FPD Chapter 113

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Cultivation Techniques


Before leaving the office, I touched aunt Dayana’s forehead with my index finger.

“Huh?” Aunt Dayana was startled, but in the next instant, an enormous amount of information rushed into her mind.

The information then turned into a tridimensional rune that engraved itself into her soul. The rune beat softly once each second, as though it was a heart. It would stimulate the mana inside aunt Dayana’s body with each beat, circulating it according to a mana technique and strengthening her mana.

“What is it?” Asked Aunt Dayana in surprise.

“… You can consider it as an automatic cultivation technique.” I smiled. “You don’t need to practice this technique consciously and it will automatically collect the mana in the surroundings and strengthen your cultivation.”

“Oh? It looks good.” Aunt Dayana sighed in praise before forgetting completely about it.

I smiled wryly. As I thought, a technique like this is best suited for someone like aunt Dayana.

Aunt Dayana is different than Daisy. She does not like cultivation and her talent for it is very mediocre. She prefers to spend her time growing the auction hall and managing our businesses. Giving her a normal cultivation technique would be useless.

Not everybody has the same pursuits. It’s normal for aunt Dayana not to be too interested in cultivation. However, it means that her lifespan will be much shorter than a cultivator, and she will be in great danger if something happens and I can’t hurry up to her side.

So, I spent the last few days creating this rune. I even cut out a fragment of my soul for it. Even for me, cutting out a fragment of my soul permanently was a big loss.

For someone else, this rune would be the perfect cultivation cheat, but for aunt Dayana, it’s the only way I can think of making her stronger.

When we left the office, Susan and Lena looked towards us suspiciously. Fortunately, aunt Dayana had already returned back to normal. Besides a slight blush on her face, nothing about her was out of place.

“… Big brother!” Lena smiled happily and came running towards me. “You sure took a long time talking with aunt Dayana.”

“… Sorry, we were talking about some important stuff. Fortunately, we already finished.”

“Is it so? Great, finally you can accompany to play.” Lena accepted our explanation innocently. (By the way, Lena also called aunt Dayana ‘aunt’, despite aunt Dayana not being truly her aunt).

Susan, on the other hand, still felt that something was wrong.

“… Mrs. Dayana, is everything fine? I heard some strange noises before and your face is red.”

Aunt Dayana forced herself to not run away from the shame.

“… Don’t worry, I’m just a bit tired. I just need to rest and everything will be fine.”

Okay, am I the only pervert here that realized the more pervert meaning of that sentence?

I suppressed the smirk that wanted to appear on my face and waved at aunt Dayana. “Aunt, just follow my instructions. I’ll send you some people in a few days. Also, I think we need to have talks like this more frequently. What do you think about once per day?”

Aunt Dayana rolled her eyes. “Better not. I’ll die if we have to do something like this daily. Now get lost. I still need to work.”

“Okay, okay, give me a moment.” I smirked and ran towards Susan. Before she could react, and put a finger on her forehead and whispered something on her ear.

“I’ll find you soon.”

Susan was startled before lowering her head with a blushing expression. “Mm.”

The next instant, I sent information about another cultivation technique inside Susan’s mind. “Practice well.” I whispered again and stroked her head. Unfortunately, Lena was nearby so I could not give her a kiss.

I then turned around and left the third floor under aunt Dayana’s teasing gaze and Lena’s suspicious look.

Susan, on the other hand, was too busy coping with the information I sent to her mind to bid me farewell.

Daisy, aunt Dayana, and Susan are the ones that are in the most danger of my lovers. Daisy is always beside me, so anyone that wants to harm me will easily think about using her. Aunt Dayana and Susan, on the other hand, have to deal with the auction hall’s competitors, so they can be in danger at any time.

Now that I left them appropriate cultivation techniques and a fragment of my soul for each one, then they will be much safer.

Lena and I left the auction hall and boarded the carriage. I asked Lena if where she wanted to go, but she just pouted and looked away.


“… Big brother, what is your relationship with that girl, Susan?”


“Don’t play dumb! I saw how intimate you were with her and how she looked at you! You think I’m blind!?” Lena bared her teeth to me. I smirked and put on a teasing expression.

“Oh? My little kitty is jealous?”


“Hahahaha… Okay okay, my bad. Come here.” I laughed happily and put Lena on my thighs. Lena’s face turned completely red, but she docilely rested her head on my chest.

“You don’t like Susan?” I asked.

“… It’s not that.” Lena whispered. “It’s just that you are always like this. Big sis Dina, Daisy, Andrea, Lina, and now even Susan…”

“Oh? But you are also on that list.”

Lena blushed and lowered her head. “Anyways, I don’t like it. I fear one day you will abandon me for those women… Brother, you promised me to be always with me…”

“Silly girl, you are my little sister. I’ll never abandon you.” I kissed Lena’s head and hugged her petite body tightly.

“Mm…” Lena nodded shyly and rested her body onto mine.

We fell silent for a while, only hearing the heartbeats of each other. We even forgot to tell the coachman where we were going to go next.

But unfortunately, our romantic moment did not last long.

“Lena, are you there?” From outside the carriage, a sweet and crisp voice came.

Lena threw to the newcomer a dissatisfied look (although she could not see her from inside the carriage) and sighed. I patted her head with a smile and whispered. “Go and look.”

Lena nodded reluctantly and left my embrace.


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