FPD Chapter 108

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The Beastkins’ Nightmare


A beautiful girl ascended the stairs of the Beastkin Alliance’s headquarters gracefully. Her golden-red hair was tied in a ponytail and her fox tail waved softly with the wind.

The girl was absurdly beautiful, so much the even the sun paled in comparison. Her blood-red eyes glowed with a powerful shine that could leave anyone breathless.

But in contrast to her beauty, her surroundings were a scene of hell on earth.

Hundreds of corpses laid on the ground. Catkins, dogkins, wolfkins, lionkings. There was at least one body belonging to each race of the Beastkin Alliance.

And none of them had died peacefully.

Torn into two, crushed into paste, sliced into pieces. The bodies could be found in many different grotesque ways, showing a bloody scene that would cause anyone nightmares for years.

Nobody could have expected that the beautiful fox girl was so cruel.

With a graceful smile, the girl continued ascending the stairs calmly. Each step she took resounded in the city, shaking the hearts of the warriors still alive.

When she finished ascending the stairs, twelve elderly people were waiting for her.

The twelve members of the Beastkin Council, men and women of power and authority that had brought the beastkins to heights they had never reached in history.

Thanks to their efforts the Beastkin Alliance had escaped from the humans and demons’ slavery and managed to become one of the continent’s greatest powers.

And now, they were facing a goddess of death.

One of the twelve elders, an old foxkin woman whose eyes shone with wisdom, took a step forward.

“Child, who are you, and why have you brought death to your siblings?”

“Siblings?” The goddess-like fox girl tilted her head innocently. “Those ants don’t deserve to be called my siblings.”

The fox elder frowned. She could feel the indifference towards death and killing in the fox girl’s words.

“Whose tribe are you from? The children of the beasts don’t kill their siblings indiscriminately.” The old woman asked in a deep tone.

“Huh? I told you, didn’t I? I don’t have siblings, they died long ago, my mother too. My dad is still alive, but he is hiding from me… But don’t worry, I’ll find him soon! That is the reason I’m here! I need your help to find my father! Unfortunately, they wanted to stop me, so I killed them. How dare them, nobody can stop me from meeting dad.” She looked at the corpses with disdain.

The fox elder’s expression turned dark. Something was wrong with this girl. She seemed… crazy?

Moreover, even although the girl was standing in front of her, she could not measure her power.

[Beyond twelfth layer? No, much higher…]

“Hey, will you help me to find my dad?” The girls asked innocently, like a lost child that wished to find her parents after losing them in a festival. However, the fox elder felt chills on her spine when she heard her words.

Suppressing the feeling of fear coming from the depths of her heart, she asked.

“Who is your father?”

“I don’t know.”


“I don’t know. Dad is different each time. But don’t worry, I’ll recognize him if he is nearby!”

“… And how can we help you?”

The girl smiled and an intense stench of blood assaulted the elders. “Easy. Wage war, destroy countries, kill people! If you do that, dad will appear eventually!” Suddenly, rivers of blood and mountains of corpses appeared behind the girl.

The elders paled. They involuntarily took various step backs and tried to suppress their fear.

But the next instant the blood and corpses disappeared.

It was nothing more than an illusion.

The elders trembled. The killing intent of this girl was terrifying.

… After seeing that, the elders understood the true terror of the girl before them.

“… I’m sorry, we can’t help you.” Said the fox elder

“How many people will die if we do as you say? We will never follow the whims of a demon!” A wolf eared elder exclaimed in rage.

“I think it’s better if we kill her. A demon like her can not be allowed to roam free.” A wise tortoise-like elder advised.

The beautiful girl heard their words with a smile on her face. Her expression did not change even when the elders talked about killing her.

“I see. I’m sorry then, I’ll have to kill you.” She said in pity.

“Kill us? Hahahaha! Little girl, I have more wars than your years of life, and still survived! Do you think you can kill us, huh?! Hahaha, I want to see how you are going to kill us!” The lion tribe elder spoke in a furious tone.

The girl just smiled innocently.

Then she extended her hand.

“Like this.” She said.

And her hand moved.

Before anyone could react, her pale and slender hand had pierced the lion’s chest.

Nobody saw how she moved. Nobody understood her movements. One second, she was smiling innocently, the next second, she was grabbing the lion’s heart.

“Stop!” The elders shouted and ran to protect the Lion, but the girl watched their movements with a teasing smile and then, crushed the lion’s heart.

“Onlo!” The elders despaired. The lion’s body collapsed in the ground with his eyes wide open. He had been unable to resist the girl’s absolute strength.

Watching the grief of the elders, the girl simply giggled happily.

“Fufufu… I’ll ask you again, will you help me to find my dad?”

The elders stared at the girl with eyes filled with hatred and resentment. They mobilized their mana to kill the demon that dared to kill one of the beastkins’ leaders.

That day, the capital of the Beastkin Alliance was almost destroyed.

The next day, the beastkins crowned their first ruler.


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