FPD Chapter 140

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Raul’s Fate


“Sister Elene, what are you planning to do after this?” I asked Elene once we finished our session of intercourse.

We were lying naked on the bed. Elene was resting her head on my chest peacefully while I played with her hair and kissed her soft lips occasionally.

Hearing my question, she took a moment to think.

“… I don’t know… I think I’ll ask for a leave for a few days and try to forget everything that happened recently.”

“Mmm… Actually, I have a favor to ask you.”

“A favor?”

“Yes. Some friends of mine are needing a skilled medic, so I thought of you. Are you interested?”

Elene hesitated. Although she felt indebted to me after I agreed to release her husband, she did not want to stop working in the palace.

Fortunately, I was not planning to force her to abandon her current job.

“It will be just for a few days. You can take this opportunity to clear your thoughts and make the decision to become my woman.”

Elene rolled her eyes. “You look very confident. Are you sure that I’ll agree?”

“Of course, I’m a very charming man after all.”

“Bah, shameless.” Elene feigned a look of disgust and looked away. I chuckled and rolled over her. I then pressed her hands on the bed and kissed her lips.

“P-Prince, stop it! I’m already tired!”

I smiled and kissed her again. However, I stopped with just a kiss. I then put a finger on her forehead.

“Here, a gift for you.”

“Huh? A cultivation technique? It looks of pretty high quality.”

“Yes, I created it just for you.”

Elene could not help but roll her eyes again. “Do you think I’ll believe that you created this technique?”

I simply smiled mysteriously and stood up. I then grabbed my clothes from the ground and put them back on.

“Where are you going?” Elene asked curiously.

“To see your husband.” I replied casually. “It’s already night. I have to hurry up if I want to rescue him tonight.”

Elene turned completely red. She had completely forgotten about her husband.

Moreover, she just realized that it was already night. In other words, it had been a few hours since we started to have sex.

“R-Right… Prince, how are you planning to take him out of the cell?”

“It’s a secret.” I curved my lips up. “Mmm, if you want to know, you can wait until I’m back and ask me again. Of course, you will have to pay a small price.”

I then roamed my gaze through her naked body and smirked.

Elene understood my implications and hid her body under a blanket. “Pervert…” She blushed.

I just smiled and then left the room.

Locating the place where Raul was imprisoned was not difficult. I just had to activate Akashic Sight and the place appeared on my mind. With a thought, I bent space around me and took a step forward.

One second later, I appeared in front of Raul’s cell.

“Wow… This place sure is dark!” I whistled.

“… You are… Prince Claus.” Raul’s tired voice came from inside the cell.

“Good night, sir Raul. Are you satisfied with your new home?”

“… You came to mock me, huh.” Raul smirked self-deprecatorily. “Yeah, I suppose that you are happy about seeing me here.”

“Of course.” I smiled indifferently. “Seeing the look in your face after you were abandoned by my brothers was truly satisfying.”

Raul smiled bitterly. “… Yeah, to think I gave my loyalty to them, but they treated me like a dog.”

I chuckled.

Raul lifted his face and stared at me with a look of fear. His fear of me had become even stronger after today’s events. “Did you come here to see me make a fool of myself? If so, I think it’s better if you leave. Although I lost, I’ll not give you the satisfaction of seeing me cry in despair.”

“Are you sure?” I smiled mysteriously. “You see, Sir Raul, someone came to me this afternoon and asked me to spare your life.”

“Huh?” Raul was surprised.

“Are you curious?” I said in a mocking tone. “I’ll give you a clue. It was a woman.”

“… N-No, it can’t be…” Raul shook in fear.

“It looks like you know who she was.”

“Elene…” Raul turned pale.

“Correct! Unfortunately, you won nothing. But I can tell you what happened as a reward.”

“No… You would not da–”

“Oh no, I dare!” I smiled brightly. “I dare, and I will! After Elene pleaded to me for your life, I naturally accepted, of course, with some condition.”

“N-No… No…”

“Yes, it was exactly what you are thinking. Sir Raul, how it feels to know that your wife slept with another man?”


“Oh? You can’t speak? Alright, I think I’ll describe the process to you while y–”

“Shut up!!!” Raul yelled in fear and fury.

“Why so furious? You have not heard anything yet. I have to say, your wife’s body is truly incredible. The feeling is holding her naked body on my arms… Truly unforgettable!”

“Stop!!! That slut! How does she dare!?”

“… And when I entered inside her… Hahaha, she looked very reluctant at the start, but soon, she was panting and moaning happily under my body… Hehe, could it be that you were unable to satisfy her needs?”

“Shut up!!! I’ll kill you!!! I’ll swear I’ll kill you!!!” Raul’s eyes had turned bloodshot. He stared at me with such a hatred that tears of blood threatened to escape from his eyes.

Mmm, it was very refreshing.

As I thought, ruining your enemies’ lives is one of the most enjoyable experiences ever.

Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of having a man staring at me with such fervor.

“Anyway.” I shrugged. “To be honest, sir Raul, I truly want to kill you. Unfortunately, I promised sister Elene that I’ll release you. Of course, I can kill you without her knowing, however, I’m a man that values his promises, so I can only let you go.”

“Bastard!!! Kill me!!! Kill me!!! I swear I’ll kill you, Claus!!!”

“How interesting. To think that you used your hatred to overcome the seed of fear. Very interesting ideed.” I grinned. “Don’t worry, I have good news for you. Even if I promised Elene that I’ll save you from death, I never say anything about sparing you from a well-deserved punishment.”


“So… let’s start, shall we?”

Instantly, Raul let out a bloodcurdling scream. Fortunately, I had made sure that nobody could hear anything that was happening here.

I crushed his limbs, crippled his mana core, and shattered his nerves. The nightmarish pain assaulted Raul’s mind constantly, making him unable to think.

I also made sure to send a bit of energy inside his body to stop him from fainting. Then, I continued my torture. I did not stop until he was one step away from death.

Sir Raul looked at me with a terrified gaze. His crippled body shook constantly as though reminiscing the torture he just experienced.

However, I could see a tinge o hatred and resentment in the depths of his eyes.

“Mmm, how nice… By the way, sir Raul, don’t you know? I’m an expert in souls.”

Raul just continued looking at me silently.

“My last gift to you is related to that. Here.” I then lifted my finger and touched his forehead softly.


With a thought, the last step of my revenge was done.

I crushed his will and cut the link between his soul and body. From today onwards, Raul will be unable to talk, smell, or move his body. But I did not erase his sight, hearing, or sense of pain. From today onwards, he could only suffer in silence, unable to do anything to stop his misery. Not even beg dor mercy.

With this, I crushed any hope of recovery.

Done with him, I waved my hand and teleported him away. As for the place, I chose the beastmen’ capital. I heard they are highly xenophobic and hate humans strongly. I wonder what will happen when they find a crippled human in their doorsteps.

Well, now that I kept my promise to Elene, it’s time to return to my room.

Unfortunately, Elene had escaped back to her room when I returned.

Such a shame, I wanted to continue with our game of the afternoon.


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