FPD Chapter 111

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Secretly, in the Office (1)


“Claus, stop! Someone will see us!” Aunt Dayana whispered in a scolding tone.

I smiled and kissed her neck while exploring her beautiful body. Aunt Dayana looked at me with feigned anger and twisted her body uncomfortably. “Do you only think about sex?”

“Nope, but it’s hard not to think about that when my beautiful aunt is in front of me?”

Aunt Dayana rolled her eyes, but the slight blush on her cheeks made it obvious that she was pleased with my words.

“Anyway, stop it. It will be bad If someone enters and see us like this.”

I smirked and licked aunt’s Dayana’s neck. My hands invaded her clothes and caressed her soft belly, moving up until her breasts.

“Don’t worry, I locked the door.”

“You…” Aunt Dayana sighed helplessly. “Claus no. If you want, you can visit me tonight. I promise you I’ll let you do anything you want.” She said with a slight blush. My mouth traveled to her ear and exhaled seductively, making her shiver in anticipation.

“Is it so? However, I want you right now… What to do…” I smiled teasingly and my hands continued roaming against aunt Dayana’s body. One of my hands moved down and unbuttoned her skirt.

“Ahhmm…” Aunt Dayana bit her lips and tried to suppress a moan. She looked at me with a look of grievance and shook her head. “Someone will hear us.”

“Then you have to be careful and not to make too much noise.” I breathed on her ear and kissed her nape, then I kissed her shoulder and used my hands to lower her shirt.

Little by little, aunt Dayana’s skin was exposed. At some point, her skirt had fallen and my right hand was touching her underwear.

“… Please, Claus. Not here.” Aunt Dayana pleaded one last time trying to keep her pride as the Reincarnation Auction Hall’s director, but my body did not agree to her demands.

“… Aunt, you are truly beautiful.” I whispered sweetly and kissed her lips. Aunt Dayana tried to resist me, but her body was already turned on due to my caresses. Her mouth involuntarily opened to receive my tongue, and our lips met each other in a long kiss.

My middle finger teased her clitoris. Aunt Dayana’s legs shivered slightly. She twisted her body in a try to stop my hands, but I simply smirked and put more strength onto my hands, causing her to tremble.

“Hmnnn…” Aunt Dayana closed her eyes and entwined her tongue with mine. Her moans were muffled by our kiss, and her lower body started to produce love juice crazily.

Feeling her breathing turning heavy, I smiled. In a smooth movement, I took off my clothes and carried my aunt to the desk. Her breasts pressed down the desk and changed shape, while her white skin turned red of shame.

I kissed her back and caressed her ass. Although Aunt Dayana was petite, her ass was very beautiful. It had the perfect shape and size to be held in one’s hands.

I then used my right hand to lower her panties. Aunt Dayana tried to close her legs to resist, but I kissed her neck and caused her body to lose strength.

“S-Stop…” Aunt Dayana muttered in a teary tone. Her face had turned completely red, and her eyes were staring at me with a pitiful look.

I watched that expression and turned even more excited. The feeling of dominating a married woman was truly exhilarating. I could not help but kiss her lips and invade her mouth fiercely.

Using my hand to stroke her cave, I could feel her abundant love juices flowing down through her legs. I put on an evil smile and used my fingers to scoop a bit of her love juice and brought it to her face.

“How wet, aunt. Could it be that you are excited about doing it in the office? Pervert.”

Aunt Dayana’s bit her lips and looked away. I smiled and moved my finger down her back, making aunt shudder and provoking an involuntary loud moan.


Instantly, Aunt Dayana brought her hands to her mouth to stop the moan, but the damage had been done. Outside, Susan tilted her head and looked towards the office.

Fortunately, she quickly shook her head about it and returned to her work.

“Shhhh. Be careful aunt. We don’t want to be discovered.” I looked into her eyes and teased her. Aunt Dayana looked at me with an almost crying expression. “S-Stop, don’t bully me.”

I had to admit I’m a bit of a sadist. When I saw her pleading look, I wanted to tease her even more.

After all, not every day you can see a thirty-years-old woman making such a vulnerble expression.

“Okay, okay. I promise I’ll do it just once.” Kissing her nose, I pointed my weapon to her cave and got ready to start the battle.

“Ready, aunt? Remember you can’t make noise…” I whispered into her ear. Aunt Dayana looked into my eyes like a trembling little lamb and nodded.

“Then, I starting.”

With those words, I slid my weapon inside Aunt Dayana’s cave.

“Mmnnmm…~” Aunt Dayana let out a sweet moan feeling my stick invading her, but she quickly suppressed its volume. The walls of her cave contracted to receive my weapon and pressed on it fiercely.

I closed my eyes in pleasure. Aunt Dayana’s cave was nothing like a married woman. Maybe because she was petite, her cave was very narrow. Furthermore, it was so wet that I could slide in and out easily.

Feeling her flesh wrapping around my rod, I started moving slowly.

Aunt Dayana inwardly sighed in relief. Feeling my gentle movements, she was confident about suppressing her moans.

But at the same time, an exciting feeling spread on her body. The taboo of having sex with me on the office and the fear of being discovered combined together to bring her an overwhelming pleasure.

“C-Claus… Ahnn… So good…” Aunt Dayana whispered softly and moaned. I held her from behind and continued attacking her insides. My rod slid inside her repeatedly without planning to stop.

I made sure of attacking the same place repeatedly. Aunt Dayana felt a slight tingling pain that almost made her faint.

Thrust after thrust continued for a few minutes. Soon, Aunt Dayana discovered that although my slow speed made it easier for her to suppress her moans, it also caused her to be unable to reach the peak.

Furthermore, I made sure of controlling my movements carefully to not make her climax. I wanted to hear her begging me to pound her faster and harder. Imagining her face of shame and embarrassment while she begged me made me smile diabolically.

“C-Claus, f-faster…” Aunt Dayana whispered softly.

“What? Aunt, I did not hear you…”

“F-Faster…” Aunt Dayana whispered again with a face full of shame.

“I’m sorry aunt, I can’t hear you.” I smirked and moved my waist even slower. Aunt Dayana stared at me with teary eyes and opened her mouth in shame. The embarrassment was so much that she wanted to die.

But at the same time, it made her strangely excited.


“A bit louder…” I moved a bit faster.

“F-Faster please!” Aunt Dayana bit her lips and begged me.

Seeing that, I smirked.

Without giving my aunt time to react, I put strength on my waist and made a powerful thrust.

“Aghhgmm…~!” Aunt Dayana opened her mouth involuntarily. The sudden attack made her unable to suppress the loud moan that escaped her mouth.

Instantly, Aunt Dayana paled.

She was sure that her moan could be heard outside.

And certainly, Susan looked towards the office suspiciously. She stood up and walked towards the office with a doubtful expression. “Mrs. Dayana, is everything alright?”

But before Dayana could answer, someone knocked on the door of the third floor.

Susan furrowed her brows and opened the door. Outside, a petite blue-haired girl greeted her.

“Miss, is my big brother here?”


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