FPD Chapter 121

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Real or Illusion (1)


Unfortunately, Claire and Lena were present, so I used the less violent version of [Soul Scanning].

However, it was more than enough. Once I got the information I wanted to know, I crushed the assassin’s soul into smithereens and stood up.

To be honest, I felt it was a bit of a shame. Not many people manage to get a glimpse of the laws, and much less a law so hard to understand as [Space]. If this assassin continued to live, I’m sure he would have become a very powerful figure eventually.

Unfortunately, he met me.

After I stood up, I snapped my fingers and the assassins’ bodies turned into dust. I then turned around and looked at the girls.

Of the three, Claire was seated on the ground. Her face had turned pale-white, and her body was shaking slightly due to fear.

Louise and Lena, on the other hand, were trying to calm her down.

I heaved a soft sigh and walked towards her. Crouching down, I looked into her eyes gently.

“Are you alright?”

Claire looked at me and forced a smile. “I am… Thank you for saving my life.”

I chuckled and patted her head. “What are you speaking about? This is just an illusion. You would have been fine even if I do nothing.”

“An illusion, huh…” Claire looked at me before nodding. She then looked at the place where the assassin’s body was just a moment ago and fell deep in thoughts.

“Hidden Cave sure did a good job with this attraction.” Lena sighed in admiration. “For an instant, I even thought that the assassins were real. And brother, you moved so fast! How did you do it!?”

“Who knows, I just did.” I forced a smile and Louise snorted. Only Claire stayed silent as though she was thinking about something.

Poor girl, it was her first time facing killing intent, but she received all the killing intent of a tenth-layer assassin head-on. I just hope she doesn’t develop a trauma.

When I made sure that Claire was mostly fine, I used my gaze to ask Louise to follow me. Louise instantly understood that it was related to the assassination and nodded.

“Claus and I are going to make sure that there are no more enemies nearby. You two think of a way to open the door.” Louise said to the girls.

Lena looked at us suspiciously, but when she noticed our serious expressions, she nodded.


Louise and I walked a few meters away. When we were sure that the girls could not hear us, Louise asked.

“What is it?”

“I got some information from the assassins.”

“Information? But how? You never interrogated th–” Louise then remembered how I killed the assassins and smiled wryly. “Right, you also killed a bunch of high-level assassins as though it was nothing, it’s not strange if you have a way to get information. Hey Claus, how strong are you really?”

“… Do you truly want to know?”


“Then become my lover.”

Louise rolled her eyes, but her cheeks turned slightly red. “… I’ll think about it. Anyway, what information did you get?”

“I think it’s better if I show you.” I smiled at Louise and put my finger on her forehead.

Instantly, a set of memories appeared on her mind.

The memories belonged to the tenth-layer assassin. Most precisely, it was what happened a few minutes before they attacked us.

“You have a new job.” A servant-like man around thirty years old notified him.

The assassin nodded. “Tell me the details.”

“The target is the fourth prince, Claus Quintin. He is currently inside the new attraction of Hidden Cave together with Princess Lena and the two daughters Earl Riea.”

“… It will be a bit difficult. I heard the fourth prince is being protected by a powerful master.”

“Don’t worry, the Transcendent beside His Highness assured us that nobody powerful is protecting the princess. Even if Prince Claus truly has a powerful master, that master is not with him right now.”

“… I understand. But there is the possibility that the prince’s master left him a life-saving treasure. Moreover, there are many nobles with their bodyguards nearby. They will act immediately when they feel the commotion.”

“Actually, that is not a problem.” The servant smiled. “The prince is currently inside an illusory array, so nothing that happens inside will be detected outside. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you fail to assassin the prince.”

“What do you mean?”

“Besides the prince, His Highness also wants that you kill the other three girls.”


“Think about it. If the prince dies after meeting His Highness and the Earl, then they will be the biggest suspects. But if the earl’s two daughters and the princess also dies, then nobody will suspect them.

“After all, nobody will think that the earl killed his own daughters, and His Highness doesn’t have a reason to kill his sister. Even if someone suspects something, His Highness will not be the biggest suspect.

“And if you fail to kill the prince, but kill the other three girls, it’ll be even better. After all, what do you think will happen to the prince if he is the only one that survives the assassination and the other girls die?”

“Do you mean…”

“Yes. We just need to fan the flames a little, and the prince will become the biggest suspect.”

The assassin looked at the servant in admiration before nodding. “I understand. I’ll accomplish my mission.”


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