Erocom Chapter 1: Kurusu Mia 1


Human Culture Research Club.
It is a club at Hashidzume Private High School that I attend.

What does our club do, you ask? If you look at our activity summary form
「A club that gathers tangible evidence using interviews and observations on the general concept of human culture.」is what is written.

But the name and what is written on the activity summary form is just an exaggeration.
The members and our actual work aren’t that catchy.
It is a convenient club one of our senpais must have made in order to kill time.
And now the kouhais1 have earnestly taken over the club.

The members are as follows:
The club president, a second year – Kawauchi Hajime.
The vice president, a second year – Ebara Jouji.
Ebara’s childhood friend who is treated as his little brother, a first year – Karata Yuuki.
The first year who no one knows what he is thinking – Ooki Kunihiko.
And then there is me, a second year – Okutani Koumei.

I didn’t have any special qualities. I am a very ordinary high school student.
My height and weight are even average down to the decimal.
I don’t necessarily avoid talking to girls.
But, the aura to get into a special relationship is nonexistent.

Nowadays, there is a problem of another person joining the club.
Two new first years joined the club so at any rate we were already relieved that we had the lowest required amount of members for the club before May 10th.
And then a transfer student arrived in class 2-3 which I attend.2
There was no explanation as to the reason why they transferred halfway through the term.

Hashidzume High School has a policy that all of its pupils have a duty to participate in some type of club activity.
For that reason, the transfer student also has to join a club.
And the club they chose was the Human Culture Research Club.

That transfer student’s name was Kurusu Mia.
That’s right.
She is a girl.

She is the only girl to join the club with only 5 guys.
Furthermore Kurusu was a beauty.
She had long chestnut-colored hair, her eyes were round, and her nose was high.
Her lips were plump and it was a place I couldn’t imagine losing its moisture.
She was tall for a girl and her breasts were voluptuous.
Her limbs were thin and proper and her legs were extremely long.
If someone said she was a model no one would doubt it.

「E-to… I am Kurusu Mia. From now on I hope this club will take care of me.」

And then that smiling face.
When they see that face with dimples if they were a man anyone would end up having their heart throb.
For the first time when Kurusu participated in club activities, me and the other five were captivated by her.
Being taciturn, the famous club president, Kawauchi, speaks some words.

「A, Aa… Nice to meet you.」

Kurusu laughed at the words Kawauchi squeezed out.

「Nice to meet you」

Her voice raised up at the last part.
Us guys couldn’t move.
We stood up from the filthy sofa in the clubroom and everyone ended up in a stalemate.

Then the guys’ energetic attack began.
We all participated in this club’s activities. Everyone was a virgin.
I didn’t know how these guys who have never talked with a girl would attack.
However, in some way they desperately tried to get closer to Kurusu.
Karata and Ooki wouldn’t lose to their senpais and called out「Kurusu-senpai」.

The guys surrounded Kurusu as she sat in the middle of the sofa.
With a lewd look on their faces, their gaze circled around her face, breasts, and ass.
Her exposed thighs were white, a moderate amount of sexual excitement was transmitted just by looking.

These guys, I couldn’t be mixed up with them.
I made an appearance for club activities.
However, I mainly just sit in a chair near the window and read a book.

It’s not like I really hate Kurusu.
Rather I would say I like her.

In class, Kurusu is the most popular.
She hasn’t become domineering and I can’t imagine she has a hidden side to her personality.
There also aren’t that many jealous girls but the amount of girls that follow after Kurusu’s popularity is huge.
The guys of the Human Culture Research Club were in a daze so they didn’t understand.

That’s exactly why.
That’s exactly why I couldn’t think about getting close to her.
Kurusu is a person in a different world than us.
She probably doesn’t think so herself.
It is just me thinking so for my own convenience.
However, in reality she really is a different type of person than us.

My dream is absurd.
Since Kurusu is a person who can talk to someone and receive a reply.
Furthermore she must not find out my desire.

Because Kurusu takes no notice of us.
Because she thinks we won’t have any effect on her life.
She just comes and does club activities and participates in conversation.

Kurusu is popular.
If her appearance is good, her personality is good.
She is a female high school student. She is probably already associating with someone.
No, there is probably already a guy she is dating.
When it comes to light I will mutter「see, it’s just like I thought」.
You can be sure that being Kurusu’s, the school’s most popular person’s, partner is far beyond our reach.
At that time they will realize that illusions are illusions and will writhe in the harshness of reality.
Since that’s the case, I distance myself from Kurusu.
Kurusu Mia hasn’t done anything bad.
Rather she is too good.

「Hey, why don’t we go home together?」

When school ended, I heard someone call out to someone else.
At first, I thought they weren’t talking to me and I ended up ignoring them.

「Okutani-kun, I want to walk home with you but…」

The person that called out to me was Kurusu.



  1. juniors
  2. class 2-3 = second year 3rd class room