FPD Chapter 106

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Red Skull vs The Dragon


“ROAAAARRRRR!!!” The terrifying roar of the dragon-like monster silenced the gang members.

“Get ready!” Marana yelled, however, she realized that none of the others was moving. Even Akilah had been frozen in fear.

The powerful presence of the dragon had cast a shadow of defeat in their minds. Currently, none of them were able to think of resisting it.

[Dragon’s Fear].

Marana instantly realized what had happened, but before she could think of a way to save the situation, the monster moved.

“ROOOOOOAAAARRRRR!!!” With a cry of rage, the dragon extended its claws and dived towards the group.

“Dammit!” Marana cursed silently and readied herself to stop the dragon. If the others could not move, then she was going to stop the monster by herself.

“Hah!” Blood-red mana surged from her body, filling her veins and strengthening her muscles. The mana was then infused into her belt-like sword, giving it an ominous glow.

In the next second, she jumped towards the monster.


The sword flashed sharply and appeared in front of the dragon. It seemed as though it was going to cut the world into two.

A flash of comprehension appeared on Marana’s mind. She was sure that this was the strongest attack she had made on her life.

But when the sword was about to cut the dragon, a translucent barrier appeared in front of it.

Then, the barrier shook.

… And the sword was stopped.

Disbelief appeared on Marana’s face. Such a strong attack and it was stopped so easily.

The dragon looked at Marana and seemed to smirk. It then raised its right claw and swung it down.

“!!!” Marana hurriedly crossed her arms and used the belt-like sword as a shield. Then, she received the dragon’s attack.

The next second, she was shot out towards the ground.

“Gah!” Marana grunted in pain. Her arms were twisted in odd directions, and two of her ribs broke.

“Sister!” Akilah’s reacted seeing hat. By sheer will, she shook off the dragon’s fear and ran towards her sister. But at that moment, she saw the dragon raising its claw for another attack.

But when it was about to finish the two sisters, a shadow appeared behind its head.

The dragon shuddered. A feeling of fear filled it. Crying in rage, it created a forcefield around its body to resist the cat’s attacks.

*Clank!* Raven’s daggers hit the barrier, creating multiple sparks. But a simple barrier was not enough to stop her.

She narrowed her eyes and called upon the daggers’ power, corroding the mana barrier and tearing a hole into it.

*Spurt!* The dagger pierced the dragon.

“ROOOOAAAARRRR!!!” The dragon roared in pain and fear. It felt the daggers absorbing its life force crazily. Instantly, It turned around and used its wing to hit Raven’s away.

“Ugh!” Raven crashed against the barrier of chaotic mana and threw out a mouthful of blood.

But with the time her attack gained, Marana had recovered.

With a tug, she returned her arms to their original position and used mana to hold the broken bones together.

“Ugh!” A groan of pain escaped from her mouth, but she bit her lips and endured.

Then, she grabbed her belt-like sword and pounced forward.

Behind her, Akilah readied her rapier. Now that her two sisters were fighting against the dragon, she could not remain terrified without doing anything.

The two sisters jumped towards the dragon. Using the brief distraction that Raven caused, they aimed their weapons to its wings.

The dragon realized their intentions, but it was too late to evade. Helpless, it could only create a mana barrier around its wings to stop the attacks.

But even a ninth-layer monster could not stop the all-out attacks of the two girls with a last-second barrier. In less than one second, the two weapons broke through the barrier and cut the dragon’s wing.

“ROAAAARRRRR!!!” The dragon roared in pain and tried to attack the two girls, but they moved away quickly and evaded its attack.

The dragon then tried to use mana to hold its wing together, but a petite shadow appeared suddenly behind it. She gripped her daggers in a downwards grip and pierced its wing.

Then, she tore it apart completely.

“ROoAAAooAAAARRR!!!” A painful scream escaped from the dragon’s jaw. It fell to the ground helplessly, raising a cloud of dust.

Raven then appeared beside her sisters. She looked at the cloud of dust with a wary look. Although they managed to cut one of the dragon’s wings, they were far from winning.

But in the next second, a terrifying feeling of danger assaulted the three.

All the mana in the surroundings rushed towards the cloud of dust. In one second, the cloud the dust compressed itself until it was absorbed by a vortex of energy in the dragon mouth. Then, the vortex of energy took a beautiful silver glow.

But that beautiful silver glow was filled with killing intent.

A dragon’s strongest innate talent, [Dragon’s Breath].

The girls turned pale. They instantly tried to move away, but in the next second, they realized a terrible truth.

Behind them, the remaining gang members were frozen in fear.

Instantly, the three of them froze on their steps.

A brief expression of hesitation appeared on Marana’s face, but the next instant, her hesitation turned into determination. She used all her mana to create a barrier that could protect her subordinates.

One second later, her two sisters joined her.

Marana looked at them and smiled. Yes, they were her sisters, always supporting her.

The next instant, the dragon’s breath was shot.

The entire space-time tunnel lit up. A silver beam of energy flew towards the girls.

“““HAAAAAHHHHHH!!!””” The girls raised their voices and put all her mana into stopping the attack. Blood-red, silver, and black mana surged from them and created a powerful barrier that clashed against the attack.

But then, the barrier started to crumble.

The girls took a step back, and then another, and another, and the barrier continued crumbling.

Despair filled their faces. They could feel the death nearing to them slowly.

Akilah looked at Marana and smiled bitterly. [To think I never told her my feelings…]

At that moment, a sword made of nothingness formed above the girls. None of them could see it, but the sword was ready to slash down and kill the dragon in a single move.

But then, someone smiled, and the sword disappeared.

At the same time, Raven’s eyes turned hazy. An immense amount of mana rushed towards her body, breaking through the barrier stopping her advance.

Under the deadly pressure, Raven broke through.

Ninth layer of mana.

Her body turned light, and her mana became even purer. Raven felt as though many things she did not understand before were clear now.

Then, she took a step forward.

Her body seemingly fused with the world. In an instant, she appeared before the dragon.

Then, following the information that appeared on her mind, she swung her dagger down.

Raven did not know it, but the technique she was using was one of Claus’s favorite techniques before creating [Reality Render].

[Soul Reaping Slash!]

Soundlessly and undetectably, the daggers pierced through the dragon’s defenses, cutting through its body cleanly without leaving any wound.

For an instant, the word before her eyes lost its color.

Then, the bean of silver light stopped.

The dragon looked at the girl that appeared before it with a look of terror. It tried to move its body and run, but its body did not answer.

Slowly, its eyes lost their shine, and then, its body fell.

Marana and Akilah looked at the scene with surprised expressions. Their little sister was standing before the dragon indifferently, and the dragon laid dead on the ground.

No new injuries could be found on its body.


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