Chapter 12 – Elene (1)

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“Raul, what are you doing?!” A woman’s enraged voice came from the entrance of the courtyard.

Sir Raul’s face changed instantly. He turned his head in direction of the voice with a startled expression.

“Elene?! What are you doing here?” He said to the woman.

“What am I doing here?! Rather, what are you doing here?!” The woman looked at Raul and then at me. Instantly, her expression turned ugly.

“Who did it?!” She asked with a thunderous expression.

The guards around us turned their heads away. Raul looked at the woman with an ashamed expression but did not speak.

“You…” The woman understood that the captain was the responsible and pointed her finger furiously towards him. “How do you dare to hurt a member of the imperial family?! Are you crazy?!”

Sir Raul was even more ashamed, but he quickly frowned in displeasure to hide it. “What do you mean? We were simply sparring and the prince was slightly hurt.”

“Sparring?! Slightly hurt?! Do you think I’m blind and did not see when you used seventh tier power?!”

Raul’s face turned red, but he did not retreat under the woman’s words. “If I said it was a spar, it was a spar. Besides, women should not be involved in men’s affairs.”

“You…! I can’t believe I married someone like you back then!” The woman shouted angrily and ran to check my condition.

Yes, she, Elene Sirius, was sir Raul Lorknork’s wife.

At 35 years old, Mrs. Sirius was the main doctor of the palace. She was a powerful mage specialized in healing magic and was considered one of the best doctors of the empire.

Elena Sirius was the perfect definition of an adult beauty. She was 1.7 meters tall, with long lustrous black hair flowing until her legs.

Her face was perfect, with thick lips and sharp eyebrows. She had a pair of clear blue eyes, and her ice-cold expression made her look like a successful woman. Her curvy ass and chest added a touch of seductiveness to her behavior, and her long legs enhanced her beauty at another level.

Moreover, she exuded the charm of a married wife. You could not help but stare at her and admire her perfect body.

Elena crouched down and examined my state with an ugly face. Daisy was next at her with an anxious expression, but Elena did not pay her attention.

However, her expression turned uglier with each passing second.

When she finished examining my injuries she turned towards sir Raul with a cold expression. “You better pray that nothing happens to the prince. If something happens to him and his majesty learns that you used seventh tier strength against him, then your loyalty will not spare you from being beheaded!”

The captain looked at Elena with an ugly expression and tsked in annoyance. He then turned around and left with the guards.

After a few seconds, only Daisy, Mrs. Elena and I were left in the courtyard.

Mrs. Elena then looked at me with an apologetic expression and bowed her head slightly. “I’m sorry about my husband’s behavior. I hope prince Claus can be understating.”

I showed a small smile on my face. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Elena. I understand. Besides, it’s true that it was originally a spar.”

“That idiotic man!” Mrs, Elena scolded angrily. “To think he dares even to hurt a prince!”

I smiled wryly and shook my head. “It’s due to yesterday night’s incident. He probably thinks I’m doomed and there will not be any problem if I don’t die.”

“Even so, you are a prince. He must show you due respect regardless of your circumstances!”

“I’m happy that Mrs. Elena thinks like that.” I said.

Mrs. Elena showed a small smile when she heard my words.

Not many people are kind to me and my sister in the palace, but Mrs. Elena is one of them. She always showed us a smile and often helped us when we needed help. Because of it, our relationship with her was pretty good.

Actually, when she married the Imperial Guards’ Captain, sir Raul, elder sister Dina opposed vehemently. She said that Mrs. Elena deserved someone better, and that many people in the empire would be honored of having someone like her as their wife.

But Mrs. Elena replied that she loved the captain, so sister Dina was could only agree.

I also opposed the marriage back then, so Mrs. Elena felt a little guilty seeing her husband attacking me. She probably found herself stuck in a hard place.

“Can you stand, prince? Let’s go to the infirmary to treat your injuries better.”

I nodded and stood up while feigning an expression of pain. Daisy and Elena quickly came to support me and helped me to stand up.

I then was taken to the infirmary. Once there. Mrs. Elena applied a healing spell on me and checked my injuries again.

“Wait a moment here, price. I’ll get some potions that will be helpful.”

I nodded quickly and Mrs. Elena left the infirmary. I then told Daisy to tell the emperor that I could not go to eat breakfast because I was injured during the training.

Daisy was reluctant to leave me alone, but she agreed when I insisted that it was more important.

Once I was alone, I began to plan how to conquer the beautiful married doctor.


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