Erocom Chapter 17: Ando Mikoto 9


Obscene sounds echo through the room.
I was crouched on the floor.
Mikoto buried her face in my crotch licking my dick.
While stroking with her right hand to the best of her ability, she licks my dick.

「Nn…Chupu, N」

I stroke Mikoto’s head for her cuteness.
Mikoto just concentrated on continuing to lick the fat pole in front of her.

「N, Chupu, Kuchu, Chupu, Nn…Hamu」

She held the glans in her mouth.
And then she grinds her tongue against it.
The inside of my head became sloppy.
When I try to think of something, those thoughts end up getting washed away by a white wave of pleasure.


Before I knew it, I unconsciously muttered Mikoto’s name.
In accordance with that, Mikoto’s motions became stronger.

「N, Chupupu Kuchunn, Npah, N, Achuu」

Her hand that was stroking quickened.


My hips shook telling me I would cum soon.

「Mikoto! I’m gonna cum!」

I lightly pushed Mikoto’s head.
Mikoto, who had the glans separated from her mouth, looked into my eyes.
It was a serious look. But somewhere in that look was a shadow of sorrow.

Mikoto didn’t stop her stroking hand.
She continued stroking my dick while staring me in the eyes.
Biting her moist lips, her hand quickens like she was appealing for something.

「Cuuming! Cuuming!」

A lump of pleasure I have never felt before travels through my thin tube.1
Raising my hips from the floor, my towering erection got closer to Mikoto’s face.
Mikoto looked at me. Vigorous cloudy liquid flies on her face.
The liberated lump of pleasure flies out continuously while I cum.


Mikoto received almost all the semen on her small face.
But she didn’t take her eyes off of me.


With the remaining pleasure and sense of liberation, I lost the air in my lungs.
My strangely increasing heart beat reverberated through my whole body.
My body lightly spasmed again.


The sticky semen attached to her eyes, nose, and even her mouth pollutes her face not losing to gravity.
Suddenly, Mikoto’s mouth loosened. It was a surprisingly pure smile.

「…Hey, wanna do it again?」
「Eh…Ah, yeah」

If I can have such a pleasant sensation then I might end up becoming Mikoto’s slave.

「Then promise me…you won’t go out with anyone」
「Eh? Wh-what do you mean…?」
「Because I won’t go out with anyone as well…」

I couldn’t be sure what intention she had to say such a thing.
When Mikoto stands up, she grabs a tissue and wipes her face.
And then when she throws the tissue into the garbage bin, she crosses my small room.
Reaching the door, she unlocked it. She turned the doorknob.
Turning back towards me, she said.

「It’s a promise, okay?…」

Mikoto left my room like she was running away.
With the footsteps coming from the hallway, the lingering pleasure wouldn’t leave me.

The next day.
I met Mikoto in the morning.
The Mikoto going to her Ojousama school in her gray dress uniform and the jersey-wearing Mikoto from yesterday seem like a different person.


That was the only words we exchanged as we both rode to the station in silence.
Since we ride opposite trains, I knew we would part at the ticket gate.


It was a usual morning.
There are times when me and Mikoto come to the station together.
If we meet up at the right time, we leave the station together.
At those times, there is no attempt to spring forth with conversation.
We are both the type that are weak in the morning.
There is also no need to expressly talk since we meet almost everyday.

Yesterday we did something strange.
But it seems our everyday life will continue.

In class, again, my eyes met with Kurusu many times over.
When Kurusu was surrounded by everyone chatting with her, when she was called up by the teacher, when everyone jumped in joy at Kurusu getting a nice shot in basketball during P.E., at every moment our gazes would meet.
After school, when I was returning from the restroom to the classroom, I passed by Kurusu.


Kurusu was alone.
As expected, when she goes to the restroom, she leaves behind the people that surround her.
I stopped my feet a fixed distance from her as she muttered like she was talking to herself.

「You look at me too much」
「I mean, during class, and even during P.E…」

She pointed out quite an embarrassing thing.
I knew my face got red.

「It’s not like I hate it though?」

Kurusu averted her eyes.

「But it is a bit troubling」
「That’s right…I’ll be careful」
「Yeah…me too it’s because I was paying too much attention to each time you weren’t looking at me…」

Kurusu’s face reddened as well like she was embarrassed.

「And, when you weren’t looking at me, I ended up feeling disappointed…」

So that’s the reason?
I get attacked by Kurusu’s excessively cuteness.

「That’s why, when our eyes meet…」
「Should I stop?」

Kurusu shook her head, looking at me.

「Don’t stop! But, can you try doing it a bit less?」

It doesn’t seem like she wants me to completely stop.
But it seems with this, the frequency of our gazes meeting might increase.


  1. Pretty sure he means urethra here