Chapter 15 – Aunt Dayana (1)

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I left the infirmary with Daisy and returned to my room. I then took a quick bath and changed my training clothes to ones more suitable. Daisy blushed and her breath became heavier when she saw me changing my clothes, but I suppressed my urges to eat her immediately. Now was not the time for this.

I grabbed a new sword that was leaning against a wall. It was the gift that sister Dina gave me yesterday.

By the way, Lena gifted me the coat I’m wearing now and Daisy gave me a handkerchief.

I then left the palace and went to the city.

The city was very beautiful, with a fantasy and medieval appearance. The city was very clean thanks to the existence of magic tools and because most people could use even a bit of mana, so it was not hard to keep the basic hygiene.

Daisy and I quickly reached our destination. It was a three-floor building luxurious decorated. It was located in the most popular zone of the city, and beautifully dressed people would enter and exit it from time in time.

A golden plaque was attached at the door with the words, Reincarnation Auction Hall.

Two men with fierce faces were standing outside it and looking at everybody who entered warily, but when they saw me, they bowed respectfully.

“Welcome, your highness.”

I nodded in response and entered with Daisy.

The clerks inside greeted me once I entered and bowed too. I nodded again and proceeded to the third floor.

The Reincarnation Auction Hall is one of my properties in the capital. I received it from my mother’s family for my fifteen birthdays.

When I received it, it was going to close. The sales were bad and it caused great loses to my mother’s family. Due to it, they did not think much when I asked for it. Everybody thought that I at most would play with it for a bit and then close it down, but now, it’s one of the most reputable auction houses in the city.

But this place is not just a common store or auction house. This is also the headquarter of my businesses.

Besides this auction house, I have many other businesses in the empire. I started them because I was bored, but they ended becoming something very great.

I swear that I did not use my past lives’ knowledge to grow the businesses, at least not on purpose. It’s just that the knowledge about business in this world was far behind from other worlds I have lived. So, I found it easy to make them successful. After all, a simple idea I said casually was more than enough to generate great earnings.

Because of it, I have a good reputation with the commoners of the empire. Different from the nobles, they think I’m a capable and kind prince, with a great mind for business and a decent talent for mana.

Maybe it’s a reason because the empress is so fearful of me. After all, If I receive the support of the commoners, combined with all the money I have due to my business, then I can be a risk to her son’s throne.

When I reached the third floor, a beautiful middle-aged woman greeted me.

“Claus!” She hugged me excitedly with a happy expression.

I put on a smile and greeted her. “Aunt Dayana, how are you?”

“Silly boy, of course I’m fine. I’m worried about you instead.” She asked with a concerned expression

I smiled wryly to my aunt’s words. It looks like she already knows about what happened yesterday at my birthday party.

“Don’t worry, aunt. I’m fine.” I could only say it to reassure her.

“That cursed man! How dare him to do it to my nephew! Is it not enough with ruining my sister’s life and now he also wants to destroy yours?!”

I could feel the hatred and rage on aunt Dayana’s words. She hated the emperor completely. After all, she thinks that he is the main responsible for mother’s death.

“Calm down, aunt.” I sighed and held her hand gently. “It would be bad if someone hears you insulting the emperor. Don’t worry, I still have five years. I’ll think about something.”

Aunt Dayana looked at me with a pained expression. She then hugged me again and stroked my back. “My poor Claus. I’m sorry you have to go through it.”

“Aunt, I’m already an adult.”

She blushed and let go of me.

Aunt Dayana was a beautiful thirty-years-old woman. She was a bit petite, with 1.65 meters of height, and had beautiful black eyes and black hair, like Dina. Although she did not have much in the chest department, her gentle disposition could conquer any man.

Currently, she was married and had a ten years old son. Her husband was called Lock and worked with another auction house. He spent most of his time traveling through the empire, searching for new products for the auction house, and only returned home once in a few months.

Dayana was my youngest maternal aunt, the last of four daughters. At the same time, she was the director of this auction house. She offered herself to help me when I took charge, so I let her take the position of director.

“Is the business doing fine?” I asked once my aunt calmed down. Aunt Dayana’s face instantly changed to a serious expression and grabbed some documents from a table.

“Fortunately, our businesses are doing fine lately. Your idea about packing the wine in a decorated bottle and then increasing its price was incredible. I can’t believe that so many people bought the same wine for a higher price simply due to the new bottle.”

I smiled in my heart. C’mon, it’s a simple sales strategy using brands and limited edition goods.

My aunt continued reviewing the business’ situation, I listened patiently and interrupted when I felt that something was wrong.

After one hour passed, I finished listening and suggested some things to my aunt. Aunt Dayana nodded and wrote my ideas to think about them later.

Once we finished, I ate breakfast. Aunt did not ask why I didn’t eat breakfast at the palace, probably because she thought that it was related to the emperor.

At that moment, one of the guards entered the floor with a flustered expression.

My aunt frowned deeply. She glared furiously to the guard and scolded him. “What are you doing here?! Don’t you know you can’t enter here without permission?!”

“I’m sorry, boss.” The guard apologized with a pale face. “It’s just that someone is causing trouble in the entrance.”

I frowned when I heard it.  I activated Akashic Sight instantly and observed the situation.

Huh? So it’s him, huh…


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