FPD Chapter 158

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A Strange Murder (2)


I left the crime scene with a heavy heart.

Evelyn did not care much for the fact that I failed to find anything. Actually, she was not expecting much. In the first place, she only knew that I was good at using the sword.

It was different for me, though. I know that even if [Akashic Sight] is not flawless, nobody in this world should be able to escape its scrutiny.

Mmm… I have to explain a bit how Akashic Sight and the laws work so you can understand.

There are six main laws in the universe. They are [Energy], [Space], [Gravity], [Time], [Soul], and [Fate (Information)]. Everything in this world is tied to these six laws. For example, fire laws are a part of energy laws, but also contain a bit of space and gravity. You also can use soul laws to create flames.

Of course, there are some laws that can not be defined with the six laws, but those are few and far between. Normally, each technique can be classified inside one or various of these laws.

I specialize in [Soul] with [Space] as my second main law. But I have also learned a bit of each other law. [Akashic Sight] uses space, time, soul, and fate laws. It’s a very complete technique that, at its strongest, allows me to know the thoughts of others, scry the past, and calculate the future in a limited degree. In other words, almost nothing can escape its sight.

But just now, I was unable to see anything despite using [Akashic Sight] in the room.

It was as though nothing happened in the room. No fingerprints, no DNA of the culprit, no trace of the deceased’s soul, no information about the person that killed the student. The only thing my sight managed to find was that someone entered, killed the student, and then left.

Not even Alice can fool my sight like that. Alice’s powers are limited to fate, and she is too inexperienced to hide something from me if I truly want to see it.

In other words, someone powerful enough to hide something from me entered this room, killed a completely normal student, and then left.

Am I the only one that thinks that it sounds crazy?

Why in the hell someone so powerful like that would do something so useless?

Moreover, how is it possible for such a threatening person to be close to me without me noticing.

Is it another immortal? Gods are strong, but they are limited by their divine concepts. It’s almost impossible for a god to have enough different concepts as to hide something from me.

Thinking about it, I met something similar not long ago. There is something inside Raven’s soul that I can’t find…

When I returned to the classroom, Daisy approached me.

“Your highness, what happened? You look worried…”

I smiled at Daisy and shook my head. “Nothing, I’m just thinking about something.”

“Is it related to the reason the headmistress asked you to stay behind?”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “But you don’t have to worry about it. It’s not something important.”

Daisy stared at me with a skeptical gaze. She probably realized I was hiding something, but seeing I did not want to talk about it, she stopped asking.

Teacher Tear entered the classroom at that moment. So Daisy could only return to her seat. I promised her that I would tell her about it when the time comes, though.

I spent all morning thinking about the strangeness of this murder.



Alice entered a room with a stony face. Her steps were light, but the people that knew her long enough could see that she was completely enraged.

“Tell me, what happened!?” Alice asked one of her subordinates.

“One of our men died in the institute.” He replied

“I know it.” Alice’s face turned cold. “I want to know who did it and why!”

The subordinate lowered his head in fear. “Sorry, young miss. We don’t know anything. The man that was killed was one of our low-profile men. His only duty was to mingle with the other students and report if he learned something of value.”

Alice frowned.

“Did he have enemies?”

“None.” Answered the man. “He had to keep a low profile, so he never found problems with anyone and always tried to keep a good relationship with all the people around him.

Alice frown deepened.

The subordinate hesitated a moment before asking a question.

“Young miss, what are your instructions?”

Alice tapped the arm of the chair she was seated. “Nobody kills one of my men without paying the consequences. Wait a moment, I’ll do a divination.”

The subordinate nodded.

Alice closed her eyes and tried to observe the strings of fate. She searched for the string that belonged to her dead subordinate and tried to learn everything related to its death.

But when she reached that point, her expression changed.

Everything about his subordinate’s death had been eliminated from fate.

It was different than when she could not see something because she was not strong enough. She could see, but there was nothing to see.

Alice opened her eyes with a dark expression. Lately, things like this were happening frequently.

And she knew of only a person with that ability.

“… Prince Claus? but why?”


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