Erocom Chapter 32: Ando Mikoto 12


The frogs started croaking nearby.
They let out a weird croak not reading the mood.

Wiping her tears, Mikoto did a huge sniffle.
And then she passed by me with long strides.
I thought I should try to say something but I couldn’t say anything.
Instead I took action.
I catch Mikoto’s hand as she passes me.
I draw her toward myself.
And then I held her thin body as tightly as possible.


At first she tried to resist.
She tried struggling in an attempt to somehow get free.
But, giving up in the end, she presses her face against my chest and cries in a loud voice.


She cried like a child with her mouth wide open.

「I hate thiiiis…Koumei, I like you! I like you!」

Although she was crying, Mikoto let out her feelings to me.
She clung to me very hard with both her thin arms and was shouting while her face was wet with tears.
On this paddy field road where there was no reaction, Mikoto’s words just reverberate through my head over and over again.

「Waaaaan…Uguh…Uu…Koumei…I like you」
「Even though I’m like this…Ukku…」
「Nnku, Nn…that woman, don’t go to her…」

I could only sit there embracing my childhood friend as she let out everything.
After a while, Mikoto, who calmed down, raised her face.


She looked at me with tears in her eyes.
She looked mad but she looks relieved as if she exorcised some evil spirit.

「Koumei, I’m sorry…」
「You don’t have to apologize」
「You’re wrong…I mean for throwing the water on you」

Was she still worried about that?
I already forgave that a long time ago.

「When I saw your smile, I ended up crying…my tears fell on your face…I thought that was a good way to hide it」

That was quite a weird deception.
However, she probably didn’t want me to know she was crying.
And then she probably did it impetuously.

「I will do my best」
「With what?」

Pressing her face in my chest again, Mikoto said with a muffled voice.

「In order to not lose to that woman…In order to not lose against any other women coming after you…」
「Something like a woman coming after me…」
「It’s fine…I want to do my best…」
「…Is that so?」

I didn’t have the qualifications to question Mikoto’s resolve.
Separating from her body, we held hands again and started walking down the paddy field road.
The heavy silence turned into a lighter silence.
We could both feel joy in the air. It was that type of silence.
Before we knew it, the frogs stopped croaking.

We walked on in silence.
There was still a bit before we got home.
I wonder if it got colder, Mikoto drew closer to me.
And then she wrapped her arms around my arm.
She looked exactly like she was hugging my arm.

「Oi, you…」

Now I noticed.
Mikoto wasn’t wearing anything under her T-shirt.
In other words, when she got in the bath, she removed her bra and didn’t put one on with her fresh T-shirt.

「Can you tell?」

Mikoto turned towards me with a childish smile and said seeming embarrassed.

「After all, when I got out of the bath, I didn’t want them to be pinned down…」
「Also if I rode with you…on the bike…」

She means riding on the back of my bike.
And then while I would be pedalling she would press her chest on my back.
If that happened, I would naturally feel the pair of her hills with only a T-shirt separating them from me even though they were small.

「That was half of my goal…」
「After all if I don’t do any ecchi things with you…I’ll end up losing」

Furthermore she was pushing her body onto my arm.
It was difficult to walk but I didn’t have a reason to refuse.

「I’m also…not wearing any underwear」

Whispering and muttering, Mikoto lures my hand towards her crotch with both hands.
My hand touches her private area from on top of her jersey.
I certainly couldn’t feel any underwear.
However, I’m not sure that she wasn’t wearing panties.

「I can’t tell…」

I slowly moved my hand while giving her a reply.
I moved towards the waist of her jersey.
Trying to guess what I was doing, Mikoto looked up at me.


However, I didn’t look at her.
Facing straight forward, I put my hand inside the waist of her jersey.


Mikoto raises a surprised voice.
I move my hand inside her jersey and touch her butt.
I couldn’t feel any cloth. The only thing there was Mikoto’s small toned butt.
It was smooth. I wonder if it was because of the bath but the smoothness was amazing.

「This, you pervert」

That’s certainly correct.
I am a man that thrust his hand in her jersey and was directly touching her ass.
And she was getting her ass touched.
Both of us were walking down the paddy field street without stopping our feet.

「This is confirmation…There certainly isn’t any underwear」
「That’s what I said」

I gently stroke her ass.
I don’t grab on to anything, her skin felt really good.
Each time my palm passes through her crack, Mikoto twists her body like it tickles.
And then gradually she hides her face. She started breathing roughly through her nose.

「Nn, Ah…Hey…why? Isn’t it fine already?」
「What is?」
「I mean… you already understand I’m not wearing any panties, right?」
「You want me to stop?」
「After all…somehow, when you rub my ass…I get this weird feeling」
「Is it a perverted feeling?」

I asked her while pulling my hand out of her jersey.
Mikoto glares at me with puffed up cheeks.

「Pervert…Koumei is a pervert」

A different kind of tears from earlier float in her eyes.
Her eyes resembled a ripe fruit.

「What? Pervert Koumei」
「You, I wonder if you are really not wearing a bra?」

I lie to her with transparent eyes.

「If I don’t actually see them, then I can’t tell」

Actually I understood by just feeling them.
Mikoto raises her voice seeming flustered.

「I-It’s true! I am really not wearing any!」
「Then, should I touch them to see?」
「Like I said, I’m not wearing any! It’s fine if you don’t confirm it! You really are a pervert!」
「I got it…」

However I understood that the Mikoto right now wanted to do something sexual.
Rather than that, she was blooming sexually to suit me.

「Th-that’s right…」

Mikoto muttered seeming a bit disappointed.
Aiming for that opening, I press her for answers.

「I can’t touch but can I see」
「Eh? What do you mean?」
「If you take off your shirt, won’t I understand whether your wearing a bra or not?」

Opening her eyes wide, Mikoto looked at me trying to somehow beg me.
Just that is impossible. I will die from embarrassment. She appealed in silence.
I stopped my feet and urged her.


Mikoto’s feet also stopped. And then she shook her head.

「That’s unreasonable…」
「Then I will strip you so…here, raise your hands」1

This was the paddy field street.
Even though there was no foot traffic, it was still outside.
Although there were no street lights, there weren’t any walls or roofs to block us.

「Seriously? You will really strip me here?」
「After all, if I don’t confirm it」

Although she was shy, Mikoto had a bit of expectation.
If it was in order to show just me, she would do anything with vigour.
She timidly raised both hands in the air and closed her eyes.
I extend my hands out and grasped the hem of her shirt.

「Aa…I will really take it off…」

And then, I quickly strip off her shirt.


  1. He says bonzai which is like telling her to do that pose