Erocom Chapter 15: Ando Mikoto 7


The small park under the overhead structure was dyed orange by the evening sun.
Leaving my bike, I went into that park with Mikoto.
There was a storehouse that the neighborhood council manages.
We both hid behind the back of it.
Now we can’t be seen easily by others.

「What happened? So urgently」
「It’s fine so…」

Looking down, Mikoto grumbled.
And then she threw her head into my chest.

「Hold me tightly…」

Mikoto said it once more.
I didn’t understand Mikoto’s aim.
Until some time ago, she was mad.
And now she is asking me to embrace her.
She is too emotionally unstable.

But even though she asked to be embraced, I also don’t have a reason to hesitate.
Mikoto is a cute girl. Also, she is my important childhood friend.


I slowly wrap my hand around her back.
And then I used a bit of power in order to press my body against hers.


Mikoto let out a small gasp.
And then she also brought her own arms around my back to embrace me back.
Entwining her thin arms, she tightly pulled.
Since she was stuffing her face in my chest, I couldn’t tell Mikoto’s expression.
She was soft and she felt so thin to the point where if I put in a bit of power, it felt like she would end up breaking.

「…I-is this, fine?」
「…Just a bit longer」

With her face buried in my chest, Mikoto says that.
My heart was beating faster.
Since we were both tense, there was no rhythm to it.1
It was not an embrace like you would see in a foreign movie.

I looked at the scenery of Mikoto spacing out while being embraced.
The flock of birds trying to go home soared through the sky that was dyed orange.
It seems a plane flew by near us. The sound of the engine travelled from a ways away.
Sticking out of the water’s surface, the rice planted in the paddy field swayed.
Our exposed skin slightly shivered at the evening temperature.
And yet, the portion of my body that was glued to Mikoto had strangely became hot.

「Nn…it’s fine already」

Announcing that, Mikoto separated herself.
Since she turned her face downwards, I couldn’t see her expression.

「Is something wrong?」

I tried to use as gentle a tone as possible.
Mikoto shook her head.
It was obvious she didn’t want to reply.
Then it is impossible to ask any further.

「Should we go home?…」

After that, Mikoto turned back to usual.
During Teppanyaki, Mikoto and her mom put on a grand show of fighting over the meat.
Watching that, grandma and grandpa had a burst of laughter.
The harmonious time passed by.

It was that night.
When I was studying in my room for the midterm exams, I got a mail from Shirota Yotsuba.

>Thank you for todayyy(^◇^)
>Starting after school tomorrow, I look forward to working with you☆彡
>Is there a good place where no one will find us?
>There shouldn’t be a place, should there(´◉◞౪◟◉)?

It was a mail that I couldn’t imagine coming from the Shirota I met on the bus.
There are people whose personality changes while mailing someone.
Shirota is probably one of those people.

While being perplexed, I aim for an earnest interaction.
I know Shirota is a good person.
She gives her all in her club and she doesn’t dislike talking to a guy like me.
If I could become her friend then I want to without fail.

I wonder where would be good.
When I was thinking of such things, someone knocked on my door.
In a fluster, I hid my cell phone under the textbook.
And then grasping my pen, I pretend that I am studying.

「Come in」

The person who came in was Mikoto.

「Are? You still haven’t gone home yet?」

If I remember correctly everyone should have been watching T.V. after dinner.
I thought since it turned 9 they would have quickly returned home.

「Un…Mom went home」
「Is that so?」

Somehow, Mikoto doesn’t have her usual ambition.
Her cheeks were red and her whole body exudes shyness.
I recalled the embrace today.

「I-if there is nothing else, I am in the middle of studying…」
「I will look at it for you」

Mikoto slightly raised her voice.
And then she closed and locked the door with her hands behind her back.

「I-I will look at…your dick get big for you」
「Eh? Ah…Haa?」
「That’s why, go ahead, strip!」
「W-wait a sec!」

I tried to escape from Mikoto who was drawing closer.
However, on the verge of standing up, my shoulders were grabbed.
My waist that was only slightly raised was once more pushed back into the chair.

「Let me see!」

Seizing my shoulders with both hands, Mikoto opens her mouth.
Her face was considerably close. Looking up at her, I was at a loss for words.
Her cheeks were dyed bright red. And her breathing was rough.
Mikoto right now was strangely erotic.
It’s weird. Mikoto is somehow weird.
Last night, after meeting Kurusu at Sainzu, she became strange.

「Wh-what is it? Mikoto, calm down!」
「I’m calm! You were the one who said it, right? “Please look at it! And then let me know if it is gross or not!”」

That’s right.
But, that problem was already settled.
Kurusu looked at it for me and told me it wasn’t weird.
Also Mikoto right now is a bit scary.
She somehow had the atmosphere as if she was cornered.

「As I thought it would be better if I was the first person you showed. A-and then, you can feel safe showing other women. That is, if any other girls want you」

Mikoto rattled on in rapid-fire mode.
Tears collected in her eyes.

「I am the best one! Nee…It’s fine, right?」
「N-no, m-my studies…」

And then I face my desk in order to escape Mikoto’s eyes.

「Then, I know!」

I thought she gave up but I was wrong.
Mikoto slipped under the desk and started to take off my pants.

「Stop! Idiot!」
「It’s fine, it’s fine if you can study, right?!」

I tried resisting but Mikoto was stronger than I thought.
Just like that, my pants and boxers were completely stripped off me.
I tried to stand up but both my feet were tightly held by both of Mikoto’s hands so I couldn’t move.
If I move poorly, Mikoto could injure me, above all it’s dangerous for my huge exposed dick.

「A-As I thought, it’s big…」

Mikoto muttered under the desk.
When I try taking a look, Mikoto and my son were staring at each other.
It was a chance encounter in the limited space under the desk.
Mikoto’s breath that became rough lightly stimulated my dick.

「Nee..Make it…bigger」
「No…well, even if…you say to make it bigger…」
「It’s fine so hurry!」

Mikoto stared at me from under the desk.
Both her hands were tightly fixing my feet down in case I tried to resist.
The chair shook with a rattle but there was no indication of Mikoto letting go.

「What is it? Geez…」

At the time I muttered that.
My phone on the desk rang.
When I look at the screen, it was Shirota Yotsuba.
She probably called because my reply was slow.

「What? Is that that perfectly beautiful girl?」

Mikoto asked my dick like she was harshly scolding it.


「You mean Kurusu? No…it’s a friend from my class…I kind of need to answer」
「Is it a girl?」
「Y-yeah, be quiet, okay?」

I answered the phone.

『Okutani! Reply to my mail!』

The first thing Shirota says to me is a complaint.
Listening to her voice, a sporty girl’s face popped up in my head.
If I think about it more, I am talking to a girl in my class over the phone with my lower half exposed.
This is quite a strange state of affairs.

「I am studying」
『And? Where should we do it tomorrow?』
「Where indeed…a place that isn’t popular is fine right?」

When I asked Shirota that.
My lower half was attacked with a pleasant feeling.

「Oi! Stop!」

I shouted that.
When I look under the desk, Mikoto put my dick in her mouth to make it bigger.
Glaring at me with upturned eyes, her cheeks were inflated.

『What? What do you mean stop?』

Shirota’s voice came through the cell phone.


  1. Second half makes no sense. Possible mistype by author.