Chapter 3 – Imperial Family (2)

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“Damn him! How does he dare to insult our mother?!” Dina cursed angrily after we exited the dining room.

Dina’s servant and Daisy chased after us from behind, but they did not dare to interrupt our conversation.

“Calm down, Dina.” I said softly while pulling her away from the room. “You know that he has always been like that.”

“But that is not a reason to insult our mother! And father too! Not only he did not defend our mother, but he also ordered us to leave! It’s unfair!”

“Sigh…” I sighed deeply and let Dina vent. Compared to me, my elder sister is the one who suffers the most due to the discrimination in our family. I don’t care a bit about my family’s thoughts about me, but Dina is unable to do the same. She had always desired the acknowledgment of our father.

Unfortunately, due to our birth and that our mother died many years ago, our standing before father is a bit awkward.

The reason because Bryan called my mother a slut is also due to it.

Before marrying our father, our mother was the daughter of a minor noble. She entered the palace to work as a maidservant and there, she met our father.

Back then, our father was already married to my stepmother, Lilia, and my first brother had been born. But because our father was obsessed with mother, he ignored Lilia, my first brother, and the words of the court, and insisted on marrying our mother as his second wife.

To be honest, Him marrying our mother would not have been much of a problem if she was just a concubine. After all, polygamy is something common in the empire. But when he insisted on making my mother the second empress, many opposed to it.

After all, mother standing was not high enough to be a queen, and another queen meant changing completely the political map of the empire.

Due to it, many people in the empire called my mother a slut that seduced the emperor and clouded his judgment.

While our mother was alive, it was not much of a problem. With her title as queen and the emperor’s support, nobody dared to call my mother a slut openly.

But when she died, things changed completely.

The emperor felt guilty towards his first empress, Lilia, due to marrying my mother, so he closed an eye when she scolded us while it was not something too overboard.

But though things were bearable at the beginning, with the time, our standing in the palace and the kingdom fell greatly, and after some time, some people, especially my second brother, began to call our mother a slut openly.

The emperor, of course, was enraged; but he did not chastise my second brother due to the guilt he felt towards the empress.

So, the situation continued worsening.

Now, our relationship with our other siblings is almost one of mortal enemies.

I continued pulling my elder sister by her hand and brought her to a room. I then closed the door and told Daisy and the other servant to not let anyone inside.  Once alone with her, I looked at my sister helplessly and sighed in worry.

“Why did you always lose your temper so easily, Dina? I told you that it’s better if you ignore him. You even used magic this time!”

“I know Claus! But how can I endure when he insults our mother?! I don’t understand how you can be so calm after hearing him calling our mother a slut!” Dina stared at me with her pitch-black eyes and asked in fury while a tear fell slowly from her eyes.

“It’s for our own good.” I said while wiping the tear in her cheek. “You know that father has always taken their side, so it’s better if we don’t fight them… At least not when father is nearby.”

Dina fell silent and lowered her head. After a few seconds, she raised her gaze again and stared at me while muttering softly. “Sorry… I caused you trouble this time.”

“Don’t worry, I’m your brother after all.”

“You are right… You are my only brother…” Dina extended her hands and hugged me tightly. “Claus, you can never leave me.”

I felt her breasts being pressed against my chest, and her sweet scent invaded my nostrils. For an instant, I was lost in the sensation of the hug.

My sister Dina was a complete beauty, and one of the only two people for whom I have familiar feelings in this life.

She is a bit smaller than me, at 1.75 meters of height, and she has the same black long hair and black eyes of my mother. Her face is the perfect definition of beauty, and the number of suitors she had on the empire is enough to fill a stadium.

Unfortunately, she has rejected all the proposals she has received although she is already 19 and many people think that it’s time for her to get engaged.

Moreover, despite being my older sister, she always liked to behave spoiled with me.

“Sigh… Why do you look more like the younger sibling than me?” I smiled softly and returned the hug.

Dina blushed slightly but continued hugging me. She put her head in my chest and breathed my scent while calming her emotions.

After a while, I asked. “Is it enough?”

“No…” She muttered and continued hugging me.

I shook my head wryly.

While we were hugging, someone knocked on the door of the room.

“Big brother, sis, are you here? Can I go in?”

Dina quickly let go of me when she heard that voice. She quickly tidied her dress and changed her expression to a dignified one.

“You can.” She said.

I smiled wryly and went to open the door.

A beautiful 16-years-old girl entered the room. She, like me, had the imperial family’s characteristic blue hair and blue eyes. Her height was a bit shorter than Dina, but taller than Daisy, at 1.7 meters.

It was my youngest sister, Lena.


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