Eromobuseka Chapter 37 Dragon God Legend

「 Thanks for introducing us to a good job today. We’ll come again next time 」

「 It’s all because of Melody-sama’s introduction. We’re looking forward to your next visit 」

When the job was over, Melody-oneesama greeted the receptionist lady.

I wonder if Melody-oneesama’s popular with women because she’s a natural beauty? She has that prince-of-girl high-school aura around her after all. She wears pants instead of skirts and she has a slender, cool look, and her friendly personality makes her more popular than a poor bachelor dragon.

「 Hey, Melody-oneesama. What’s that building? 」

「 Oh, that one? That’s the dragon temple. The dragon temple in this city is magnificent 」

「 Dragon temple? What’s that? 」

「 You don’t know about the dragon temples? 」

「 Lina? Could it be that you don’t know about the Dragon God? 」

「 Nope. I never heard about it before 」

Melody-oneesama and Nasha-chan were shocked that Lina didn’t know about the Dragon temples.

「 I don’t know either, what even is a Dragon God? 」

「 Well, how do I say it. A place to worship the Dragon God? 」

「 Dragon God? 」

Not Just Lina-chan, I don’t know about Dragon Temples either. What even is a Dragon god.

「 Weird, every village in Papa’s land should have a Dragon temple. There were Zatsuryu soldiers in your place, right? 」

「 Yes, there were. Two men, one old 」

「 Great, I knew that there would be one. The place where those soldiers live should be the dragon temple. You don’t know that? 」

「 「 Nope 」 」

Huh? I thought that it was a soldier station, but that was the dragon temple? I had no idea that it was that kind of building.

「 Melody-oneesama. Shouldn’t we take them to the Dragon God Temple? 」

「 Right, I never thought that they didn’t know about the Dragon God or the temple at all. 」

「 Have you not asked the soldiers about it? 」

「 I never heard of it. Lina-chan? 」

「 I don’t remember. I think I never heard it either 」

Lina-chan seems suspicious, but I’m sure that I never heard of it. If I hear fantastic names such as Dragon God or Dragon Temple, then I’m sure to remember them.

From what I heard from the three of them, it’s common to learn about the Dragon God and the Temple from the old men. The two weren’t doing their job.

「 Then, I’ll call in the priest to have them explain to you both 」

「 Having a priest teach you would be better than us 」

「 It’s been a while since I listened too. The stories about the Dragon God. 」

We were guided to a building made of mysterious gold and black material. The shape is similar to the Roman Pantheons. There were several pillars, each one with a message carved on them.

『 I hereby dedicate this world to you, the great ■■■ 』

『 I hereby dedicate this world to you, the great ■■■ 』

『 I hereby dedicate this world to you, the great ■■■ 』

『 I hereby dedicate this world to you, the great ■■■ 』

I can’t read some of the parts due to the difficult wording, but I think that’s what’s written.

「 You there. Bring the priest. We wish to hear the tale of the Dragon God 」

「 Y-Yes! I-I’ll call in someone 」

Nasha-chan called someone who looked like an official nearby and told them to call the priest here. They sounded used to it, I mean, the priest was used to being treated like a maid by a small child, that’s amazing.

After a while of waiting, an old lady in a gorgeous black robe with gold embroidery arrived. She’s got an aura of a boss dragging several people around her.

「 Welcome, Young Kiryu. My name is Bishop Ema. Pleased to meet you all 」

「 I see. Ema. I asked for a sermon, but, can we ask you some questions? 」

「 Of course. I’ve prepared a room for you all 」

Bishop Ema seemed to be a high-ranking person, but she kept bowing to Nasha-chan and guided her to a room.


The image of a priest to me was more of a God’s agent with dignity, or maybe it was just my prejudice?

「 Well then, I’d like to begin the story about the Dragon God, both Dragon and God 」

After sitting on a luxurious sofa in the guest room, served drinks, snacks, and fruits, Bishop Ema began her sermon.

「 At first, there was nothing in the world. No heaven or earth, no light or darkness, nothing. Then, a Dragon God appeared in that nothingness 」

Hmm. So this is the creation myth. They’re talking about a Dragon God creating the world.

「 There were a lot of Dragon Gods, but they saw true nothingness and decided to create the world.

A certain Dragon God dedicated both and mind to create the law of time.

A certain Dragon God dedicated both body and mind to creating the law of space.

A certain Dragon God dedicated both body and mind to create the law of Heaven

A certain Dragon God dedicated both body and mind to create the law of the Earth. 」

The Dragon Gods sacrificed themselves to create the world.

Time began to flow, space was created, the sky expanded, and the earth took shape.

The sun, moon, oceans, clouds, rivers, flowers, animals, and everything else in the world were created by the Dragon Gods.

「 Thus, many Dragon Gods have dedicated their bodies and minds to create this world.

–However, Many of the Dragon Gods didn’t think that it was a great idea to offer their body and mind to the Gods 」


「 They chose their power to create and transform the world instead, instead of giving it to the world. They chose to devour the world as they wished for their greed.

Thus, the Dragon Gods were divided into two paths.

Gods who became the foundation and the laws that created the world.

And the Dragons, who celebrate in this world and manipulate the magic laws to transform the world as they please.

The Dragon Gods were split into Dragon and God.

What the hell are you doing, dragons?!

Huh? What? Isn’t this the part where you become God, a cornerstone of the world, And yet, you’re just playing around doing whatever you please?!

「 The God has abandoned their Ego, becoming the Law of the world. The Dragons were so obsessed with their own ego, wore flesh to satisfy their desires, and manipulated magic to change the law as they saw fit within the limits of their perception.

The power to perform magic, mana. In other words, the Mana you all have 」

Bishop Ema respectfully looks at the Kiryu Girls.

「 Mana is the power tied to Magic, and can easily change the laws of the world.

And so, please do not break the laws of the world! 」

Okay, the clergy of this world aren’t that humble!!

They’re just on their knees because they fear the power of the Dragon and Gods from the bottom of their heart!! I guess that’s why they’re so polite.

「 That’s the end of the story. You can leave now 」

「 Yes, certainly 」

Nasha-chan gave a few words and Bishop Ema left immediately. I’m starting to feel somewhat sorry for Bishop Ema, someone who’s much older than me and probably a high-ranking person in the temple.

「 Since this Dragon God Temple is the domain of the King’s sister, the base color is black. Gold is the color of the Queen of Light 」

Mira tells us that the colors and designs are different for each territory and lord. She doesn’t seem to think anything about Bishop Ema’s attitude.

「 There are small temples all over the Kingdom packed with Zatsuryu soldiers. People worship the Lord Kiryu through the Dragon Temple, and the Lord protects their followers, the people from the threat of monsters. That’s how it works 」

「 The donations collected at the Dragon God Temple belong to the Lords. We used to get deliveries from Merchants who donated Goods to our house 」

Taxes were divided between the state and the Lords, but there were apparently various rules, such as lords getting the Lion’s share of the donations from the Dragon God Temple. In return, the Lord would be responsible for the operation of the Dragon temple, and the wages of the Zatsuryu Soldiers.

Melody-oneesama and Nasha-chan took it as natural, Lina-chan wasn’t thinking about anything and continued to eat the sweets, so I was the only one curious about Bishop Ema’s attitude.

Well, I’m a little curious, but I’ve got no plans on reforming this world. The Kiryu guarantees the safety of the people by running the state using their military power, and they regulate them as well.

It’s the right choice to keep their heads down to avoid any violence from the dragons.

「 –Oh, right. It’s because of the dragon ancestors that we humans with dragon blood are so weak to our desires… 」

Hearing the story about the Dragon God earlier, I thought about how the serious and self-sacrificing personality took the initiative to offer themselves to the world, and the self-centered and playful Dragons were released.

Maybe it’s natural that beings who inherited that blood would also be arrogant and greedy.