FPD Chapter 148

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One Step Ahead (2)


The first time I learned space laws was in my seventh reincarnation, and since then, space-based techniques has been my main method of battle.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m indeed more proficient in the use of soul than space, but unfortunately, the aspects of soul I have grasped are not very suited for battle. And even if I can use them to battle, they are not as cool as using space.

So, I normally only use soul aspects when I’m truly going all out, in other words, against an opponent of my level.

After all, using space is more than enough normally.

Such as now.

When I clapped, my technique was activated.

[Space Shock]!

Compressing a point in space and then releasing it to create a spatial shockwave powerful enough to destroy everything in the surroundings.

When Aaron’s group felt the spatial disturbance, they realized they were in trouble.

Without hesitation, each one of them used their life-saving techniques. The old man teleported away, the female mage used flames to jump away from the battlefield, the spearman used a magic tool to release a powerful barrier, and Aaron used his sword to slash space and create a small place safe from the shockwaves.


The next instant, the entire building crumbled

The spatial shockwave was unable to differentiate friend from foe. It crashed against all the nearby people and crushed their bodies into bits. Fortunately, I had created a barrier to protect the Red Skull Gang’s men beforehand, so none of them died due to the shockwave or the crumbling building.

When the dust caused by my attack finally settled down, the situation of the enemies was revealed.

The old man, the female mage, and Aaron were unharmed, but it was different for the spearman. The barrier was unable to bear completely the brunt of the attack, so the spatial shockwave crushed one of his arms and crushed various of his bones.

“Nice, you all survived!” I gave them a look of praise. “I thought one of you would die for sure. It looks like you are more capable than I thought.”

“Bastard!” The spearman clenched his teeth, but he did not let rage get the best of him. Instead, he circulated his mana to suppress his injuries and stop the bleeding.

Aaron stared at me with a frown. “Space laws? You also were using force before… So, you use space and force.”

Nope old man, I’m just a little better than most using force. Although I guess that just my level in force laws is enough to put me at the top of this world.

“As expected, the young miss is the wisest one.” Aaron continued with a sigh. “She told me that tonight fight would be very hard… Sigh, we lost the Blood Night Gang. To think we invested so many resources in them.”

I shrugged. “Sorry about that, collateral damage.”

Aaron closed his eyes and sighed. “It looks we can only kill you now. Having someone as strong as you as an enemy will be a nuisance for young miss’s plans.”

Then, he opened his eyes with a sharp glint–

“Young man, let me show you the power beyond the twelfth-layer, the power of a divine!”

–And his sword appeared in front of my eyes.

I snorted and parried the sword with my wrist. My body twisted below his sword and advanced towards him.

But another sword was already in front of me.

At the same time, the powerful mana of the old man surged into the surroundings, transforming into sword energy that restricted my movements.

A thirteenth-layer signature move, [Domain]!

[Sword Domain]!

The sword seemed unavoidable. Aaron’s domain didn’t just restrict my movements, but it also worked as a tracker that allowed his attacks to hone on me.

My face turned serious. I blended my body into a different layer of space, passing through Aaron’s sword unscathed. But Aaron’s second sword was already cutting towards my waist. Surprisingly, he had relied on his sword intent only to cut into the layer of space I had hidden.

I was slightly surprised. To think this old man’s sword arts had reached this level.



The sword was stopped by the back of my hand.

Aaron’s expression changed. He had given his all in the last attack, so the fact that it was unable to break through my defenses was inconceivable.

Furthermore, Aaron’s cultivation was higher than mine. Even although fights between practitioners did not depend only on cultivation levels, cultivation levels are indeed important. The gap between the twelfth layer and the thirteenth layer was especially really hard to bridge.

After all, from the thirteenth layer onwards, you stop being a human and start entering into the domain of godhood.

I did not give him time to think. Since before I blocked his sword, my next attack was already ready. A kick cut through space and arrived in front of Aaron’s face.

Aaron paled. He hurriedly used his sword energy to stop the attack, but the sword energy was easily dispersed. The kick hit against his head, creating a dreadful cracking sound.

“Old butler!” The female mage shouted in panic. She cast a spell she had been preparing and created hundreds of fire snakes aimed to stop my movements.

At the same time, the spear from the spearman and the space blade from the old man advanced towards me. I kicked the spear away, punched the fire snakes into bits and crushed the space blade with my hand.

Unexpectedly, Aaron’s sword intent was hidden behind the space blade. I was forced to blend into another space layer to escape from that attack.

Aaron used that opportunity to retreat. His skull had cracked due to my kick, but fortunately, his strengthened body was able to endure the attack, although just barely.

But when he looked towards me again, his expression changed.

… My hand was piercing the spearman’s chest.

“Sorry, mate. Nothing personal.” I said to the agonizing man.

And then, I crushed his chest.

The spearman vomited a mouthful of blood and tried to speak, but his body was completely devoid of strength. One second later, he fell to the ground, dead.

Aaron’s face distorted into fury. He looked at me with bloodshot eyes while doing his best to retain his calm.


“C’mon, old man. Be more respectful.” I smirked. “Besides, you are going to see him soon, not need to be so angry.”

Aaron trembled from the rage. He then took a deep breath and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, his eyes had regained his original calm.

He then shouted.

“All of you, how long are you going to remain hidden!? We accorded to come here together!”

“Hahaha, calm down, old Aaron, we were just finishing our preparations.” A voice answered leisurely from the distance. Then, a middle-aged man materialized in a corner of the battlefield.

An instant later, another three people materialized in the other three corners.

The middle-aged man stared at me with a mocking look.

“Activate, [God-Killing Array]!”


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