FPD Chapter 100

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Renting a Room (2)


“So that happened…” Dina heaved a sigh and grabbed Iris’s hands with an apologetic expression. “Sorry about that, Iris. If I knew Bryan was nearby, I would have gone with you.”

Iris shook her head with a delicate smile. “You don’t have to apologize. I’m able to enjoy the days in the institute thanks to you. You have already helped me more than enough.”

I learned about this later, but Dina had been protecting Iris from Bryan for a long time. She was the one that invited Iris to the student council, and she also arranged for Iris to live beside her room. Due to it, Bryan had been unable to harass Iris in the institute.

But even that protection was not perfect. Each certain time, Bryan would find Iris and harass her. There is even a rumor that he almost raped her once. If not that Dina arrived and rescues her just in time, she would have lost her innocence long ago.

As such, Iris was very grateful to Dina. And at the same time, Bryan hated Dina to the core.

“But to think that you were Bryan’s fiancée, huh.” I said with a surprised tone. “I remember that I met you a few years ago. You changed a lot from then, though.”

“… So you remember.” Iris whispered softly. The corners of her lips curved up almost unnoticeable.

“Of course, you were a crybaby back then.”

Iris blushed and lowered her head. But in the next instant, her expression turned sorrowful again.

Dina, Andrea, and Daisy looked at the two of us strangely. Dina had a suspicious expression, Andrea seemed curious about how we met, and Daisy looked at me with a teasing gaze.

… Andrea, your instincts as a woman need a bit more training. Look at Dina and Daisy, they look as they want to swallow me alive.

I smiled amusedly. With how jealous Dina is, I’m curious to see her reaction when she learns about all my women.

Mmm. Fortunately, her cultivation is just in the sixth layer. Otherwise, I would risk becoming charcoal.

“Anyway.” I hurriedly directed the conversation to another topic. “After what happened today, I’m sure that Bryan will try to take revenge. Iris, you need to be careful. Daisy, Andrea, you too. Bryan knows that you two are related to me, so he may attempt to harm you as a way to take revenge against me.”

The girls nodded with grave expressions. To be sure, I left a trace of my consciousness in each one of them. So I’ll be able to react instantly if one of them is in danger.

By the way, I have to think of a way to guarantee the safety of my loved ones regardless if I’m nearby or not. Something that can endure the attacks of a twelfth-layer enemy at least.

We thought for a while about countermeasures in case Bryan tries to do something. During the entire conversation, Iris’s expression was somber. She probably felt guilty about involving us in her troubles.

I told her again that we did not mind it, but she just answered with a fragile smile and nodded.

After that, we finished the day’s work and left.

The girls departed towards their rooms, but before leaving, Daisy gave me a stealthy kiss.

Andrea, the only one that saw it, blushed deeply and lowered her head. I could see that she also wanted to kiss me, but she was too shy to do it.

But in the next instant, Dina pulled her away. She also took Daisy with her, and for some reason, she had a frighteningly serious expression. She probably is already suspecting something.

Well, Daisy is smart. I’m sure she will be able to cope with it.

Instead of returning to my bedroom, I applied [Recognition Interference] and changed the color of my hair and eyes. I then took a step across space and left the institute.

Afterward, I walked to Mrs. Lluvia’s house.

It was not nighttime yet, but I’m sure that she already took a decision about if allow me to stay in her house or not. Reaching a few hours early was not going to make a difference.

As I expected, when I knocked on the door, Mrs. Lluvia was already waiting for me.

“Young master Clark, come inside please.” She smiled and invited me inside.

“Please don’t call me young master.” I replied. “I’m not a noble anymore, so calling me young master is unnecessary.”

“Is it so? I’ll call you Clark then.”

I nodded and followed her inside. Mr. Peter, Lluvia’s husband, was seated in the living room, probably waiting for me. He shot me a displeased look and snorted. It looks like he is not happy.

Lluvia’s next words confirmed my guess. “Clark, my husband and I discussed it yesterday night and decided to rent you the room.”

I nodded and smiled, ignoring Peter’s displeased look. “Many thanks.”

“And your belongings? I see you are emptyhanded.”

“Well, I was not sure if you were going to agree, so I did not bring them with me. Later I’ll go for them.”

“Okay. Then, I’ll show you your room and introduce you to the rest of the family.”


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