FPD Chapter 162

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Conflict in the Cafeteria (1)


“Stop it!” Katherine’s face changed. She created a wall of wind and stopped the fire spear easily.

But the damage had been done.

No sooner the noble attacked, the commoner student took a dagger from his waist and jumped towards him.

Katherine’s expression turned ugly. Before the commoner could reach the noble, she extended her hand and hit his chest, stopping him in his tracks. But at the same time, the noble student started to cast another spell.

“Stop now!” Rose unsheathed her sword and cut the spell into two, but it made the noble student angrier.

“How dare you, commoner trash!”

Almost instantly, the other noble students behind him released their mana and started to attack.

Rose grunted. She took a step back and tried to resist the attacks, but some of the attacks got to pass her and flew towards Katherine and the commoner.

Almost instantly, Katherine formed a wind shield around her that stopped all the attacks. She then looked at the nobles with a look of fury.

“How dare you attack a member of the students’ guards!”

The nobles looked at each other with grave expressions. They knew they were in trouble.

None of them was Katherine’s match. Moreover, attacking a member of the students’ guard was a serious offense, worse that attacking a normal student.

“Rose, you know what to do! I’ll take them to the headmistress’s office!”

“Yes, leader.” Rose nodded and advanced towards them.

The nobles paled. Some of them thought of resisting, but seeing the dark look on Katherine’s face, they wisely stopped opted for giving up.

Even if they did not like it, Katherine was the leader of the students’ guards. She had the authority to detain the students if they caused a commotion.

Moreover, it was clear they were in the wrong this time.

I sighed in admiration. Katherine’s capabilities are not to be underestimated. She managed to resolve the situation so easily.

Unfortunately, the commotion was not destined to end soon.

“What is happening here!?” Someone appeared in the cafeteria and shouted. An Acquaintance.

Al Riea, Louise’s brother and the empress nephew. Last time I met him, he lost two bodyguards and was scared off after I saw through his plot in the auction house.

I did not expect to meet him here.

When Al heard the gist of what happened, his expression turned somber.

“Miss Katherine, why are you stopping the members of the clubs’ committee?”

“Al, it’s not your problem. They made a mistake and I’m just following the rules.”

Al smirked. “I’m sorry, miss Katherine, but you will not take them away! Even if they committed a mistake, it’s not the turn of your students’ guards to punish them!”

Katherine’s expression turned dark. “Al, are you going to interfere with my work?”

Al just smirked without answering.

I could feel Katherine’s strength surging. She had broken through the sixth-layer, so she could mop the floor with someone of Al caliber easily.

However, Al was the heir of the Reia family. Even if Evelyn did no care about offending the Riea family, Katherine was not so bold.

It looks like the noble students will manage to avoid responsibility without being punished.

Sigh, it looks like I can’t avoid appearing.

Well, trashing Al again is not a bad idea.

Winking to Iris, I took a step forwards and smiled.

“Woah guys, you sure caused a commotion…”

Instantly, all the gazes focused on me.

“Claus.” Al gritted his teeth. He seemed as though he wanted to swallow me alive. I greeted him with a grin. “Long time no see you, Al. I noticed you don’t bring servants this time.”

Al’s face turned ugly. He gave me a hatred-filled gaze and forced himself to talk. “… What do you want?”

I pointed to the nobles. “Nothing much, I’m just taking them with me…”

“You… You don’t have any right!”

“I do.” I looked at Al coldly. “We received a mission from the headmistress this morning, and it looks like the people here are related to it. Rose, grab them… Hmm, nope. Better tie them up. We don’t know if any of them will try to kill someone.”

“Claus!” Al bellowed in rage but I ignored him. I then looked at the commoner in the ground and curved my lips up. “As for you… Are you an idiot? Or do you want to die? To think you dared to offend a noble like that. Are you not afraid of their revenge? Well, I don’t care. You will come with us too, alright?

“I-I understand, prince.”

“Good.” I smiled and looked at Katherine in triumph. Katherine snorted and looked away. I think she felt defeated.

Al looked at me angrily without saying something. I could see the hatred brewing in his gaze. Mmm… Do I kill him? Louise and Claire will not like it.

Whatever, nobody has to know. I’ll just find a good opportunity.

Rose very happily used a magic spell to restrict the nobles and pushed them towards the headmistress’s office. Actually, I know that none of them has anything to do with the killer. They are too weak and naïve to fool my sight.

But they are part of the clubs committee, aka the crown prince’s subordinates. They are simply too unlucky for being on the wrong side.

And as I expected, my eldest brother intercepted us in the way.

“Claus, Katherine, what do you think you are doing?” He asked us in a fierce tone.

Katherine’s gaze was ice cold. “Get out of my way!”

Woah, that deserves a thumbs up.

Unfortunately, Alan was not so easily intimidated. He wore a look of disdain and scoffed. “Do you think you are something just because you have the backing of the headmistress? Release my men, now!”

“… And if I don’t?”

Alan started to release his mana. The aura of a sixth-layer powerhouse pressed against us.

But Katherine answered in kind. In the next second, her own aura clashed against Alan’s.

“Do you think you are the only one in the sixth layer?”

Alan was surprised. “… So you broke through huh. As expected of the headmistress’s disciple. Tell me, have you not considered becoming my subordinate?”

“Heh.” Katherine smirked. “Dream on. I’ll never become your dog.”

Alan just heaved a sigh of pity and shook his head. “Such a pity. Well, you are not the only genius in the empire, I’m sure I can get someone better. Now, will you release my men or I have to force you?”

Katherine narrowed her eyes and got ready to fight.

But at that moment, our reinforcements came.

“Elder brother, how unbecoming of you.”

“Dina…” Alan frowned. “So you also plan to oppose me.”

“Oppose you?” Dina tilted her head. “No no, you are not important enough for me to lose my time. However, the headmistress gave us a mission, and your men are involved in it. Now, will you get out of our way or maybe you are planning to go against the headmistress orders?”

Alan narrowed his eyes. His pupils burned with fiery rage, but in the end, he did not continue opposing us.

Not only were Dina and Katherine just as strong as him, but he and his men were outnumbered. If we fight here, he will lose.

Moreover, even he did not want to offend the headmistress.


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