Chapter 10 – The Next Morning

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As always, I woke up at dawn the next morning.

Daisy was still sleeping, but she was startled awake when I moved my body to stand up.

“… Your highness?” Daisy asked drowsily.

I smiled softly and gave her a brief kiss. “Morning, little Daisy. You can sleep a bit more if you want.”

Daisy nodded with a sleepy face and closed her eyes again. I shook my head and went to the bathroom to wash my face.

But when I was in the bathroom, I heard a scream.

“It’s already morning!” Daisy stood up from the bed and ran nervously to the bathroom. “I’m sorry, your highness, I overslept. I’ll get everything ready immediately!”

“Calm down, Daisy. Don’t worry, I can take care of everything if you are still tired.”

Daisy turned red when she heard the word tired, but quickly shook her head. “I-Impossible. Serving your highness is my responsibility. I can’t disregard it simply because I’m a bit t-tired!”

I laughed at the adorable expression on Daisy’s face.

Daisy blushed even more when she heard my laughter but continued putting on her clothes. She wore the blue dress from yesterday quickly and rushed towards the door as though she was escaping from something.

“I-I’ll go to get changed. It’ll not take long.”

I shook my head and smirked. At least, I could confirm that Daisy was alright after resting for a night.

Well, I transferred my mana to her, so it’s pretty normal.

I finished washing my face and brushed my teeth. I then wore my training clothes and departed to the courtyard.

Once outside, I inhaled a mouthful of air and exhaled deeply.

My mana began to circulate inside my body, filling y muscles and nerves with energy, and clearing the last trace of sleepiness from my mind. I then started my training.

My everyday training consisted mainly of swordsmanship and a bit of mana training following this world’s cultivation method. Actually, this training was pretty simple for me, but it was a good way to begin the day.

Meanwhile, I began to think about my actions from today onwards.

Now that I’m eighteen, and my self-imposed limitations have been lifted, there are many things I can do. However, if I want to be the manipulator behind scenes while living a life of debauchery, then my options are more limited.

Moreover, though I have done many things through my different lives, I never dedicated an entire life only to womanize.

It probably will be a fresh experience.

The sun began to come out one hour after I began my training. Daisy also finished changing and tidying everything and came to the courtyard to watch my training.

But while I was training, someone approached us.

“Is the prince training so early in the morning? You are truly hardworking.”

Daisy frowned when she heard the mocking tone of the newcomer’s words. She glared at him with an infuriated expression, but I stopped her with my gaze before she could speak.

“Good morning, Sir Raul. It’s rare for someone like you to be here at this time of the day.” I replied politely.

The man smirked softly, but quickly hid his smirk and feigned an expression of politeness. “I decided to patrol early in the morning and saw the prince training, so I thought it was a good idea to greet you.”

I nodded in understating, but inside, I was wondering what reason sir Raul had to come here.

Sir Raul was the captain of the imperial guards. He was a tall forty-years-old man of almost two meters of height, famous for his loyalty to the emperor and with a clean record even after ten years of serving as the imperial guards’ leader.

To be honest, my relationship with him is one of indifference. Although we saw each other on a few occasions, we never entailed a conversation. At most, he would bow in politeness and I would return the bow with a nod.

Precisely because of that, I can’t find a reason for him to appear here so early in the morning, moreover, with such a clear ill will.

So, I decided to activate one of my abilities.

‘Akashic Sight’.

It was my first time using this ability in this life, but it was activated easily. After all, I have the experience of my past lives.

Instantly, a wave of mana spread in the surroundings with me as the center.

The wave of mana was very subtle, so nobody besides me detected it, but it informed me of everything in a two kilometers radius.

From the color of the trees, until the number of insects below the ground. Everything entered my mind in an instant and filled my mind with information.

And then, I understood everything.

Akashic Sight is a technique I created during my 102nd reincarnation. It’s one of the few techniques that I use in each life, and the reason for it is due to its extraordinary use.

In its strongest state, this technique can allow me to recollect information about everything in1000 kilometers around me. Besides, it allows me to know the thoughts of others and even to foresee the future at a limited degree.

Of course, doing so consumes a staggering amount of mana.

But if I only want to know the reason behind sir Raul’s presence, then it’s something very easy to do.

I felt the ill will of the captain, the greed for the reward he was promised, the despise towards me, and the eyes of the empress looking here from far away through her binoculars.

I snorted in disdain on my mind. To think that the empress promised the captain of the imperial guard a reward so he trashes me during my training! Moreover, the captain agreed! It looks like the farce of yesterday has already spread through the palace.

And as I predicted, the captain quickly went direct to his goal.

“Prince, though training every morning is good, real battle experience is many times more important. Why don’t you have a spar with me? I’m sure it’ll be helpful to you.”

I feigned a look of hesitation in my face. Seeing it, Sir Raul hit when the iron was hot.

“Don’t worry, your highness, I will hold back.”

“This… Alright. Please guide me, sir Raul.” I said after showing an expression of struggle.

Sir Raul smiled heartedly and patted my shoulder. “That is the attitude.” He then took a wooden sword he was carrying in his waist and stood five meters in front of me.

A ruthless expression flashed briefly through his eyes, but he quickly hid it. I smirked secretly when I noticed it.

Hehe, do you think it will be so easy?


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