Chapter 13 – Elene (2)

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To be honest, my injuries were superficial. It’s impossible for someone with the captain’s strength to hurt me even if I let him. The only reason because he could land a blow on me was that I allowed it.

Although my mana is only at the fourth-layer, it’s only the mana I practiced following the techniques of this world. Actually, it’s just a technique I practiced to play around.

As for my true mana technique, it’s a technique I created and perfectioned through hundreds of lives. I called it, Spatial Furnace.

Without side effects, without the need for a breakthrough, without requirements of age, without limits in the amount of mana it can hold. Spatial Furnace could be considered as the most perfect cultivation technique always created. Its only drawback is an extremely-high requirement about the understating of space and energy, but that is not something difficult for someone like me.

Of course, nobody else can practice this technique. At least, I never met someone.

I began to practice this technique from the day I was born, without stopping even for one second.

If measured for this world’s standards, my current mana would be the equivalent at the fourteenth layer of mana. That means that I’m at least two layers higher that the strongest person in this world. With such power, I only need to snap my fingers to make the captain disappear forever.

Of course, doing it would be boring. I think that creating an opportunity to steal his beloved wife is better. Then, once he loses everything, I can show him that he always was nothing more than an ant before me.

With Daisy gone, I can start with my plan.

I made sure of worsening my injuries and waited for Elene’s return.

Five minutes later, Elene returned with a small bottle in her hand.

“Where is Daisy?” She asked doubtfully.

“I sent her to tell father that I will not be present in today’s breakfast.” I explained with a wry smile.

Elene put on an apologetic expression. “I’m sorry about it, prince. My husband caused you problems.”

I waved my hand and told her that it was alright.

Elene sighed in relief and gave me a beautiful smile. I could not help but stare her intensely with a spellbound expression.

Elene blushed slightly noticing my gaze. “Is something wrong?”

“It’s nothing. I just thought that sister Elene is truly beautiful.”

“Haha. What a sweet talker. Do you say the same to all the girls?” Elene grinned with a teasing expression, but I could see that her cheeks were a bit red.

“Of course not.” I replied instantly. “You are the first person in this world.”

Elene’s blush became deeper.

First step, done. No woman hates when someone calls her beautiful, even more if it’s a handsome man. Moreover, Elene has always seen me as a little brother or a nephew, so she doesn’t have her guard up against me. I also called her sister Elene to close the distance between us naturally.

I then took advantage of when the iron was hot to continue striking.

“I still did not understand. Why did you marry that man, sister Elene? I don’t think he is anything good.”

Elene looked at me and smiled wryly. “He is a good man, it’s only that he has a few defects. Moreover, because we have been unable to have a son, his temper has changed for the worse lately.”

I could see a bit of sadness on Mrs. Elene’s face.

It was one of the biggest regrets Mrs. Elene had. For some reason, she could not have children with her husband. Due to it, their relationship has strained with the years, becoming colder.

“Let’s not talk about it.” She shook her head briefly. “Undress quickly, I will check your injuries again.”

“Huh?” I made a surprised sound and feigned an expression of embarrassment. Elene saw it and quickly blushed too.

“Don’t think something pervert, prince! I need to see your injuries closely if I want to know if something is wrong.”

I nodded and undressed quickly. Elene turned around to reduce my embarrassment, but it only made things easier for me. I undressed completely and sat on the stretcher.

“By the way, sister Elene, call me Claus. I feel strange when you call me prince.”

“Is it so? I’m alright with it, but I’ll continue calling you prince in public, okay.”

I nodded and took a deep breath. “I’m ready.”

Hearing my voice, Mrs. Elene turned around calmly.

But when she saw me, her expression froze completely.

She then stared at my body with an expression of surprise, fear, astonishment and… lust?

I could feel her eyes roaming my body. Maybe because she could not comprehend the situation completely, she kept her eyes glued at my chest for a few seconds. But then, I spoke.

“Is something wrong?”

Instantly, Elene recovered her reason.

She then blushed deeply in shame and rage and turned around quickly. With an enraged voice, she shouted. “Why are you naked?!”

I feigned surprise again. “Huh? But you were the one that told me to undress, don’t you?”

“But I never told you to take off your underwear!”

“… Huh?” With a cry of surprise I quickly put my underwear back.

Mrs. Elene continued looking at the other side with a deep blush on her cheek. I could imagine that she was thinking about my body currently.

I even heard them muttering the words ‘So big…’ softly, so I can more or less gauge her current mental state.

I smirked secretly but keep my act of an innocent boy. Fortunately, there never was a rumor about me with a woman during the past years, so Elene believed my innocent act easily.

Furthermore, even if she had doubts, the current situation did not allow her to think straight.

I could feel her breathing becoming heavier and her body becoming a bit hotter. Although she tried to control her emotions, she was a bit aroused.

However, she calmed down quickly. While I was putting my underwear back, Mrs. Elene circulated her mana and finally erased those thoughts of her mind.

But a few seconds later, those thoughts would be back.

I put my underwear back and Elene checked my injuries carefully. She blushed again when she saw my fit body and muscles from close, and even her breathing became louder. But she controlled her excitement and realized the check-up without problem.

A few seconds later, she put a hand on my back and I felt a warm current entering my body.

It was healing magic.

My injuries healed almost completely in an instant and I let out a groan of pleasure. Elene’s thoughts fell into disarray hearing my groan.

“I-It’s finished.” She said a bit flustered. “I’ll apply this potion in your back now and it will do for now.”

I grunted in agreement and Mrs. Elene opened the bottle she brought. Instantly, a sweet scent spread into the room.

Then, Mrs. Elene poured the potion on my back.

A second later, she began to spread it onto my injuries.


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