FPD Chapter 156

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A Secret That is not a Secret


After the sex, Lluvia and I put on our clothes again and left the room.

“… Young master Clark, when are you going to give me the money?” Lluvia asked when we were back in the living room.

“Tomorrow.” I replied immediately. I then noticed that Lluvia had a concerned expression. Realizing that she was probably worried about me reneging on our deal, I comforted her. “Don’t worry, I always keep my promises.”

“… I hope so.” Lluvia sighed resigned.

I smiled. “It was a pleasure to do business with you, Mrs. Lluvia. Also, I was pretty satisfied.”

Lluvia scoffed, but a slight blush surfaced on her face. I was tempted to attack her again here in the living room, but unfortunately, the school was about to start.

Dammit, why am I such a good student?

When I told Lluvia I had to leave, Lluvia nodded and accompanied me to the door.

Before leaving, she stopped me and looked into my eyes with a serious gaze.

“I don’t think I need to say this, but you can’t tell anyone about our deal!”

I smiled mysteriously. “Of course, no word about this will left my mouth. You can rest assured.”

Lluvia sighed in relief. “Thank you.”

Yeah, I will not tell anyone about this.

But it’s different if they learn about it themselves, right?

For example, if for some reason, our conversation is heard by the girls on the second floor.

Or if Lluvia’s moans were loud enough to be heard for the two girls.

I’m curious to know what the two of them are thinking about now.

After bidding Lluvia farewell, I stepped across space and returned to my room. I quickly undid my disguise and put on a set of clean clothes before departing to classes.

As always, Daisy was waiting for me outside my dormitory. But before I could to greet her, I was greeted by a pair of worried eyes.

“Your highness!” Daisy jumped towards my chest worriedly when she saw me.

“Daisy? What is wrong?” I asked startled. Daisy’s reaction was strange.

Daisy did not answer and instead continued hugging me. Finally, after almost ten seconds and when all the people around were looking at us strangely, Daisy blushed and released the hug.

“… Sorry. I know it’s bad to hug you in public, but I was worried…” Daisy apologized embarrassedly.

I smiled and caressed her head. “Don’t mind it. I’m curious, though, why did you react like that?”

Daisy looked around and pulled me away. When nobody was around us, she started to speak.

“It was due to the giant hand that appeared last night…”

“Oh? Did you see it?”

Daisy shook her head. “I didn’t, but many people saw it. Everybody is talking about it.”

I nodded. Well, a giant hand appeared in the sky of the capital. It would be strange if nobody talks about it.

Daisy continued speaking. “Your highness, you told me that you were going to destroy the Blood Night Gang last night… And I heard that the hand flattened the Blood Night Building completely…”

“So you were worried for me, huh.” I looked at Daisy with an amused smile.

Daisy blushed and nodded. “I know that your highness is very strong, but when I heard about the hand, I could not help but be worried… Furthermore, you were not in your room earlier, so I could not help but think that something bad could have happ…”

I put a finger in Daisy’s mouth and chuckled. “You don’t have to worry about me. Not many people are able to injure me in this world.”

Daisy lowered her head and nodded shyly.

“However.” I continued. “I’m happy that you were worried about me.”

“Your highness…”

“Mmm. Little Daisy, your lips look so soft.”

“Your highness, we are outside…”

I smirked. “Don’t worry, nobody is looking.”

I then leaned forward and kissed her lips slightly.

Daisy did not resist. She quickly hugged me back and responded to my kiss. We entangled our tongues and tasted each other flavor for a few seconds.

When we separated, Daisy furrowed her brows.

“Your highness, you had the smell of another woman.”

I smiled amusedly and took Daisy’s hand. “I’ll tell you later, we are going to be late to classes.”

Daisy pouted, but in the end, nodded.



We arrived in the classroom just before classes started.

You would think that as a prince, nobody would complain if I’m a bit late, but my teacher is Tear Lagrisa, a recognized magic researcher genius famed in the empire by her strictness. I heard that even my big brother, the crown prince, was scolded harshly for her once and he was unable to retaliate.

After all, teacher Tear is under the protection of the institute. In other words, she is backed by at least two beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses.

But to my surprise, Tear was not in the classroom when we arrived.

I was very surprised. You must know that Tear has never been late even once since we started classes. The fact that she is late today probably means that something happened.

And as I expected, she appeared five minutes later with a dark expression.

Instantly, she looked at me and Rose and opened her mouth.

“Claus, Rose, Daisy, you are being needed in the headmistress’s office.”

It looks like something really happened, huh.



A/N: Rose is the hero :p


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