Chapter 9 – Daisy’s Night (3)

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Daisy looked at my little brother with a nervous expression. She had heard that it hurts the first time, so she was a bit afraid despite her brave front.

However, she could not stop now.

I slowly moved my little friend towards her moist cave. I did not enter immediately, instead, I slowly moved my penis up and down, caressing her entrance and sending signals of pleasure to her brain.

After a few seconds, Daisy began to moan again. I looked into her eyes and kissed her mouth, intertwining our tongues and increasing her pleasure and excitement.

Then, I slowly thrusted inside.

Daisy opened her eyes wide when she felt something invading her. She hugged me tightly and tensed her body, so I stopped. I then caressed her body softly to relax her and continued kissing her mouth and sucking her lips.

When her body relaxed again, I continued entering.

Daisy moaned in pain and pleasure, and twisted her body comfortably. I continued pleasuring her body while entering slowly at her cave. Then, I felt something obstructing me.

I immediately knew the identity of that obstruction.

I did not break through it immediately. Instead, I paused and stimulated Daisy’s body even more. After a few seconds, I noticed that most of her nervousness was gone, and she was beginning to moan.

Immediately, I pushed forward.

I felt something breaking and then, my penis advanced until the end. Daisy’s wall tightened around me, and the immense pleasure almost made me release everything immediately.

“It hurts!” Daisy cried suddenly and tightened her lower body to try to stop the invasion of my body, but it only increased more the pleasure I was feeling.

Fortunately, I managed to endure. Although this body was very sensitive, I have enough experience to know how to control it. I was not going to commit such a newbie mistake.

Daisy began to twist her body fiercely to escape from the pain, but I stopped her. I kissed her lips and pinched her nipples and clitoris, diverting her attention from the pain.

Then, I began to move slowly.

Inside, outside, inside, outside. Slowly, love juices began to flow from Daisy and lubricated her walls, increasing the pleasure we were feeling and making easier my movements.

Slowly, the expression of pain disappeared from her face, and her eyes turned more lewd.

At that moment, Daisy let out a loud moan.


I increased the speed of my thrust. Slowly, the pleasure began to overcome the pain that Daisy was feeling and before long, she also began to move.

The two of us completely lost ourselves in the pleasure of lovemaking. Our moans and deep breaths spread through the room and the sweet smell of our sweat mixed with our love juices invaded our noses.

“Your highness~… Your highness~…”

I closed Daisy’s lips with mine and began to piston even faster. I could feel something beginning to build inside of me, but I suppressed it. I concentrated only on feeling the body of Daisy and hearing her cries of pleasure.

The movements of Daisy were erratic due to her inexperience, but they had their own kind of charm. The feeling of conquest I felt when I saw her twisting below my body was exhilarating.

Nevertheless, Daisy was completely inexperienced. Before long, she began to tire out and her movements stopped almost completely. She could only receive my thrusts and moan in pleasure repeatedly.

Seeing it, I moved my mouth to her breast. I then sucked them fiercely and bit soft her nipples.

“!!!” Daisy opened her mouth wide due to the pain, but only a moan escaped from her lips. The combination of pain and pleasure caused her body to tense up and her lower lips tightened over my penis.

I grunted in pleasure and thrusted fiercely, making Daisy moan again. She extended her legs and twitched comfortably.

Her mind began to turn white, and she could only repeat your highness~ your highness~ between moans. I realized that she was close to cumming again and began to thrust faster.

“Ahhhnnn!” Daisy grabbed the sheets of the bed with a hand and used her other hand to grab my back. I felt her nails piercing my skin, but my lower body continued moving quickly inside her. I felt the excitement of cumming building inside of me.

“Your highness~… Something… Something is coming~…”

I hugged her shoulders and pressed her down with all my strength, then, she twitched fiercely and cummed.

Her expression turned completely black and a moan mixed with a scream escaped her lips. A bit of saliva slowly slid until her neck.

At the same time, her cave tightened fiercely over my penis and increased my pleasure. I thrusted a few times more and then, something was shot from my little friend.

Daisy moaned again when my semen shot inside her womb. She twitched fiercely and moaned incoherently while hugging my body.

A sigh of satisfaction escaped my lips. Seeing the beautiful body of my maid below me, I approached my lips kissed her gently.

Daisy unconsciously entwined her tongue with mine and continued moaning in pleasure. I also savored the aftertaste of ejaculation and remained inside her.

Finally, after a few seconds, I slowly slid out my penis and lied down on the bed.

Daisy moaned again when she felt my little friend leaving her body and then hugged me tightly while a little bit of white substance escaped from her cave.

“… Your highness, I love you.” She whispered with a satisfied smile and kissed my lips.

I returned the kiss and caressed her body while muttering sweet nothings on her ear. Daisy curved up her lips in happiness and twisted shyly beside me. I could not help but find her embarrassed appearance extremely adorable.

A few minutes later, Daisy’s breaths became long and she fell asleep.

I stroked her face gently and sent a bit of my mana inside her body. My mana was the purest kind of mana in existence, accumulated inside me from the day I was born. It was much better than normal medicines, and could heal fatigue and small injuries. With it, she will wake up tomorrow full of energy.

To be honest, I was not completely satisfied yet. It was my first time having sex in this life, so my lust is on an all-time high. Nevertheless, I knew that women are tired after their first experience, so I decided to be patient and let her rest.

However, this night of love helped me to make a decision about the problem that had been bothering me for long.

In this life, I don’t want to be a hero or demon king, a king or an emperor, a minister or a general. In this life, I don’t want to have responsibilities.

This life will be one of debauchery.

Controlling things behind scenes, living a life of luxury and enjoying women every day.

Moreover, it also will be my way to take revenge.


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