FPD Chapter 145

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War Between Gangs (3)


“Christian! Are you going to hide inside your shell forever!? Come out and fight like a man!” Marana bellowed. “Or you will wait until I kill all of your men!?”

No response came from inside.

Marana wrinkled her brows. The fact that the Blood Night Gang’s leaders had not appeared yet worried her.

Although she could understand Blood Night’s plans, she could not believe that they were so ruthless. Even now, when half of their battle strength had been killed, they had not made a move.

“… Sister, what do we do?” Cline asked with a frown.

Marana fell silent. She looked at the silent building and put on a grave expression.

“… We are entering.”

Cline’s expression turned pensive. “Sister, I think it’s a trap.”

“I know.” Marana nodded. “But we can only bite the bullet and enter. We need to finish the Blood Night Gang tonight. After tonight, they will be prepared against our true strength and they will probably get reinforcements.”

Cline fell silent and nodded. Seeing that, Marana called out to Akilah.

“Choose a team and enter first. Be careful and retreat once you find anything wrong.”

Akilah nodded. “Don’t worry, sister. I’ll be careful.”

Akilah then turned around and walked towards her unit. “Men, I need a hand here! Who is going with me!?”

Instantly, more than twenty men and women stepped forward. They put on determined expressions and nodded.

“Perfect!” Akilah unsheathed her rapier and smiled savagely. “Let’s go! We will get the turtle out of its shell!”


Akilah then walked towards the door fearlessly and used her rapier to cut it into two.

When the door fell to the ground, Akilah realized that nobody was behind it.

Everything inside was completely dark, but darkness was not much of a problem to Akilah, much less now that she broke through to the eighth layer.

Furrowing her brows, she thought for a moment before putting on a firm expression.

“Let’s go!” She said and led the group inside.

The Blood Night Gang’s headquarters was different than Red Skull’s. Red Skull’s headquarters was a normal building equipped with some special facilities. But Blood Night’s headquarters was different. Although it seemed like a normal building from outside, its inside was connected to an underground structure that extended until five floors below.

Marana knew that the underground structure had more than one escape route, unfortunately, she did not know where the escape routes led, so she could do nothing but hope that Blood Night’s leaders decide to face them at least once.

Once they decided to face them, she would join forces with Raven to kill all of them without giving them the opportunity to escape.

The group led by Akilah advanced through the building smoothly. Nobody appeared to stop them even when they located the first underground floor.

But when they descended to the second underground floor, a rain of arrows surged towards them.

“Careful!” Akilah shouted and brandished her rapier quickly. She had been wary of ambushes, so she easily deflected the first wave of arrows.

But before she could sigh in relief, tens of enemies surged out from the surroundings and charged towards them.

Akilah’s expression turned grave. “Form a circle!” She shouted. “Protect each other and be careful of the arrows!”


One second later, the two groups clashed.

The Blood Night Gang’s men charged towards Akilah’s group in waves. Enemy after enemy surged out of the surroundings and charged towards them without regard for their lives.

But unfortunately for them, Akilah’s men were as stable as a rock. As part of the group that survived night after night inside the space-time vortex, they were used to defending against waves of enemies, and even when one of them was injured, they gritted their teeth and kept their positions bravely.

Outside the building, Cline turned anxious when he heard the sounds of battle.

“Big sister!”

“Wait!” Marana remained calm. “It’s not time yet!”

“But Akilah…!”

“She will be fine, trust her. She is stronger than you think!”

Cline bit his lips. He could only look anxiously towards the building while waiting for the moment to charge to the battle.

Meanwhile, the situation inside was turning perilous. Even although Akilah’s men were the cream of the crop in the Red Skull Gang, they started to get tired after facing so many waves of enemies.

The waves of enemies seemed endless. No matter how many they killed, more would come to replace the dead ones. Akilah estimated that they had killed around one hundred enemies at the cost of four of her men.

Suddenly, Akilah felt a terrifying sensation of danger.

A dagger appeared above her, piercing towards her forehead.

“!!!” Akilah opened her eyes wide. Almost instantly, she turned around and used her rapier to defend against the sneak attack.


The dagger clashed against the rapier. Akilah recognized the enemy as Norma, a seventh-layer warrior and another one of Blood Night’s vice-leaders.

“Finally you are out!” Akilah bellowed, her voice reaching to Marana outside. Norma’s expression changed. “Hurry up, she called for reinforcements!”

Instantly, five strong auras appeared in the surroundings.

“Hahahaha, it doesn’t matter! She will not survive to see them!” Another vice-leader laughed.

Akilah snorted. “It looks like all the rats are here, huh.”

Norma licked her lips. “Afraid? I must admit that we underestimated your Red Skull Gang, but your mistake was to enter here alone! I can’t believe that Marana was so idiotic to give such an order!”

“Stop chatting!” Christian, the leader of the Blood Night Gang, suddenly spoke. “Hurry up and attack! We need to kill her before the others arrive!”

Instantly, the four vice-leaders attacked.

Akilah grinned. Unexpectedly, she faced the four attacks boldly. Shaking her rapier, she joined four attacks in one movement, stopping the four vice-leaders’ attacks.

The vice-leaders’ faces changed. “Careful! She is in the eighth-layer!”

But they learned about it too late. Akilah had already jumped back, escaping from the enemy’s encirclement and rushing towards the stairs.

But at that moment, a shadow rushed towards her.

“Do you think you can escape!?”

Christian brandished his greatsword. Powerful ninth-layer mana filled the weapon, forcing Akilah to avoid the blow.

However, it eliminated her possibilities of escape. In an instant, she was once more surrounded by five powerful enemies.

“Hahaha, where are you going to escape now, bitch!?” Norma mocked.

Akilah looked at the enemies and suddenly smiled.

“Who said I need to escape?”


Before they could understand Akilah’s meaning, a shadow materialized behind their leader.

Then, Raven swung her daggers.

[Soul Reaping Slah]!


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