FPD Chapter 139

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With the Married Doctor Again


Elene slowly took off her robe and let it fall to the ground.

Her pale-white skin glistened under the room’s lights. Her naked body was completely exposed to my eyes, allowing me to admire her beauty greedily.

“You don’t have to do this.” I said while roaming my gaze through her nakedness.

“Perhaps.” Elene stared at me with her beautiful blue eyes. “But I want to. I want to show you my determination to save my husband, and at the same time, I want to use this to end my relationship with him.”

“… I understand.” I nodded and I sat on the bed. Elene bit her lips and sat beside me while looking at me with a struggling expression.

“Don’t worry.” I smiled and slowly caressed her body. “Everything will be alright.”

Elene forced out a smile and closed her eyes.

My hands moved to her breast. I pinched her nipples softly and I rubbed her chest. At the same time, my mouth moved to her neck.

Elene shivered and her cave turned wet, but she gritted her teeth and forced herself to ignore her body’s reactions.

An involuntary smirk formed in my mouth. Seeing Elene trying to suppress her lust made me even more interested in hearing her moans. Thus, I decided to explore each part of her body slowly.

Her legs, her waist, her shoulders, and her neck. My hands and mouth explored her body greedily, kissing, pinching and caressing each part of her. I was completely focused on seeing Elene’s reactions when I teased a particular part of her body.

Unexpectedly, though, I discovered that Elene’s body was much more sensitive than last time. Each time my hands teased any of her erogenous zones, her body twitched involuntarily and her hidden cave produced a new stream of love juices.

“What is wrong, sister Elene? You don’t like it?” I smirked.

Elene shot me a displeased gaze and immediately looked away. But even so, I was able to see the growing lust hidden in her eyes.

“You truly have a beautiful body.” I breathed in her ear. “In fact, I don’t mind playing with it all night.”

“… P-Please not.” Elene was finally unable to endure. “P-Prince, it’s enough.”

“Oh? What is enough?”

Elene bit her lips. “S-Stop teasing me.”

“Hehehe… So you want to start already. Sister Elene, you are such a pervert.”

Elene blushed and looked away.

“Hahaha.” I laughed happily. Then, I suddenly kissed her lips.

Elene was surprised. She tried to move her mouth away, but I held her body tightly and put my lips on hers. My tongue invaded her little mouth and tasted her sweet lips.

Although Elene tried to resist, it was nothing more than one last stubborn attempt to keep her pride. Soon, however, the accumulated lust on her body burst out and took away her last strand of reason.

Instantly, Elene turned into a beast.

Her nails pierced my back, and her tongue intertwined with mine, sucking out my saliva and biting my lips seductively.

Her long black hair fell onto her back, giving her body a seductive look. I hugged her body tightly without stopping the kiss and put her on my thigs. Elene then wrapped her arms around my neck and started to take off my clothes.

In seconds, all my clothes were off. Our naked bodies pressed against each other, with Elene seated on my tights kissing my lips crazily.

“… Elene, will you become my woman?” I asked suddenly.

Elene stopped. She looked into my eyes with an expression of hesitation and sighed. “Are you not angry than I asked you to release Raul?”

I smiled. “A bit. However, when I thought about Raul’s face if he learns about this, my anger reduces significantly.”

“… Prince, you won’t do that, right?”

I smiled without answering. Elene panicked and tried to say something, but I sealed her lips again and twisted her nipples.

Elene’s eyes opened wide. She let out a moan of pleasure mixed with pain and quivered. Taking advantage of that, I moved my mouth to her breasts and sucked them as a baby.

“P-Prince…” Elene moaned. She hugged my head tightly as though she was trying to suffocate me.

“Elene, be sincere, I’m better than your husband, right?” I asked with a smirk. Elene turned red and looked away to avoid answering my question.

I did not mind it, however. Instead, I continued teasing her body constantly, kissing her neck and biting her ears until I provoked her an orgasm.

“!!!” Elene trembled. Love juices flowed out of her cave in great amounts, turning my legs completely wet. I let out a sigh of admiration seeing so much love juice and grinned.

“You are truly a pervert, sister Elene. To think that you are so turned on with a man other than your husband.”

“… Stop it.” Elene whined.

“Okay, okay. However, you have not replied to my question. Sister Elene, will you become my woman?”

Elene lowered her gaze and thought for a moment.

“… Prince, give me a bit more of time. Actually, my thoughts are still a mess… I don’t know what I want to do…”

I smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you all the time you want.”

“Thank you.” Elene whispered in my ear and kissed my neck.

I smiled. Suddenly, I thrust my pelvis forward and pierced her cave completely.

Elene took a deep breath. Her body froze for an instant before melting completely on my embrace.

Then, I started to attack her.

“Ahhnn… Prince…” Elene moaned. She wrapped her legs around my waist and started to move up and down to cooperate with my movements.

Our bodies became one and our lips joined in a kiss. I held Elene body’s tightly I thrust inside her repeatedly, feeling the walls of her cave wrapping around my member and stimulating it.

“Elene, you are so tight!” I grunted. Elene smiled and then tightened her cave even more than before, increasing the pleasure we were feeling.

“Prince… My prince… Deeper…!” Elene screamed and bit my shoulder. I then put more strength on my waist and reached deeper than before, hitting the entrance of her womb with each thrust and causing Elene a slight pain.

Wave after wave of attacks overwhelmed Elene. It did not take her long to reach her second orgasm, and then the third. When she reached her fourth orgasm, her body was already lying weakly on the bed, completely at the mercy of my attacks.

“S-Stop… P-Please… Just one second…” Elene panted with a pitiful voice, but I continued piercing her mercilessly. When I finally feel my climax coming, I increased the speed of my attacks and invaded her sacred place faster and fiercer for one last thrust.

Then, I hugged her body and kissed her cute mouth.


With one last thrust, I pierced into Elene’s cave and shot all my white stuff inside her womb.

Then, I fell on her body.

“Huff… Huff… Huff…” Elene closed her eyes and panted. She caressed my hair gently and sighed in satisfaction.

“So good, I missed this…”

“Oh? Is it so?”

Elene blushed. She then moved her gaze away to feign ignorance. Unfortunately for her, I was interested in hearing more about that.

“So you don’t want to talk, huh… Then, I think I need to work a bit harder to make you confess.”

“Huh? Wait, wait, prince! I’m alrea– Hiiiiiihhhh!”

Our battle had just started.


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