FPD Chapter 112

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Secretly, in the Office (2)


“Miss, is my big brother here?”

Aunt Dayana hurriedly put a hand over her mouth when she heard Lena speak. She looked at me in panic using her gaze to beg me to stop.

However, seeing her like that only made me more daring.

Before Lena’s voice could fade, I grabbed aunt Dayana’s waist and gave her a big thrust.

“!!!” Aunt Dayana’s eyes rolled up. She used all her will to stop the moans from escaping her mouth.

Her body spasmed fiercely, and her legs gave in. Aunt Dayana took a deep breath while assimilating the sensation of my last thrust.

But I did not give her the time to get used to it and continued thrusting. Different than before, this time I was thrusting fiercely, at the point that the loud slamming sounds resounded in the room. If I was not using mana to muffle the sounds, Susan and Lena would have heard everything.

Of course, I did not muffled aunt Dayana’s sounds. It would not be funny then.

“Mmm… Mmm…! Mmm…! Mmm…!” Aunt Dayana used her hand to desperately suppress the moans. Her body shook fiercely with each attack, going up and down at the rhythm of my thrusts.

Meanwhile, Susan and Lena had come near the office door.

“… His highness Claus is discussing something important with Mrs. Dayana inside.”

“… They are taking a long time.” Lena pouted and went to open the door.

But when she tried to turn right the handle, she realized that it was closed.


Lena put on a perplexed expression before nodding understanding. She thought that we were talking about something too important so it was necessary to lock the door.

But at that moment, she heard a strange sound.

The sound was very soft, almost inaudible, but Lena got the feeling that it was important.

“… Brother?” She asked.

From inside the office, I feigned a surprised voice and answered without stopping the thrusts.


“Are you alright?”

“Of course. I’m just discussing something with aunt. Why wouldn’t I be alright?”

“… Is it so? But I think I heard a strange noise.” Lena whispered, but her words were heard by aunt Dayana and me.

Aunt Dayana turned pale. She twisted her body trying to escape from my clutches, but I continued holding her firmly and messing her insides.

“… Please.” Aunt whispered in a pleading tone, but I just stroke her soft black hair and continued my waist movements.

Aunt Dayana bit her lips and straightened her back. The fierce pistoning was making her consciousness faint, and loud moans of pleasure threatened to escape her mouth.

Holding aunt Dayana’s breast on my hands, I lifted her and put her against the door. My movements did not stop during the process, so aunt found the extreme pleasure despairing.

The extreme pleasure going through her body was making her crazy. She wanted to scream, to let out a cry of pleasure, but she knew that if she did it, our reputation would be ruined.

So, she could only endure while doing her best to not get herself discovered.

“Big brother, I heard another strange noise.” Lena said in a suspicious tone. Her woman’s intuition was telling her that something she was not going to like was happening inside.

Susan also seemed had realized that something was wrong. She furrowed her brows trying to understand the situation. For some reason, the sounds coming from inside seemed familiar.

“It’s nothing.” I answered in a relaxed tone. “Aunt is just a little unwell, so she is making those noises.”

Aunt Dayana shot me a fierce.

“Mrs. Dayana, do you need something? I can get you a healing mage.” Susan asked worriedly, but her worry only made aunt more pitiful. She looked at the door separating the two very different scenes and gasped.

“… Mrs. Dayana?” Susan asked again. I patted aunt butt softly and grinned to indicate her to answer.

Aunt Dayana gave me a pleading gaze, begging me to stop for a brief while. I smiled diabolically and slowed down.

Aunt sighed in relief and opened her mouth. “T-There is not need. Don’t worry, I’m alri–Ahnmmm…~”

“Mrs. Dayana?”

“I-I’m fine. G-Go back to your work.”

Susan wrinkled her brows. A faint suspicion appeared on her mind, but she denied it instantly. We were aunt and nephew after all.

“Alright.” Susan nodded and went away, pulling Lena with her.

Once they were gone, I grabbed my aunt’s ass and pressed her down.

“Hnnmmmm…~!” Aunt Dayana groaned. Threads of saliva fell from the hand that was covering her mouth and her legs were shaking.

I kissed her neck and continued moving my waist. My movements became each time more intense, as though I was determined to make aunt Dayana moan loudly. Eventually, our intercourse became in a duel between my aunt and me.

Aunt was trying to not be heard, and I was trying to make her scream of pleasure.

Our connected bodies continued slamming in each other with ferocity. Each thrust would splash love juices from aunt’s vagina, and each time I reached the deepest part of her cave, her walls would contract around me.

Her wet cave wrapped around my member, sucking it intensely. Despite both of us making sure of being as silent as possible, this round of sex was the fiercest I have had until now.

Eventually, aunt Dayana turned around and hugged my neck. She brought her small mouth towards my lips and kissed me violently. Our teeth clashed, and our tongues intertwined with each other.

Her legs wrapped around my waist in a Koala position, and her breasts were pressed against my chest. Aunt Dayana moved her waist up and down, helping my penis to slide in and out more easily.

Quickly, the strong excitement brought her to a new peak. Aunt Dayana hugged me tightly and bit my shoulder to suppress the strong yell that wanted to escape her lips.

Then, her body quivered.

At the same time, I increased the speed of my movements. I pierced aunt once, twice, and thrice, and finally, I came.

My thick and white sperm invaded my aunt’s womb. Aunt’s eyes rolled up, and her mind turned blank. She could only twitch helplessly on my embrace, waiting for the end of the orgasm.

I continued thrusting, making sure of depositing each drop of sperm inside her. Finally, when aunt ceased trembling, I stopped.

Aunt’s mouth left my shoulder and kissed my lips. Her eyes shone in a seductive glow while her hands hugged my neck lovingly.

“… It was great.” She whispered.

I kissed her lips back and pinched her nose. “We can do it again if you want.”

Aunt instantly froze and then jumped away from me.


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