FPD Chapter 154

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Reluctant Landlady (2)


Mrs. Lluvia was a very beautiful woman. Although her face was not incredibly stunning as my aunt, Hope, or Elene, her body was very soft and curvy. Moreover, the fact she was a married woman was a plus.

Her long and wavy blond hair fell until her waist, and her eyes were delicate and puffy. Despite being in her thirties, Lluvia could still be considered a beauty.

Every time my hands touched a part of her body, she trembled slightly. I could feel her desire to resist, but she knew it was her only option to save her husband, even if it meant betraying him.

I took things slow. Instead of rushing to take off her clothes, I slowly explored her mature body. My hands caressed her shoulders, and groped her breasts, while my lips savored her neck and licked her ear.

I pressed her against the wall and kissed her lips. Lluvia tried to resist at the start, but she soon started to cooperate. Unfortunately, I found her cooperation rather lacking.

Lluvia obviously was still reluctant to do this. I’m sure she would not have proposed this if she would have another option.

But despite her lack of cooperation, I was not discouraged. If she refuses to cooperate, then I have to make her completely willing to sleep with me.

I separated a thread of my mana and sent it inside her body. Lluvia was not a cultivator, and the little mana in her body was completely negligible. Due to that, the effect my mana had over her body was much greater than normal. The mana stimulated her entire body, making her feel hot all over and provoking a soft grunt.

But despite the stimulation of my mana, Lluvia kept her mind clear. She bit her lips and suppressed her moans with all her strength. She had already decided to betray her husband, but she did not want to feel good while she did it.

I praised her strong will in my mind. To be a normal human, Lluvia’s will was pretty strong. Unfortunately for her, a strong will was not enough in this situation.

Coating my fingers with mana, I moved my hands below her clothes and started to caress her skin.

“Nnnn…” Lluvia moaned in surprise. She hurriedly covered her mouth with her hands, but the damage had been done. I looked at her with a teasing expression and smiled.

“I like your voice…”

Lluvia was completely ashamed. The fact that I, a young man more almost twenty years younger than her, made her moan even before starting the sexual intercourse, was frustrating for her.

But it was just the start. I removed the upper part of her dress and lowered my mouth to her breasts. My lips clamped her nipples and started to suck as crazy.

I sucked, licked, and bit her nipples. Lluvia’s face turned completely red, and her breathing was ragged. She was forcing herself to not moan despite the pleasure in her body.

My hands did not stay quiet. They moved towards her legs and started to caress them, starting from her thigs and going up until the place where her secret cave was located.

“!!!” Mrs. Lluvia trembled. Her legs clamped my hands and her mouth opened in a silent moan. I smirked and removed my hands, showing her the sticky liquid that had drenched my fingers.

“… It looks like you are wet, Mrs. Lluvia.”

Lluvia’s eyes were full of shame.

My mouth curved into a grin. I lifted her chin and invaded her lips, using my tongue to explore the interior of her mouth and taste the flavor of her saliva. At the same, time, my hand returned to her cave and started to play with her clitoris.

Mrs. Lluvia closed her eyes and tried to empty her thoughts, but the pleasure in her body was impossible to ignore. Every time my finger touched her clitoris or my teeth bit her lips, Lluvia trembled slightly.

Happy with the progress, I started to remove her clothes. I slowly undid the knot of her dress and let it fall to the ground. Then, I removed her bra and finally, I removed her last piece of underwear.

Lluvia’s naked body was completely exposed before my eyes.

She tried to use her hands to cover her breasts and her cave, but her efforts only made the sight more enticing.

I kissed her lips softly and traced my fingers to her short blond pubic hair.

“Ugh…!” Lluvia shivered. A torrent of love fluids exited her cave, drenching the ground completely. She was unable to resist the intense pleasure that assaulted her, and a long and loud moan escaped her mouth.

In fact, the moan was so loud that all the house could hear it.

Fortunately, we were the only people awake. (?)

After the orgasm, Mrs. Lluvia’s body lost its strength. I caught her soft body and chuckled.

“How was it? Did you like it?”

Mrs. Lluvia moved her gaze away, unwilling to make eye contact with me.

I shrugged with a smile. I then released Mrs. Lluvia and extended my hands.

“What?” Lluvia was startled.

I answered with a chuckle. “Take off my clothes.”

Lluvia bit her lips, but she followed my orders. She took off my clothes slowly, starting with my shirt. When she saw my chest, she gasped involuntarily.

She quickly hid her surprise though. Under my amused gaze, she continued taking off my clothes.

After my shirt, she continued with my pants, and then my underwear.

When she saw the bulge in my underwear, she gasped again.

“How is it? Bigger than your husband, right?” I asked.

Lluvia furrowed her brows. “Please, don’t insult him.”

I shrugged again. Her reaction already spoke enough. Although her husband was not fat, his figure couldn’t compare to mine. As for our weapons… Heh, he is dreaming if he wants to compate.

Lluvia finished taking off my clothes and stood up. Her hands were shaking slightly. With both of us naked, she knew that her years of loyalty towards her husband were going to end today.

I kissed her neck and took her hand. Slowly, I put her on the bed.


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