if you put this whole thing iiin?」

I don’t know if she grew accustomed to the pain or if she grew accustomed to having something foreign inside her.
She had the pillow pressed against her face but she was able to talk.

「Is it fine if I try moving a bit?」
「Eh? In and out?」

Just hearing the words in and out come from Mia’s mouth was enough to put me over the edge.
I felt Mia’s vagina get narrower and tighter.

「B-but…it’s not all the way in?」
「That’s why…if I push it in and out over and over, it should get used to it…」
「I-is that soo? Th-then…let’s try it」

First, I slowly draw my dick out of her pussy.


Mia raised a mumble from the other side of the pillow.

「It’ll come out! My insides will come out!」
「I-it’s fine…」

*Nupu nupu*, my dick comes out of Mia.
It was covered in love juices and a little bit of blood.
It was the blood from deflowering her. I knew that but I was impatient when I entered her.
My entire body trembles at that fact.
Even though there was a considerable amount of tightness pushing me out, it surprisingly required some power to pull out.

「Mia…it feels good…」
「Is that so? You’re feeling good?」
「…Th-then…it’s fine if you move」

Kurusu let out a big breath.
And with it, her drooping breasts rise.


I once again push my dick halfway inside her.


Mia moans enduring it.
While extending my hand towards Mia’s breasts, I go further inside her.

「Haaaaahn, eh? You’re touching, my breasts?」
「I’m touching…I’m rubbing」
「Nnnnh, somehow since the pain is so much, I don’t understand that weeeeeeell」

I could enter deeper compared to earlier.
Spreading her deep vagina, it starts to accept my huge thing.
There was still some resistance but if I go on as is, I should be able to reach her deepest parts.

I rubbed her tits.
My hands were wrapped in happiness.
Her plump chest transforms and then returns to its original shape.
*Tapu tapu*, it was fun even to look at.
Her face was completely hidden by the pillow but I knew Mia was embarrassed.

「Nee, m-my nipples…」
「My nipples, touch them…」

Just as I was told, I touch her nipples with my thumbs.

「Kuuuuuuhn, there, there, gooood」
「Does it feel good?」
「…Hey, while touching my nipples…Ahn, try putting it in…if you do that I think I can bear it」
「G-got it」

Mia was quite sensitive.
Just by touching her nipples, her sensitive body quivered.
And then it seems she is able to to bear the insertion at the same time.

「I’m coming…」
「Coome…Nee, my nipples, touch them, nee, more, touch them stronger…AaAahaaAaA!」

I desperately knead Mia’s nipples.
She twists her body like she’s satisfied while shouting.
While Mia was being assailed by a whirlpool of pleasure, I push my dick inside her.
*Guu*, Mia’s vagina stretches out and starts to accept my son in one go.
And then, when I advance inside her like that, my head hit a soft wall.

「AAaAaaAAh! It caame, I feel it, amaaazing」
「Mia, Mia, Mia…I’m in…I’m all the way in…」

It was an amazing feeling.
My shaft was wrapped in heat I have never felt until now.
It was over the condom but I could clearly feel Mia’s body temperature.

I stole away the pillow Mia was using to hide her face.
Mia looks at me with a surprised face.
And then showed a seemingly embarrassed toothy grin.

「I was able to have sex with you?」

My dick was now 70% inside Mia.

「Inside…it’s hitting me, I can feel it but…this is…I wonder if my body will be fine」

She felt the invading foreign object to such an extent.
While stroking her light stomach, Mia knits her brows.

「It’s in…」
「It still isn’t everything but…what should I do?」
「Eh…anymore than this won’t go in right? Yaaaaaahn」

I stimulate her nipples.
Mia raised her voice at the pleasure.
Although she glared at me like she was mad, she gasps.

「Nnnnnnnah, ah, amazing, my nipples, goood, aah, I ended up forgetting about the pain」

I put the last 30% inside her.

「KaAaAA, A, AAh, nowaynowaynoway, ah, anymore than this! Ah, my nipples, you’re touching them, Aaah, amaazing, inside my body, aa, it’s biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig」

Mia raises an eccentric voice wide-eyed.
And then, her body did a huge quiver and ended magnificently.

「Aah, amazing, even though it hurts…even though it hurts, I came」
「Mia, I’m moving, okay?」
「Nononoo, now, is no goooood」

I did it slowly but I moved my dick in and out.
I was wrapped up in a fearfully pleasant feeling.
Although I was somehow opposing the surge of pleasure that didn’t allow thoughts, I was defeated by my instincts and hit Mia’s insides over and over again.

「Gahah, ah, nnnnh, it huurts, nh, no goood, ah, I’ll die…I, aaaahn」

I also didn’t forget to rub her nipples.
If I do this, Mia’s pain of being inserted into is oversaturated by pleasure.

「Kuhah, ahn, stoop, don’t moove, ah, inside, it’s turning too strange, it’s strange, my head, it’s tingling, aaahn, my nipples, aahn, Koumei, it’s no good, inside, inside, I said you’re hiiitting」

It wasn’t even that powerful of a movement.
I was just enjoying being inside Mia moving my hips slightly back and forth at the back.
However, Mia continues to gasp desperately with a facial expression like she was hanging on to her consciousness flying away.
While her forehead was becoming a big ball of sweat, she was grabbing the sheets with both hands.
Her legs were spread wide allowing me to go inside her.
It can’t be helped that it feels good to completely dominate her.

「Again, again, I’m cuuming soo, aaaahn, my nipples, my nipples are gooood, touch them, ah, it’s no good, your movements, no gooood, ahnn, cumming, cumming, cumming, cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing」

Mia leapt up again.
Her giant mounds shook and her hips float towards the sky from the bed.

「Haa…it huuurts…but geez…I don’t know anymore」

While repeatedly breathing shallowly, Mia looked at me.

「Koumei…I’ll become weird and die…」
「I’ll be troubled if you die…」
「Why, why do you have such a seriously sad face…」

She had a surprised expression but I was relieved that she had a somewhat happy looking expression.
At least, it seems Mia doesn’t hate having sex with me.