FPD Chapter 136

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The Fate of a Pawn


“Claus, I think it’s time to stop this.”

I looked up and saw my eldest brother walking towards us. He was being followed for a servant-like old man and some imperial guards.

“… What do you mean, eldest brother?” I asked while feigning ignorance, but Alan did not mind it. He walked towards me and stood in front of Bryan protectively.

“I’m sorry for what happened to your servant, but this conflict will end here. I think killing the guard responsible was enough.”

“Oh? Brother, do you think I am an idiot? Anyone can see that this was a plot against me. I’m sorry, but you will need a better explanation if you want that I let this go. Besides, Bryan made a promise to Lena before, so he must fulfill it.” I smirked.

Alan’s expression hardened. “… Do you know what you are doing?”

“What do you think?”

Alan’s eyes narrowed. He looked at the old servant beside as though considering something, but seeing the crowd around us, he knew he could not use force lest the nobles use it against him.

“… Bryan will not kneel, a prince can’t kneel before a commoner. I’ll not allow it no matter what.”

“Then, what are you planning to do, brother?” I asked in a sarcastic tone. Alan could see that I was mocking him, but Bryan was in the wrong, so if he wanted to help him, he could only endure the humiliation.

“Ask for another thing.” He finally said.

I smiled. From the start, I did not expect to get Bryan to kneel, after all, doing so means putting Daisy in unnecessary risk. However, I’m not planning to let this go so easily.

“Okay, I’m an understanding person so I’ll accept your suggestion… Mmm, let me see, the imperial guards plotted against a prince of the empire so they need to be punished. Daisy, what is the punishment for going against the imperial family?

“Death, your highness.”

The guards paled, but I keep my smile and ignored their gazes. I also ignored Elena, who was looking at me with a pleading expression. I was going to talk with her later.

“What do you think, brother?”

Alan wrinkled his brows, but he then nodded. “It shall be done.”

“Your highness!” Raul exclaimed in despair. He looked at Alan and then at Bryan, but both of them averted their gazes without caring about him.

After all, what was wrong about sacrificing a pawn when it was necessary?

I smirked secretly. As I expected, they did not hesitate to abandon him after he became useless.

I think that with this, many people will learn about Alan’s way of doing things. I’m sure that many people will dislike a ruler like this.

Well, that was not important now.

Alan dusted the corner of his robe and put on an indifferent expression. “Very well, now that we have resolved this, it’s time for me to leave.”

“Wait a moment, brother.” I interrupted him coldly. “You didn’t think this is enough, right?”

“Claus, don’t go too far!” Alan’s voice turned cold, but I just flashed an indifferent look and shrugged my shoulders. “Let’s be honest, brother, I don’t need your help if I want to get the guards executed. Instead of saying that this is my demand, I think it’s more of a freebie I asked for.”

Alan took a deep breath and calmed his emotions down. He then looked at me furiously. “Speak then, what else do you want!?”

I narrowed my eyes. I then winked at Daisy and ordered her to put on a soundproof barrier around us.”

Daisy complied instantly and created a barrier isolating us. Lena and the others were left outside, unable to hear the rest of our conversation.

I then looked at my confused brothers and smirked.

“I hope that Bryan cancels the engagement with his fiancée.”

“Impossible!” Bryan screamed in a crazed tone. “Bastard, I’ll not allow it.”

“Oh? I think you spoke too quickly, brother. You see, I have liked Iris for a long time, but unfortunately, she is already engaged to you. Besides, nobody besides us will know about this. You just need to find a random excuse and nobody will suspect anything.”

“Hahahaha! Do you think I’ll allow it!? If you dare to touch her, I’ll kill you!”

I smirked and then looked at Alan. “What do you think, brother? I think it’s a good deal.”

Alan wrinkled his brows with an unreadable expression.

Seeing that my setup was almost complete, I took the last step.

“Mmm, thinking about it, it’s normal if you are unable to decide right now. How about this, I’ll give you a bit of time to think about your answer. What do you think about… after the institute’s expedition?”

Alan looked at me deeply and then grinned. “Very well, I’ll give you the answer after the institute’s expedition. Bryan, let’s go.”

“Brother! What ar–”

“Are you not satisfied with the mess you have done!?” Alan’s face turned cold. “Let’s go! You are shaming the imperial family!”

Bryan’s lips trembled, but in the end, he lowered his head and followed after him.

Seeing that, the servants in the surroundings departed. Only Lena, Daisy, Elene and I stayed behind.

Not much later, another group of imperial guards came and took Raul and his group to the palace’s dungeon. Raul did not resist, instead, he looked at me with a face dyed in despair, begging me to spare him.

However, I was not planning to spare him anymore.

Instead, I was thinking about the face of Alan when he discovers that I’m not the one that died during the institute expedition.



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