FPD Chapter 133

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Lightning Goddess’s Armor (1)


Let’s go back to half an hour ago.

After Claus left for the Red Skull Gang, Daisy started her maid’s duties.

Daisy was a very determined girl. So, even although she wanted to rest badly after all the crazy things she and Claus did last night, she did not think even for a moment about skipping her training or her duties.

Instead, she dutifully started to clean her prince’s room without a complaint.

Daisy was clear that she was Claus’s maid. Even if Claus treated her as a lover and told her about his secrets, she continued being his maid. Actually, she considered it her destiny.

And she was happy like that.

After she finished tidying the room, Daisy proceeded to grab Claus’s dirty clothes. In fact, the palace has servants in charge of all the laundry, but Daisy was used to doing Claus’s laundry personally.

However, when she was about to start, she heard someone knocking on the door.

Furrowing her brows, Daisy put Claus’s clothes on the floor and opened the door. She then saw two imperial guards waiting outside.

“What is it?” She asked.

One of the imperial guards looked at her and spoke in an ice-cold tone. “Miss Daisy. We came here by orders of the second prince. He lost a very expensive ring last night so we are searching through the palace for it.”

Daisy’s expression instantly turned cold. “Are you suspecting that his highness is a thief?”

The guard frowned. “Of course not. But we need to search inside to confirm.”

“Imprudence!” Daisy exclaimed. “This is his highness’s bedroom! You are not qualified to enter here! Get lost!”

The guard’s expression turned ugly. “… Are you sure you want to do this, miss Daisy?”

“I’ll not allow anyone to barge inside his highness’s room!”

“Very well, we will see.” After saying that, the two guards left.

But they returned not much later, and this time, they were not alone.

When Daisy saw the second prince accompanied by the imperial guards’ captain and a group of imperial guards, she confirmed that all of this was a plot aimed at her prince.

“Miss Daisy, please give way. We need to enter the room.” Sir Raul said in an arrogant tone. However, Daisy remained unperturbed. “I said it before and I’ll repeat it again. Nobody will enter this room without his highness permission!”

“How arrogant.” Raul smirked. “Can’t you see that we are following Prince Bryan’s orders? Are you going to defy the words of a prince?”

Daisy’s expression changed. However, she did not move away from the door.

“The servant is truly like the master.” Bryan, who had been observing the situation with an obscene smile, clicked his tongue. “Slut, if you don’t move away in three seconds, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“I’m sorry, prince Bryan. But my master is his highness. I don’t have any reason to follow your orders.” Daisy said coldly.

“Hahaha. Such a feisty servant. Sir Raul, you already heard her. Capture and punish that servant. I’ll explain everything to the bastard later.”

Daisy’s expression fell. She looked at the captain of the imperial guards and gritted her teeth. “Sir Raul, are you sure that you want to go against his highness!?”

Sir Raul frowned. For an instant, an expression of pure fear appeared in his eyes. But in the next instant, it was replaced by shame and anger.

Raul hated Prince Claus with his entire being, but he feared him even more. Every time he was in front of the prince, he could not help but shake in terror.

Actually, he regretted fon an instant agreeing to the second prince’s proposal, but now that he had boarded the ship, he could not get down easily. Anyway, he was confident that the empress would protect him.

After taking a deep breath to calm his emotions, Raul’s expression turned firm.

“You and you, capture her!” He ordered.

Two imperial guards nodded. They smiled evilly and walked towards Daisy arrogantly, as though to intimidate her.

But contrary to their expectations, Daisy remained calm.

Before the two imperial guards could reach Daisy, their expressions froze.

At some point in time, a magic circle appeared below their feet.

A giant lightning serpent materialized from the magic circle. The lightning serpent hissed fiercely to the guards and used its bright-gold eyes to look at them in disdain.

Sixth-layer lightning magic, [Lightning Serpent]!

“Careful!” Sir Raul detected the danger and hurriedly shouted, but the two third-layer guards were too weak to react adequately against the powerful spell.

Bright golden bolts of lightning impacted their bodies. The lightning serpent used its tail to swat the two guards away, burning their bodies completely and leaving them half dead!

Then, a powerful aura surged from Daisy’s body. Her fifth-layer cultivation was released completely, and the lightning serpent wrapped itself around her.

“I’ll repeat myself one last time, nobody will enter this room! If you want to enter, you will have to pass over my dead body!”

“You… A sixth-layer spell! So you were hiding your strength, huh…” An expression of shock appeared on Raul’s face. “But it doesn’t matter. Guards capture her!”

“Keep her alive!” Bryan said suddenly. “I want that girl!”

“““Yes!””” The guards shouted in answer. Then, they charged towards Daisy.

Daisy frowned. Although she had become much stronger lately, she was completely inexperienced in battle. Moreover, she was facing the imperial guards. In the worst scenery, she could be executed for treason.

But when she remembered what she was protecting, her hesitation disappeared.

Then, following her prince’s teachings, she circulated her mana inside her body.

Lightning-attributed mana surged out from her mana core and flowed into her veins. In less than one second, she had finished the spell that Claus taught her not long ago.

Instantly, an armor made of lightning appeared on her body. Daisy’s aura surged upwards powerfully, easily breaking through the sixth layer and stepping into the seventh layer of mana!

This was a true trump card, a spell that Claus had designed especially for her.

[Lightning Goddess’s Armor]!

The ground trembled, and the seventh-layer aura impacted the guards. Even although the power-up was temporary, it was still incredibly shocking. It demonstrated Claus’s high attainments in the field of magic.

Furthermore, the current armor was not the spell’s true power. The current Daisy could only use a tenth of the spell’s power.

But even that was formidable enough.

Feeling Daisy’s powerful surge in power, the imperial guards paled. Most of them were in the third and fourth layers, so the pressure of a seventh-layer practitioner was not something they could endure easily.

“If you try to enter my prince’s bedroom, I’ll kill you!” Daisy shouted.

Raul’s expression changed. He could not believe that the prince’s servant was so powerful.

‘It looks like I have to step forward personally.’ Raul muttered inwardly and took a step forward.

But at that moment, a childlike voice resounded.


The fifth princess of the empire had arrived.


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