FPD Chapter 153

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Reluctant Landlady (1)


We returned to the living room after putting Peter on the bed. Rather surprisingly, Peter did not wake up even once during the ordeal. The most he did was to call Lluvia’s name a pair of times.

I had to give it to the man. Not many people can remain sleeping after being dragged all the way until the bed. He probably will wake up later with a strong hangover and remembering nothing of what happened.

Lluvia continued preparing the breakfast, but even I could notice she was somewhat distracted. Her face was a mask of worry and anxiety. It seemed that her husband’s acts finally had driven her to a corner.

“Mrs. Lluvia, are you alright?” I asked.

“Huh? O-Oh, don’t worry. I’m just thinking about something.”

“… It looks like you are in a very difficult situation.” I sighed

Lluvia fell silent.

She  finished preparing breakfast and served me a dish of scrambled eggs with white bread.

When I started to eat, Mrs. Lluvia suddenly spoke.

“Clark, do you know of any way I can raise the money?”

I stopped eating. Looking up, I saw a desperate expression on Lluvia’s face. Currently, she was grabbing any straw she could find.

“… I’ll be honest with you, Mrs. Lluvia.” I said after thinking for a while. “I can’t think of any way you can reunite that money in one week. Of course, it’s different if you try something like robbery or some other crime, but with your strength, even that is impossible.”

Lluvia bit her lips. It was clear she had reached to the same conclusion I reached. Just now, she was simply trying her luck.

And she could try a bit more.

“… Can you, perhaps, lend us the money?”

I looked right into Lluvia’s eyes. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Lluvia. Even if I want to help you, there is no way I will lend you that amount of money.”

“But, we can pay you! Please, we…”

I shook my head. “Mrs. Lluvia, 700 gold coins is more than I have to pay to live three years here. There is no way I can simply give you all that money. Besides, how are you going to pay me? Forgive me for being blunt, but to be honest, with your family situation, you can’t pay me in this lifetime.”

Lluvia was unable to deny my words.

After almost one minute, she finally opened her mouth again.

“… I can find other ways to pay you.”

“Mrs. Lluvia, it’s better if you stop here.” I sighed, but she continued.

“Although I’m not young as other girls, I’m still very beautiful. During my younger years, I had many suitors. Even now, some men are still after my body. I can assure you that you will be satisfied…”

“… You know what you are proposing me, right?”

Lluvia’s face showed bitterness. “I know, of course I know. But what other options do I have? If I don’t get that money, my husband will die…”

I thought for a moment before shaking my head. “I’m sorry, but it’s not enough.”

Mrs. Lluvia lowered her head.

“Not even the most expensive woman in the capital is worth seven hundred gold coins, Mrs. Lluvia.” I said slowly.

“… One year. During one year, you can use me in any way you want… Moreover, you won’t have to pay rent or any other service…”

I fell silent. Although I was still in the losing end of this deal, I could sacrifice a little bit for my long-term goals.

Judging by her ashamed expression, Lluvia also seemed to know that this deal was not fair to me. However, it was the most she could offer.

And I had to make her feel that I was only agreeing to help her.

“… Are you sure about this? Mrs. Lluvia, even If I dislike your husband, I’ll feel guilty if I sleep with you.”

… Man, not even I believe those words.

Lluvia hesitated slightly before putting a determined expression. “I’m sure. Please, young master Clark. Help us…” She even resorted to calling me young master again.

I put on a reluctant expression before sighing. “Okay, I agree.”

Mrs. Lluvia forced a smile out. “Thank you, young master.”

I nodded. “Let’s eat first. We will speak again after breakfast.”

Mrs. Lluvia nodded.

The rest of the breakfast was shrouded in an awkward silence. Mrs. Lluvia avoided looking at me, and her face had turned rather pale. As for me, I was thinking about how I could get the most of this situation.

When I finished eating, Mrs. Lluvia stood up and carried the dishes away with the excuse she was going to wash them. I agreed and remained seated.

No much later, she returned with puffy eyes and slow steps.

“Let’s go to my room.” I said. Lluvia paused briefly and nodded.

My room was pretty small, it had only a small bed, a table, and a chair. A small window supplied the room with a bit of sunlight.

I invited Lluvia inside and locked the door behind her. I then stared straight into her eyes and asked one last time.

“Are you sure about this? Once we start, you will be unable to regret it.”

Lluvia’s body shook. Her face turned pale white and her body turned weak.

But in the end, she nodded.

“Please start.”

I smiled and walked towards her. My eyes shone with a devious light, and my hands touched her shoulders.

Feeling her trembling shoulders, my excitement increased greatly. I stopped hesitating and hugged her body tightly while my lips sucked her neck.

A glistening tear escaped from her eyes, adorning her already beautiful expression.

I’m going to enjoy this.


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