Chapter 14 – Elene (3)

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I felt a brief itch when Mrs. Elene poured the potion on my back.

A pleasant heat spread through my injuries, almost making me moan of pleasure. I could feel the tissues closing and healing slowly.

When all the potion was completely poured onto my back, Mrs. Elene extended her hand.

She suppressed the brief feeling of shame that appeared on her heart and concentrated on spreading the potion on my injuries. Her heart became calm and her hands pressed onto my body.

As a doctor, Mrs. Elene was able of controlling her emotions easily. After all, it would not be good if she commits a mistake due to being unable to control her emotions.

But strangely, she could not control her emotions this time. Every time she pressed her hands on my back, she felt a shiver running through her fingers until her body.

I concentrated on the massage Elene was doing. Her soft hands stroked my back gently, spreading the potion through the injuries carefully to stimulate the regeneration of my tissues.

Occasionally, I would send a bit of mana through Mrs. Elene’s fingers, causing on her a brief feeling of pleasure. The feeling was very brief, to the point where even the person herself would only think that she was having pervert thoughts instead of realizing that I was doing something.

With time, Mrs. Elene’s massage became more seductive. She used a bit more strength and tried to touch my skin for a longer time. I had to admit that Mrs. Elene’s skills in massaging were superb. I had to struggle to suppress the groans of pleasure escaping from my lips.

Mrs. Elene’s breaths became heavier. I could hear she panting softly while staring my back with a lost expression. The temperature of the room became higher, and sweat started to flow from our skins.

“Groan…” I let out a soft moan of delight. Mrs. Elene smiled and put her hands over my shoulders before pressing them down. I felt a strong stimulus and groaned again.

The sweet smell of the potion mixed with our sweat. I could feel the desire coming from Mrs. Elene’s body. She was struggling to suppress the lust coming from her.

After a while, the potion spread to all my injuries, but Mrs. Elene did not stop the massage. Instead, she began to stroke the rest of my body gently. Probably, even she was not sure about what she was doing now.

“Sister Elene…” I sighed joyfully and looked at Mrs. Elene’s face. Our eyes found each other and our gazes stayed fixed in place.

After a few seconds, Mrs. Elene finally moved her gaze away with a blush. She then moved her hands towards my legs and continued her massage.

She would touch my ass occasionally, but I could not say if it was accidentally or on purpose. With time, her movements became even braver, and her hands became more daring. It was obvious that our minds were getting lost in lust.

Mrs. Elene removed a strain of hair from her forehead with a hand and looked at me with a nervous but expecting expression. She stared at my body with a fascinated look and turned completely red.

I, on the other hand, looked at her body carefully. Her black hair was moving softly with the wind, and her blue eyes were a bit moist due to her excitement. I could smell clearly the sweet fragrance coming from her body.

My little friend was already completely erect. I heard Mrs. Elene gasp in surprise when she saw it in all its potential.

But although she was a bit muddleheaded due to the lust, I could see a trace of hesitation and guilt flashing on her eyes.

I stood up and walked slowly towards her. Mrs. Elene put on a frightened expression and took a step back, but I could feel her expectant feelings.

Then, I took another step forward.

“Is everything alright, sister Elene?” I asked with an innocent tone, but made sure to direct my gaze towards her chest. Mrs. Elene detected my gaze and her body turned hotter. She could feel an itch on her chest, causing her to open her mouth with an expression of struggle.

But then, a resolute expression appeared on her face. However, before she could speak, someone’s voice came from outside.

“Your Highness, I’m back!” Daisy said and tried to open the door, but it was locked. “Huh? Is it locked?” Daisy put on a startled expression.

Instantly, the atmosphere inside the room cooled down. Mrs. Elene returned to her senses and quickly circulated her mana. At the same time, I put on my clothes and feigned an embarrassed face.

Mrs. Elene then went to open the door. She put on a doubtful expression when she saw the door locked, after all, she did not remember locking it.

But she quickly forgot about it. She made sure that her expression was normal and opened the door.

“I’m sorry, Daisy. I locked the door to not interrupt the prince’s treatment.”

Daisy nodded in understating and ran towards me. I was finishing wearing my clothes and smiled at her.

“Did father say something?”

“… No.” Daisy put on a depressed expression. “He only nodded and waved me away. But the empress said some unpleasant things.”

“I understand.” I patted Daisy’s head and then turned towards Mrs. Elene with my usual expression. “Is the treatment done? I still feel a bit painful though.”

“… Huh? Oh, right. Come again in the afternoon for another session and it will be fine.” Mrs. Elene said unconsciously with an unfocused expression.

I nodded instantly. “I understand, thanks again.” Afterward, I left the infirmary with Daisy.



Mrs. Elene nodded unconsciously when Aleen left and closed the door. She was thinking about the things that happened just now.

[I can believe I tried to seduce the prince just now! Am I crazy?] [No! I can’t think about it, I’m a married woman! Besides, I love my husband! How can I think about cheating on him!]

Mrs. Elene quickly calmed her emotions and reminded Prince Claus’s face again. She had to admit that he had become more handsome now he was older. Moreover, his body was very attractive.

[Could it be that I like young men? Sigh… Fortunately, he is already gone. Otherwise, I could end committing a mistake.]

But then, she remembered that she told him to return in the afternoon.

“Noooo! What did I do?! How can I face the prince again in the afternoon? Moreover, what I do if something happens?!” Mrs. Elene crouched on the ground and put on a worried face. Finally, she gave a sigh of resignation and stood up.

“Sigh. I must keep my distance this afternoon. I can’t believe I even thought about doing it just now…”

For a brief moment, she moved her hand to her part below, but she quickly shook her head and slapped her cheek.

Then, she left the infirmary.


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