Chapter 7 – Daisy’s Night (1)


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I left the hall under the mocking gazes coming from the surroundings.

I could hear my sisters shouting something to the emperor with enraged expressions, but I ignored it. I knew the old man well enough to know that he will not change his decisions easily.

To be honest, I was enraged.

It’s true that I’m someone that has lived long enough to be considered a super-decrepit old man, but it doesn’t mean that I did not have emotions.

Of course, I can control my emotions perfectly so they never influence my choices negatively. But they exist.

And now, I was utterly enraged.

While I was walking through the corridors of the palace, I let escape a snicker.

“Ha, I can’t believe that someone in this world dares to humiliate me like this… How funny.” I spoke to myself with a dark expression.

At that moment, I heard footsteps coming from behind me. When I turned around, I saw my sisters running towards me.

“Claus, wait a moment!” Dina shouted with a concerned expression.

I stopped immediately and smiled at my sisters while shaking my head. “What are you shouting for? It’s not as I’m dying, right?”

Dina and Lena looked at me silently. They probably were searching for a sign of rage, sadness, or fury in my face, but they could not find anything.

“Big brother, are you really fine?” Lena asked with a worried face.

I just smiled and patted her head. “I’m fine, little Lena. Something like this is not enough to depress me.”

Lena sighed in relief, but in the next moment, she put on a serious expression. “Don’t worry, big brother. I’ll speak with father and mother tomorrow and ask him to change his decision.”

I shook my head helplessly. “It’s useless. You know how father is. He will not retract his words.”

“B-But, maybe if you ask him nic-”

“Stop.” I interrupted her firmly. “I definitively will not beg him. Don’t mention it again.”

Lena could only agree sadly.

“Father is too cruel!” Dina angrily said. “I can’t believe that he did such a thing on your birthday! Doesn’t he remember that you are his son too?!”

I smiled wryly unable to answer.

Dina then stared at me with a concerned expression. “What are you going to do, Claus? Are you truly going there? That place is hell!”

I curved my mouth upwards and spoke in a relaxed tone. “Don’t worry about it. We still have five years to think about something. Many things can change for then.”

“… Do you have a plan?” Sister Dina asked with a serious look.

“Who knows?” I shrugged casually. “I’m sure that I’ll find a solution before long.”

Dina did not seem convinced, but after seeing my relaxed expression, she calmed down. “No matter what you do, I’ll always support you.”

“I know.” I smiled and patted her head.

She blushed briefly in embarrassment, but in the end, allowed me to pat her. She probably thought that it could help me to control my emotions.

Before long, Lena also asked for pats with puppy eyes. I could only smile wryly and concede to her.

After reassuring my sisters that I was fine, I told them that I wanted a bit of time alone. They wanted to go with me, but after my insistence, they finally relented.

Once I confirmed they were gone, I resumed walking.

Should I become a demon king and annihilate the kingdom as revenge for my exile? Usurping the throne also is a good option.

Unfortunately, both options are quite tiring.

I remember that some Japanese protagonist from my original world would live warmhearted lives after being exiled or being abandoned by their companions, but it’s not the kind of life I want to live this time neither.

… Sometimes, it’s pretty hard to decide what to do.

I reached my room while I was lost in my thoughts. Daisy still was working in the ball, so she could not help me to undress. I smiled wryly at the thought that I was already used to the convenience of having a servant. I then took off my clothes and threw them in a corner of the room carelessly.

Afterward, I laid on the bed and continued thinking.

But a few minutes later, I heard someone knocking at the door.

“Your highness, are you asleep?”

“Daisy? Come in, I’m still awake.”

“Mm.” She hummed in consent and opened the door.

Daisy was still wearing the blue dress from before. It was a bit wet due to the sweat, but the sweat did nothing to diminish her beauty. Instead, it added a touch of seductiveness at her.

Her low-cut dress was a bit wrinkled, probably because she came running to my room. I could not help but feel a bit moved when I saw it.

Once she entered the room, she looked at with a worried gaze.

“Your highness…”

I could not help but smile when I saw her concerned face.

“Are you worried about me too?”

Daisy nodded timidly with tears falling from her eyes. “I can’t believe that his majesty is so cruel… Your highness never did something deserving punishment but he sent you to such a place.”

“Silly girl…” I smiled tenderly and wiped the tears on her face. “It doesn’t matter is I deserve it or not. He simply is stronger and has more authority than me, so he can do whatever he wants.”

“But your highness…”

“Shh, don’t cry anymore. You will destroy your beautiful face with your tears.”

Daisy nodded and put her head on my chest.

“… I don’t understand why your highness has to suffer so much in the palace… Is your highness not a prince too? Why then are you treated like that.” Daisy whispered softly in my chest.

We stood in that position for a few minutes. Then, Daisy looked upwards and her black eyes were locked with mine.

“Your highness, I’ll accompany you wherever you go.” She said with a face full of resolve.

I stroke her face and kissed her lips softly. “Mm, I know.”

Daisy’s face turned completely red.

She then looked at me with unfocused eyes and opened her mouth with an entranced expression.

“Your highness, I want to do it tonight.”

I answered with another kiss and hugged her body tightly.


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