Chapter 5 – Imperial Family (4)

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Although being a reincarnator sounds cool, it comes with its own set of problems.

And the two greatest dangers of a reincarnator are boredom and pride.

The first one appeared after living many lives. At some point in time, you find that everything you do is boring. You became tired of being a king, a genius, a scientist, an emperor, a conqueror, a celebrity, and began to desire eternal death.

And the second one, it appeared during my fourth lifetime.

I called it, Syndrome of God.

As a reincarnator, I had many advantages over normal people. If I wanted, I could become the most powerful man in the world easily.

Due to this advantage, I developed a sense of superiority over other people.

I began to think that I was the greatest person always born, and that other living beings were nothing more than people I could use to my convenience. If I wanted, I could make them slaves, and If I changed my mind, I could make them kings.

During many lifetimes, I lived like that.

However, that kind of lifestyle easily erodes your will to live.

It alienated me from reality and made me think that life is meaningless. After all, I could return from death again anyways.

It made me stop fearing death.

Fortunately, I realized the danger before truly dying for real.

From then on, I developed a rule for every time I reincarnated. I would live my first eighteen years of life as a normal person, without taking advantage of others using the knowledge from my past lives. Of course, I would train my skills honed through multiple lifetimes, but I would not use them before eighteen unless it’s an emergency.

It was so I could develop a sense of belonging for each one of my lifetimes.

And today, I’m eighteen.

It means that If I want, I can use my true strength from now on.

Due to it, I had to decide what I was going to do from today onwards.

Unfortunately, I could not decide easily. As I said before, it’s hard to find interest in something when you have done it tens of times before.

I spent all day thinking about my future in this life, but even when it was almost night, I could not decide on anything.

Daisy entered my room at that moment.

“Your highness, It’s almost time for tonight’s ball.”

“Uh? It’s already so late?” I asked with a surprised expression.

“Geez, the birthday ball will begin in one hour! Quickly, your highness, take a bath while I ready the clothes for tonight!”

Daisy pushed me to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I could only smile helplessly.

After taking a bath, I let daisy help me to wear the clothes she prepared. Daisy was my servant from when we were children, so though she was a bit embarrassed, she dressed me without trouble.

She then combed my hair and finished tidying my clothes before guiding me towards the mirror.

I could not help but exclaim after being my figure in the mirror.

At the same time, Daisy stared at me with a lost expression.

I smiled wryly and coughed slightly. Daisy quickly reacted and blushed after realizing her blunder.

“Your highness, you are very handsome.” She said shyly trying to hide her embarrassment.

I smiled back. “You are very beautiful too.”

Daisy lowered her head unable to meet my gaze.

People that use mana tend to be more handsome than people that not. It’s because mana adjusts the body to its most perfect state, correcting the imperfections that appear with the years.

Due to it, I have been handsome in every one of my lives. Moreover, as someone with enough mana to destroy a country (though nobody knows about it), my body can be considered the epitome of perfection. Even my little brother below is pretty fit.

I inherited the imperial family’s blue hair and blue eyes, and my skin is of a healthy white, making me very handsome from any standard. Besides it, my 1.82 meters-tall-body combined with my handsome face and fit body makes me the dream lover of any woman.

I’m not particularly narcissist, but even I have to admit that my body in this life is pretty good.

Laughing wryly in my mind, I turned towards Daisy and extended my arm.

“Lady, will you give me the honor to guide me to the ball?”

Daisy put on a startled expression before smiling with a blushing expression.

“It’s my pleasure, your highness.” She then took my arm and led me to the palace hall.

Tonight, Daisy was not dressed in her maid clothes. Instead, she was wearing a more elegant blue servant dress. This dress was designed just for the ball tonight, and I have to admit that it looks pretty good on Daisy.

It highlighted her breasts and waist, and had a low cut showing her beautiful legs.

Daisy blushed again when she noticed my gaze, but her mouth curved slightly upwards. It was pretty obvious that she was happy.

Unfortunately, our time together was short. We quickly reached behind the palace hall and Daisy left to do her work.

I stood behind the hall waiting for my father to call my name. I noticed that the hall was already full, but even more people still were entering.

At that moment, Lena came out of the hall.

“Big brother!” She called my name and rushed towards me.

I smiled slightly and nodded at her. “You are very beautiful today, Lena. I’m sure that many guys will be charmed by your beauty.”

Lena’s face turned red. “Thanks big bro…” She spoke so softly that I almost failed to hear her voice.

“Big bro, can I enter with you when father calls you?”

“Of course.”

Lena smiled happily and grabbed my arm.

At that moment, I heard the voice of my father coming from the hall.

“Let’s welcome the star of tonight, Claus Quintin, fourth price of the Arcadian Empire!”

Nodding at Lena, I took a deep breath and stepped forward.


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